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Daily Archives: July 24, 2019

Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007 FULL VERSION [OLD VERSION] : Not currently supported – free downloads on web

In my opinion the ability to chage interest to outstnding invoices and issues monthly statements makes the price worth it. So far i have had no bad issues with this application (knock on wood).

+ easy to start using this product, i like user interface+ added custom fields functionality- to create reports with custom fields you have to have word 2003 and up- in payment method no option to use ‘wire transfer’ or ‘debit card’ (you have to write a check or use cash instead)- import of bank files is pointless, you have to type in everything anyways during data matching process- to import transactions or custom fields you have to purchase add-onin general this product is usable, but it requires some improvement.

Have been using one version or the other for years. Here are the specifications for the Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007 FULL VERSION [OLD VERSION]:

  • Familiar Office interface and startup wizard makes getting started easy; imports data from Microsoft Excel and Money, and Intuit QuickBooks
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office programs for greater efficiency and accuracy
  • Quickly create quotes, sales orders, and customer invoices without transferring information between applications
  • Lets you easily list items for online sales, download orders, and receive payments in real time
  • Accountant Transfer Export Wizard lets you easily share your company’s financial information with your accountant

Accounting professional is not easy to learn how to use. But that is no fault of the program. Its a matter how accounting savoy you are. I recommend this program to businesses that have inventory. Because it provides the required ‘cost of goods sold’ at the end of each year. As of this writing you can buy the 2007 version and upgrade to the 2009 version for free. Dennis s sayer, brand name batteries for lessr3e4o3hsjll1a6.

I was very happy with this upgrade and the added features.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Microsoft Office have been using one version
  • My Revew
  • A great product

This is just what i was looking for for my business.

I was using an older application to run my small business but because i use microsoft word and outlook, i decide to move to office accounting. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to setup and start using. It works like excel or word (no ribbon though) so you don’t have to learn a new application. I found it easy to create quotes/invoices. I used word to make the quotes & invoices really professional looking with my company logo and color scheme. The real kicker was that i could run my ebay business in office accounting (rather than in excel), it worked really well and the built in paypal invoicing really saved me time. I got rid of my credit card terminal thingy and started using the built in credit card functionality in office accounting which is saving me money. The integration with outlook with business contact manager helps me track my customer interactions and is getting me more repeat business. I wish m$ had included some budgeting so that i could do longer range planning. Overall a good product that has helped me save time and get more business.