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Daily Archives: August 6, 2019

Sage Software Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi User [OLD VERSION] : It works the same 2012

If you are depending on cost and would like to purchase an accounting package, you can use the 2011 version it does the same as 2012 just for a few minor differnces but you do get the end result.

Crashes when it feels like it. These yearly upgrades are silly – just keep the version you have until you have to upgrade.

I have been using peachtree since the 2004 version, upgrading every 2-3 years. This is my first time to use the multi-user version. Sage peachtree does a fine job of keeping track of our business income and expenses. It is good at managing inventory items. It has a set of reports that work for most things, but creating customized reports is a bit tricky. The keyboard shortcuts are not well designed, which is frustrating. The 2011 version changed a shortcut i frequently used. The multi-user version makes backing up and changing customer ids difficult, because all users have to log out and even then, the program often leaves locked files that cause problems. Peachtree integrates well with shiprush, the new shipping software we are using. Here are the specifications for the Sage Software Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi User [OLD VERSION]:

  • Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi-User Edition provides access for 5 users, combining accounting with advanced features like job costing, time and billing, in-depth inventory capabilities, and analysis tools
  • Reduce fraud risk with PA-DSS credit card processing compliance; Electronic bill payment through Sage Peachtree Bill Pay; Sync customer information with Microsoft Outlook contacts
  • Maintain accountability with audit trail reporting; control job revenue and expense at the phase and cost code level
  • Build inventory assemblies and track customer back orders; Average, LIFO and FIFO inventory costing methods
  • Create marketing flyers and newsletters with Microsoft Word integration; Flexible reporting with Microsoft Excel integration

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Very practical accounting software, user friendly. The software is loaded with a lot more features for advanced users if one needs extras. I recommend this to anyone that needs a small business accounting software.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wow! Cant believe found it at this price
  • versatile product

I have used peachtree for many years. Was able to put on more than one computer. I like the new updated version.

We bought this product as an upgrade for our 2008 software from peachtree. Almost immediately after installation we started having problems with lock-ups, data migration and incorrect inventory data. I don’t know if the program notified peachtree or it was random chance, but they started to send us emails warning us that having to much data can cause problems with complete accounting 2011. The same problems as we were having. Finally i called and after some negotiation over price(they will negotiate)we ended up buying quantum from sage. The moral of the story is: if you have a small company that’s new, this is a fine, easy to use product. But, if you are a larger company and/or have lots of data and transactions, look into quantum another fine product from sage.