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Daily Archives: August 7, 2019

Microsoft Money Plus Premium : Good program if used carefully

Product download was a life-saver. We just moved to a new state and needed to get our old and new bank accounts synced fast. This was just what we needed.

I think its a great product. I would recommend it to anyone. Its easy to install and set up all your favorite accounts.

–existing qualities–ms money does an excellent job of tracking & reporting on net worth, account balances, and investments. I wouldn’t want to handle my finances without it. This is the primary reason why it got 3 stars and not fewer. I’ve used quicken before and find microsoft money much more intuitive (no pun intended). I’ve used ms money since ~1998 or so across ~3-4 versions. –best new addition–the only useful *new* feature i’ve encountered in the last few weeks since i upgraded is that ms money plus will download more statements than the 2004 version would. I believe this is because of the yodlee integration. –worst new addition–ms money plus crashes regularly. I think part of this is because i upgraded from a previous version and possibly also because i have a good bit of data (as a reference point, vista says my ms money file is 25mb).

Key specs for Microsoft Money Plus Premium:

  • Make the most of your money
  • Optimize your financial feature
  • Maximize your investments
  • Get a desktop glance at the information you need most
  • Improve your investment strategy with help from the experts at MSN Money

Comments from buyers

“Too bad they stopped selling this product last March 2011.
, Glad to use Money again!
, Microsoft money

I have used the product before the on, y problem i am having is with the registration code i need to call microsoft for help.

I have been using ms money for several years now and it has been a good experience. The improvements from year to year are modest. There are still reasons to upgrade though. First, each version of money is only good for two years of online services. These services include price quotes for stocks and mutual funds, banking services, and so forth. Second, if you upgrade only once in many years, then the program might have trouble performing the update for you. It has to convert your computer file of financial history to a new format (it changes every year). I have started a discussion topic ‘how to enjoy microsoft money’ that is visible on the product page. This topic explains how i have avoided serious problems using money. The most significant competitor to money is intuit quicken.

I recently switched to money after about a year of problems with intuit’s quote server for quicken. Intuit doesn’t care to fix the problem and, for me, its the only reason i use quicken. I have spent hours on the phone with intuit, intuit of india, and the intuit’s office of the president; all to no avail. Intuit’s quote server for the past 45 days has only been providing historical quotes unless you want twenty or less quotes. Intuit’s tech support says i should just download 20 quotes at a time. Let’s see, 200 stocks, 20 at a time. That would be 10 downloads plus manually selecting the ones i want, about 3 hours of work with quicken or 3 seconds with money.