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Daily Archives: August 11, 2019

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business, A very good package

I was a little put off by several of the other reviews listed here, but decided to take a chance and buy it anyway since i really needed the business side of the software and have been using money 98 for several years already. The only thing that i can imagine is that the people who didn’t like the software were just overwhelmed by the sheer number of new features – most of which are accessible from the front page. Installation was very smooth, as was the conversion of my old money file. I actually find the front page quite handy and have kept money open all the time for the last few days so that i can play around with the options there whenever i get a spare moment or two. The software is set up to help you become proactive in terms of your finances and take control. If all you want is a checkbook register, i understand you can turn off alot of the extra features, but if you do that i think you’re under utilizing the software. The only drawback i see about the business side of things is that there’s not a whole lot of documentation. The options are pretty straightforward though, for anyone with even a slight exposure to business concepts (like invoicing, accounts receivable, etc. I’ve quite enjoyed setting up customer accounts and am finding the software a motivator to try and improve my business just so i can play around with the features even more.

Needing to upgrade to a windows based accounting software for our small business, i purchased peachtree. Their support was awful, even after purchasing extra support. They always told me my simple questions were not covered. In desperation, and not wanting to spend a lot of money, i tried ms money deluxe and business 2002. Most of it was easy to figure out, but the big disadvantage was that there’s no help in the manual for the business type of entries. Then, i decided to call microsoft support. They answered very quickly and took lots of time with me on the phone. They didn’t make me feel stupid and told me exactly how to do my simple everyday, invoicing, billing etc. It shows me the info on the first page. It can do most anything i want to do, and if i have a question, i call microsoft support and they’re clear, concise and great to talk to.

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business

  • Manage business finances
  • Track Schedule C data
  • Email Invoices

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business :