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Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business, A very good package

I was a little put off by several of the other reviews listed here, but decided to take a chance and buy it anyway since i really needed the business side of the software and have been using money 98 for several years already. The only thing that i can imagine is that the people who didn’t like the software were just overwhelmed by the sheer number of new features – most of which are accessible from the front page. Installation was very smooth, as was the conversion of my old money file. I actually find the front page quite handy and have kept money open all the time for the last few days so that i can play around with the options there whenever i get a spare moment or two. The software is set up to help you become proactive in terms of your finances and take control. If all you want is a checkbook register, i understand you can turn off alot of the extra features, but if you do that i think you’re under utilizing the software. The only drawback i see about the business side of things is that there’s not a whole lot of documentation. The options are pretty straightforward though, for anyone with even a slight exposure to business concepts (like invoicing, accounts receivable, etc. I’ve quite enjoyed setting up customer accounts and am finding the software a motivator to try and improve my business just so i can play around with the features even more.

Needing to upgrade to a windows based accounting software for our small business, i purchased peachtree. Their support was awful, even after purchasing extra support. They always told me my simple questions were not covered. In desperation, and not wanting to spend a lot of money, i tried ms money deluxe and business 2002. Most of it was easy to figure out, but the big disadvantage was that there’s no help in the manual for the business type of entries. Then, i decided to call microsoft support. They answered very quickly and took lots of time with me on the phone. They didn’t make me feel stupid and told me exactly how to do my simple everyday, invoicing, billing etc. It shows me the info on the first page. It can do most anything i want to do, and if i have a question, i call microsoft support and they’re clear, concise and great to talk to.

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business

  • Manage business finances
  • Track Schedule C data
  • Email Invoices

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business :

Microsoft Money Small Business 2005 [Old Version] : Very Good

It seems to me that, of the people who reviewed money 2005, it is only the people with the new, fast processors that are having the problems. The people with the standard processors seem to be doing fine. I wonder if this is the case.

One of my trusted resources, pc magazine gave this new version of microsoft money 5-stars. And given that some of the new features sounded good, i bought the upgrade. After using it for several months, i’ve got mixed results. (side note: i have not had any problems with slowness or crashing whatsoever. I’m on windows xp pro, sp-2. Other things are annoying, but no crashes. Upgrading from 2003 deluxe & business went perfectly. Not trusting it, i backed up my old data on disc, ready to roll-back to 2003 if i had to. But everything transferred flawlessly.

There is a learning curve with every program. . I have been a user of quicken premiere home & business since it was first released, and loyally upgraded every year. In 2003, i gave money small business a shot, and after 12 attempts or so to figure out how to email an invoice. . Along with a slew of other issues, primarily plastering my system with ad links, i gave up, and actually shredded the cd out of spite (not knowing i could have gotten my money back). Well, things have changed in 2 years. Despite the rumors of difficult outlook integration, there was an ‘import outlook contacts’ link under payees. It took all of about 30 seconds. My first attempts involved wab (windows address book), an alternative method for those without outlook, but outlook express and vcards. That worked fine, but i was starting to visualize having to export vcards for everyone in my outlook folder.

Key specs for Microsoft Money Small Business 2005 [Old Version]:

  • Comprehensive finance solution for small companies
  • Categorize income and expenses; handle billing effortlessly
  • Get expert advice from current news and useful articles
  • Keep up with taxable expenses automatically
  • Free financial services, including 1 year online payroll from PayCycle

Comments from buyers

“Better than 2003 Deluxe & Business, but some lame issues
, Home Business Accounting Done Right (for MS users)
, Great Product

Much nicer form than quickens. I particulary liked the reconcile feature. It takes all the work out of this monthly chore.

I can’t confirm the previous postings. Money 2005 has a very nice fresh look and is running smoothly, layout is much more organized now; my 2003 files were converted perfect.

I’ve owned microsoft money for several years. I purchased this to replace a previous version. It is simple to use and works for basic money management.

OnePriceTaxes Tax Software 2009 Federal – = only one return

I have been using this software for the past 3 years and love it. I know when i use them, i will not miss a deduction and i will receive all the money back that i deserve. I now do not dread when tax season comes around thanks to onepricetaxes. I highly recommend this company.

This tax software was easy to use. It has good customer service that gets back to you quickly. Truly only one price which was very nice. Liked that it worked well and cost less than others.

For the price you cannot beat this product. Very simple to use plus none of the hidden fees like going to h&r block. You pay one price and that is it. Which is a breath of fresh air to me. I’m sure i’m not the only one who has ever ended up with a bill from one of those so called tax services that charged me for every single form that supported another form. I swear i got charged for tying my shoes while i was at h&r block one year. It does exactly what it says and you don’t have to be an accountant to use it. My wife who is now an accountant is in fear that this product may make her obsolete. If this product catches on there are going to be a whole lot of accountants out of a job.

Software was very easy to use and helped me get a great refund. Very pleased with the result.

  • com still works as tax preparation easy to follow
  • Quality Product. Low Price.
  • Easy to use.

OnePriceTaxes Tax Software 2009 Federal, State, E-file – Thank You Edition* (Buy At Cost)

As an accountant and tax preparer it is refreshing to see a great program such as this one. Onepricetaxes is a fully integrated tax preparation software package that will make preparing one’s taxes easy and fast. I’m going to use this software for all of my clients this year as well as my own personal taxes :-).

This software is a third of what i paid last year. It was recommended to me by a friend and i highly recommend it as well.

This disk arrived in the mail in a small white envelope and i thought, oh no what did i buy. I bought the greatest little tax prep.

Microsoft Money Plus Premium : Good program if used carefully

Product download was a life-saver. We just moved to a new state and needed to get our old and new bank accounts synced fast. This was just what we needed.

I think its a great product. I would recommend it to anyone. Its easy to install and set up all your favorite accounts.

–existing qualities–ms money does an excellent job of tracking & reporting on net worth, account balances, and investments. I wouldn’t want to handle my finances without it. This is the primary reason why it got 3 stars and not fewer. I’ve used quicken before and find microsoft money much more intuitive (no pun intended). I’ve used ms money since ~1998 or so across ~3-4 versions. –best new addition–the only useful *new* feature i’ve encountered in the last few weeks since i upgraded is that ms money plus will download more statements than the 2004 version would. I believe this is because of the yodlee integration. –worst new addition–ms money plus crashes regularly. I think part of this is because i upgraded from a previous version and possibly also because i have a good bit of data (as a reference point, vista says my ms money file is 25mb).

Key specs for Microsoft Money Plus Premium:

  • Make the most of your money
  • Optimize your financial feature
  • Maximize your investments
  • Get a desktop glance at the information you need most
  • Improve your investment strategy with help from the experts at MSN Money

Comments from buyers

“Too bad they stopped selling this product last March 2011.
, Glad to use Money again!
, Microsoft money

I have used the product before the on, y problem i am having is with the registration code i need to call microsoft for help.

I have been using ms money for several years now and it has been a good experience. The improvements from year to year are modest. There are still reasons to upgrade though. First, each version of money is only good for two years of online services. These services include price quotes for stocks and mutual funds, banking services, and so forth. Second, if you upgrade only once in many years, then the program might have trouble performing the update for you. It has to convert your computer file of financial history to a new format (it changes every year). I have started a discussion topic ‘how to enjoy microsoft money’ that is visible on the product page. This topic explains how i have avoided serious problems using money. The most significant competitor to money is intuit quicken.

I recently switched to money after about a year of problems with intuit’s quote server for quicken. Intuit doesn’t care to fix the problem and, for me, its the only reason i use quicken. I have spent hours on the phone with intuit, intuit of india, and the intuit’s office of the president; all to no avail. Intuit’s quote server for the past 45 days has only been providing historical quotes unless you want twenty or less quotes. Intuit’s tech support says i should just download 20 quotes at a time. Let’s see, 200 stocks, 20 at a time. That would be 10 downloads plus manually selecting the ones i want, about 3 hours of work with quicken or 3 seconds with money.

Sage Software Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi User [OLD VERSION] : It works the same 2012

If you are depending on cost and would like to purchase an accounting package, you can use the 2011 version it does the same as 2012 just for a few minor differnces but you do get the end result.

Crashes when it feels like it. These yearly upgrades are silly – just keep the version you have until you have to upgrade.

I have been using peachtree since the 2004 version, upgrading every 2-3 years. This is my first time to use the multi-user version. Sage peachtree does a fine job of keeping track of our business income and expenses. It is good at managing inventory items. It has a set of reports that work for most things, but creating customized reports is a bit tricky. The keyboard shortcuts are not well designed, which is frustrating. The 2011 version changed a shortcut i frequently used. The multi-user version makes backing up and changing customer ids difficult, because all users have to log out and even then, the program often leaves locked files that cause problems. Peachtree integrates well with shiprush, the new shipping software we are using. Here are the specifications for the Sage Software Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi User [OLD VERSION]:

  • Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi-User Edition provides access for 5 users, combining accounting with advanced features like job costing, time and billing, in-depth inventory capabilities, and analysis tools
  • Reduce fraud risk with PA-DSS credit card processing compliance; Electronic bill payment through Sage Peachtree Bill Pay; Sync customer information with Microsoft Outlook contacts
  • Maintain accountability with audit trail reporting; control job revenue and expense at the phase and cost code level
  • Build inventory assemblies and track customer back orders; Average, LIFO and FIFO inventory costing methods
  • Create marketing flyers and newsletters with Microsoft Word integration; Flexible reporting with Microsoft Excel integration

Excellent, good video game , es un regalo genial apra el 2013 , feliz año 2013, merry christmas and happy new year.

Very practical accounting software, user friendly. The software is loaded with a lot more features for advanced users if one needs extras. I recommend this to anyone that needs a small business accounting software.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wow! Cant believe found it at this price
  • versatile product

I have used peachtree for many years. Was able to put on more than one computer. I like the new updated version.

We bought this product as an upgrade for our 2008 software from peachtree. Almost immediately after installation we started having problems with lock-ups, data migration and incorrect inventory data. I don’t know if the program notified peachtree or it was random chance, but they started to send us emails warning us that having to much data can cause problems with complete accounting 2011. The same problems as we were having. Finally i called and after some negotiation over price(they will negotiate)we ended up buying quantum from sage. The moral of the story is: if you have a small company that’s new, this is a fine, easy to use product. But, if you are a larger company and/or have lots of data and transactions, look into quantum another fine product from sage.

Microsoft Money 2006 Premium [OLD VERSION] : What’s new?

Money 2006 premium was essentially purchased to manage portfolio investments in stocks. This is the first time i have used money and find that it has some major problems particulary in respect of managing special investment activities such as splits, spin-offs and mergers, etc. The following details some of the problems faced during my usage. First and foremost problem is the inability to correct any mistakes while entering the transaction. For example if a split is entered then the program automatically adjusts the number of shares and the cost basis. However there will neither be a record of this action in the account nor any way to delete or reverse it. Most surprisingly even if the entire transactions of that particular equity is deleted and reentered it will not allow the re-entry of the split on that particular date. The program will return a dialog stating that a split exists on that date.

You either use quicken or ms money (or some 3rd party variety) personal finance software. If you’re happy with what you’re using, why change?the reason i changed is that i had been using quicken for a number of years, then migrated to a different hard drive. I misplaced my quicken 2003 cd-rom.Well, time to upgrade, anyway. Let’s take a look at what’s available on amazon. It seems as if quicken has gone the way of so many successful high tech trail blazers: greedy corporate moguls. Before they were the davids, now they are the goliaths (names like apple, compuserve, and even microsoft come to mind). Well, heck, why stay with a vendor who is phasing out backward compatibility and going greedy corporate on me, when i can switch to a backward compatible (and certainly always ms operating system compatible) long term greedy corporate icon?. Ms money 2006 is the ticket. Yeah, gee, i was so getting used to quicken making me add all these balance adjustments every time i downloaded financial data from my bank or credit cards.

While the software has much to be commended for, it is disappointment on two fronts 1) support on investments in the fastest developing countries like india and china where msn does have a major presence and 2) does not include insurance as an asset as such, only in their lifetime planning section. Both these factors do not let you accurately track your investments, savings or retirement planning accurately. Otherwise, it is a great software given the depth of msn’s online involvement. Here are the specifications for the Microsoft Money 2006 Premium [OLD VERSION]:

  • Money connects to thousands of banks and updates balances automatically, letting you easily stay on top of your finances.
  • Work toward long-term goals like buying a house, budgeting for college, or saving for a vacation by first reducing debt.
  • Improved automated price quotes keep your portfolio calculations up to date.
  • A suite of tools that help you plan and optimize investments and long-term savings.
  • Money 2006 Premium also provides a wealth of financial services, at no extra cost, and tax help that make managing your money easier.

Meet need and at the time was once the best money management program out there; too bad microsoft stop supporting the product.

It is much more user friendly than earlier versions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Budgeting program around.
  • Be careful
  • Five Stars

Same as new and works good had no trouble installing good seller.

Here is what you must do to have a good experience with this product:1. Never use microsoft passport. Passport is a universal password that can be used to sign on to multiple bank accounts, brokerages, merchants, and god knows what else. Avoid ityour installation of microsoft money will be a bit awkward if you want to avoid passport. Some users believe that money won’t install unless you get a passport. This is false, at least for money 2006 and earlier versions. You just have to be careful (and resolute) while you install. Never store your financial data online with microsoftms money allows you to keep all your financial data stored on microsoft’s computers, as well as on your home computer. This allows you to access your ms money data when you are away from your computer. For the unlucky user, it leads to virtually insoluble computer nightmares. Apparently, the local and remote copies of your data can get out of sync.

Intuit QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION] – Easy!

It was cheeper to buty the new 2010 version with payroll through amazon than it was to just upgrade the payroll software. Just note that intuit will try to soak you with all these add on options that (i feel) are unneeded. The 2010 version just brings additional ways they try to charge you more for additional services.

Incase you are like me, a complete novice at accounting and payroll i can tell you this can be pretty useless. I couldn’t get this to do anything really for payroll. I ended up buying some payroll subscription that was like 300 dollars extra a year to be able to do something with the software. It comes with no instructions whatsoever.You either have to chat, call or get a book to get some idea of how to use it. The payroll customer support, however, is outstanding. They guide you through what you need assitance with and are so patient. Don’t like that you have to pay extra for it to do what should’ve just been standard. Nonetheless, it appears that once i get a hang of it (i bought a book to help me) this may have a lot to offer.

Quickbooks pro 2010 is easy to install. Easy to move my records over. Easy to continue running the office instead of trying to ‘work things out’. As always, amazon is my preferred way to order anything.Everything is smooth and uncomplicated.

  • Good value
  • This is ONLY the beginning
  • never received this item

Quickbooks is ok for general use. It becomes more difficult to work with when you have more industry specific items to work with sometimes. I would like to see a longer item list description. Part numbers can be very long sometimes and it doesn’t leave room for a text description. Intuit also takes your credit card info and automatically renews your payroll subscription without your permission. You can’t shut off the auto renew either. You have to call them after you find out that they have charged you and ask for a refund. They also set up a charge twice so that you have two authorizations holding your money for several days. They may only run one charge but they authorize it twice. Overall they have the market for a general small business accounting system.

The enhanced payroll module is easy to use, understandable, and using the federal deposit enhancement is so simple. This program is as good as, and better than most, much more expensive modules that attach to the overall accounting program.

Features of QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]

  • Bundles QuickBooks Pro 2010 and QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced for 1-3 Employees
  • Easily organize and maintain your business finances, all in one place
  • Automatically calculate payroll taxes and create paychecks in just a few clicks
  • Save time and money by tracking every dollar going in and out of your business
  • Easily add more employees as your business grows

Overall i really like enhanced payroll and it does everthing i need and works very well. I really only use it for the payroll, to help me with payroll taxes and to e-file them. These features are excellent. My business is so small that i do not use the rest of the program. It is easier for me to do the little amount of book-keeping i have without the quickbooks part of the program. I have found it too complex and time consuming for my needs. If you had a super small business version without all the complex features and still have payroll. I’m sure i could learn to use it but i just don’t have the time.

This is an excellent value, considering the separate cost of quickbooks pro and then payroll by themselves. I needed to get this for my business as quickbooks (for no good reason that i can tell) requires you to get the latest version every three years if you want to use their payroll. And considering what it costs to pay an accountant or other service to do your payroll for you (even for 1 to 3 employees), you definitely do want to use quickbooks for payroll.And it’s bad, because obviously there’s no reasonable cause to have to buy the latest version of quickbooks other than that they require it of you (i can’t think of one feature i need in the new version. )but that being said, this was a very good deal. And contrary to what some other reviewers have warned about, i did not have to make one single phone call to validate / activate my software or payroll service. I think the other reviewers must not have explored their options fully, you can do this with a couple of clicks online.

Intuit Quicken Premier 2007 [OLDER VERSION] – Not Bad

A little disappointed in this version. I have had quicken for a number of years and this is the first year i have really had problems. It was mainly in the banking downloads. Also had memory problems also, which was not relating to my pc. At least they listen to the problems – i just got an update that solved the memory problems and my banking downloads seem to be working fine now. I called customer service and they were very helpful in getting some of this resolved. Hopefully, they will keep providing updates. Otherwise, this is a great financial software package. Don’t be afraid to buy it since it appears they are fixing some of the problems that came out in the beginning. I would have given it a 5 star rating if it had not been for the glitches.

It’s ok, does what it is intended for but just not for me as i realized i won’t use it and had little interest in getting involed in the many features it has but to someone who is financially inclined and does allot with there money and needs organization and or connecting accts and tax stuff this may be good for you.

After reading mixed reviews on premier 2007, i decided to go with my previous good experiences with quicken products and give it a try. This product has done everything that i hoped it would, and more. Since i’ve retired and begun withdrawls on my investments, i’ve wanted to simplify the tracking of my financial accounts. With premier 2007 it’s been very easy to download all of my financial transactions and eliminate almost all of the manual entries that i previously had to do. Other features, such as financial analysis, graphing, etc, have also worked well and been very useful. Of course, the general program functioning is just as good as i’ve come to expect based on other quicken programs i’ve owned. My only problem (and i’m a long way from having tried all the program features) is that i can’t set up the calendar with repeat payment due dates as a “reference only” tool, because without having set up bill payment through quicken bill pay these calendar entries are seen as unpaid bills, which is then negatively reflected in my cash flow. This problem aside, i can highly recommend quicken premier 2007.

My wife and i have always had trouble tracking our finances. We aren’t experienced with other quicken (or ms money) products so this was a bit of a stab in the dark. But we needed to get some control and understanding of where we were spending our money – beyond what our check register showed. It takes some time and some work and there were a few times where i was banging my head on the desk, but in the end quicken 2007 is a superb product. I have had problems with the auto update, but i prefer to get the statement (online) and then verify my entries myself, anyway. Its quick to get going, easy to update and gives you all kinds of up to date reports about your finances and how you track them. Its helped us reduce unnecessary expenses and create a budget that is much easier to stick to than we expected. If understanding your personal finances is something you are interested in, and want to do better, i highly recommend quicken 2007.

  • Quicken Premier 2007
  • Not Bad
  • Quicken Premiere 2007

Quicken Premier 2007 [OLDER VERSION]

  • No rebate needed – not eligible for Intuit mail in rebates.
  • Get instant insights into your spending with quick reports, charts and graphs
  • Easily track and analyze the performance of your investments and 401(k)s; powerful investment tools help you define your goals and conduct research
  • Connect with over 4,000 participating financial institutions to download your bank and credit card information for easy reconciliation
  • Keeps all your tax documents in one place; use Schedule A, B, and D tax reports to help you stay on top of your tax situation throughout the year

Qif support went away a few years back, this is nothing new. Many banking institutions support qfx. Often times with quicken releases, there are no dramatic changes between releases, just enough changes to make it look like management is doing something to improve and release a new product. My experience as a quicken user since 1990 has been that it is always best with quicken releases to wait until the first patch release is available before buying. This has become more apparent in the year 2000+ releases. Intuit outsources a lot of their functions overseas, so they lose efficiency and control with their product development and support. While overseas services help improve a balance sheet so the ceo can reap bigger performance bonuses, it often yields lower quality and services in the end.

I find this software to work fantastic for my bank records, investments and really enjoy the budgeting capabilities. I have used both money and quicken. In my honest opinion, either will suit your needs for home finances. I like 2007’s home view, as it gives you a snapshot of where you stand financially for that particular day, and you can look at a graph and see where you’ll be for the month. Getting set up is easy, and entering recurring transactions is pretty simple. The only reason i am giving it 4 stars is that it can get a little bulky when you delve into some of the reports. A little more simplicity, maybe even some cookie cutter reports, would make viewing some of the financial reports a little easier. Overall, if you are not using either quicken or money, you should try one of them out, it really makes life a little easier.

I just upgraded to quicken premier 2007 from quicken 2004. Evidently there have been some serious improvements in the last 3 years. I love the effortless on-line interactions. I now have quicken paying my bills, pulling down (from the internet) my credit card transactions, investment accounts, and bank statements with almost no effort on my part. It really shortens the amount of time i sit and do my household book keeping. I have found this version to be very intuit-ive (pun intended) and powerful.

Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION] : Quickbooks Pro 2009

We’ve been using quickbooks accounting for five years after using sbt and peachtree. This is our third quickbooks purchase and it meets all expectations for being an excellent accounting software program. My only beef is intuit rescinds support after three years forcing you to ‘upgrade’ (i. Purchase the same basic program for an additional $380 minus two users). Our 2006 pro 5-user operated perfectly fine until we received notices our payroll and email service provided by expire unless you purchase the new product. So i rate the program 5 stars but intuit’s extortionist policies leave much to be desired. I feel they should be forced to disclose to the buyer that they are ‘renting’ their product for three years (or will they shorten to two.

I am bookkeeper for a small business and we were using qb 2006 until this forced upgrade by intuit. We weren’t happy initially because of the cash outlay, ($380 because we need it for 2 users at a time), but our fears were unfounded. It not only works better than 2006, but the install went smoothly and we have had no problems. My 2006 version had been giving me trouble for about the last 6 months and all that is gone now. Qb was freezing and then either shutting down or i had to shut it down using the taskmaster. What a royal pain it had become. 2009 has some nice new features, and overall appears to be a better product than 2006. I use almost all of the reports and am having no trouble at all. I also export a lot because there are limitations to what qb reports will do, and i want more flexibility. I am perfectly satisfied with what it does.

I’ve been using the 2006 version of qbk, also subscribe to their payroll service which costs about $300 / year. Just paid it and a few days later they notify by a message that it will no longer be supported unless we upgrade to the new version. . Isn’t that great?well, fine, i got the new version 2009, which is 3 updates later. I was afraid that after using it for 3 years, we are use to it, don’t want too many changes to it like what msft office did with 2007 version which ruined the whole thing. Installed it, well, it’s suffice to say 2009 is 99. Although i’m glad we didn’t need to relearn everything, but to spend $350 on the same thing kind of sucks. It’s dumb that we pay $350 for a subscription that they stopped supporting. After 3 years, there’s a lot of data built up. Here are the specifications for the Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION]:

  • Installation wizard helps you setup QuickBooks for multiple users
  • Stay in control and keep your data protected-limit employee access by allowing different levels of permission within your company’s QuickBooks file
  • Instantly communicate with others using your company’s QuickBooks file with QuickBooks Messenger
  • Run reports while others work simultaneously in the company file
  • Easily switch from multi to single-user mode as needed

I am a cpa and many of my clients use quickbooks. It offers many features for my clients to get their accounting information to me and allows me to make corrections and adjustments and return the changes so that they can update their data without making manual entries. This product also interfaces with turbo tax and lacerte which are tax preparation programs offered by intuit. It is easy to use and only required proper initial setup for a smooth running accounting program.

Can retrieve info at the touch of a button.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quckbooks Pro
  • Excellent/Worth Every Penny
  • Forced to upgrade because QBK will stop support it not

Quickbooks pro 2009we use the 3 user version of quickbooks pro 2009. This is the best upgrade ever and we have been using quick books almost since the first version came out. The new one is faster and eisier to use than any other version.

Overall, this product works great. We upgraded from qb pro 2004 to qb pro 2009 – there was some corruption of data (the balance sheets didn’t balance), but this was easily fixed with the new utilities features. You’ll need a ‘newer’ machine to get decent speed, but again, overall, a great financial accounting product.

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe, Money 2004 is a useful tool

I was very pleased to be able to order the microsoft money 2004 as my new computer did not have it and i had used it for many years. I am truly enjoying being able to keep track of my finances with it. Thanks for your prompt delivery.

I just wanted software new enough to store backup files some where other than a floppy drive.

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe

  • Save time by going online — Download checking, credit card and other transactions automatically, for faster financial management
  • Manage your investments more effectively, with up-to-the-minute information
  • Achieve financial goals with the built-in planning tools — get out of debt, save for retirement, or prepare for a major purchase
  • Tax time is easier than ever, with the simplified tax tools
  • Also includes complimentary financial services at no extra charge

I use microsoft money 2004 to keep a close eye on my spending habits as well as balance all my accounts. I use the basics because that is all i need.

I only use money to keep up with my checking account and to allow my children to learn budgeting by having their own accounts. This version is easier to move around in and is very helpful to clear up things when i go in the wrong direction.

This program is a good way to keep all of your financial information in one place. I don’t use a lot of the features, but it is worthwhile to have, simply from the point of view of keeping track of checking, savings, and loan balances. I also like the way it allows me to categorize spending, so i can see where my money is being spent. The best part is the ability to download credit card transactions directly. Some of the reports are a bit silly and need a lot of user input to make any sense, but i don’t use the reports too much anyway.

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe : I choose this product since i didn’t require (or want) all the extras that now come with microsoft money (e. The 2004 version converted my old version (2000) with no problems. Overall i am quite pleased with the product.