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Avanquest Checksoft Premier, difficult to use with quicken. I just wanted to

The program so far does what i need it to do but still learning how to get what i want.

A little slow going in the beginning but once set up i have no complaints.

Checksoft Premier

  • NEW! Create Check Drafts for Instant Deposit
  • NEW! Process Credit Card Payments
  • NEW! Multi-user capability
  • Manage Purchase Orders & Inventory
  • Import Online Bank Data

I have used this program to design & print checks for the past two years. It requires you to backup your data very often in order to not lose your checkbook info on the computer, but it is a great alternative to how costly quickbooks is. Just make sure to backup your data, and this software will work perfectly for anyone who just needs a program to create checks & maintain a record of them.

Glad to have an alternative to the expensive checks available through my bank.

I cannot honestly review this software, as i am a blind person, and many softwares are not compatible with the screen reading application which i must use in order to access and use a computer. So, the down side is, i have to try out different softwares sometimes to find one that will work. In this case, i found an app for my iphone that did the trick. Evanquest is a good software company i am sure, but many of these companies are not concerned with making their softwares accessible for persons of different handicaps, and that’s ok, because there are other ones out there who do, and they are getting the business of over 3 million visually impaired people in the united states alone. And, that’s quite a chunk of change to let pass you by. So, i found out that the software will not work for me, so i returned it. Amazon was very gracious and gave me a full refund.

Checksoft Premier : Great check printing software.

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Checksoft Premier
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