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Sage Software Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi User [OLD VERSION] : It works the same 2012

If you are depending on cost and would like to purchase an accounting package, you can use the 2011 version it does the same as 2012 just for a few minor differnces but you do get the end result.

Crashes when it feels like it. These yearly upgrades are silly – just keep the version you have until you have to upgrade.

I have been using peachtree since the 2004 version, upgrading every 2-3 years. This is my first time to use the multi-user version. Sage peachtree does a fine job of keeping track of our business income and expenses. It is good at managing inventory items. It has a set of reports that work for most things, but creating customized reports is a bit tricky. The keyboard shortcuts are not well designed, which is frustrating. The 2011 version changed a shortcut i frequently used. The multi-user version makes backing up and changing customer ids difficult, because all users have to log out and even then, the program often leaves locked files that cause problems. Peachtree integrates well with shiprush, the new shipping software we are using. Here are the specifications for the Sage Software Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi User [OLD VERSION]:

  • Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 Multi-User Edition provides access for 5 users, combining accounting with advanced features like job costing, time and billing, in-depth inventory capabilities, and analysis tools
  • Reduce fraud risk with PA-DSS credit card processing compliance; Electronic bill payment through Sage Peachtree Bill Pay; Sync customer information with Microsoft Outlook contacts
  • Maintain accountability with audit trail reporting; control job revenue and expense at the phase and cost code level
  • Build inventory assemblies and track customer back orders; Average, LIFO and FIFO inventory costing methods
  • Create marketing flyers and newsletters with Microsoft Word integration; Flexible reporting with Microsoft Excel integration

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Very practical accounting software, user friendly. The software is loaded with a lot more features for advanced users if one needs extras. I recommend this to anyone that needs a small business accounting software.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wow! Cant believe found it at this price
  • versatile product

I have used peachtree for many years. Was able to put on more than one computer. I like the new updated version.

We bought this product as an upgrade for our 2008 software from peachtree. Almost immediately after installation we started having problems with lock-ups, data migration and incorrect inventory data. I don’t know if the program notified peachtree or it was random chance, but they started to send us emails warning us that having to much data can cause problems with complete accounting 2011. The same problems as we were having. Finally i called and after some negotiation over price(they will negotiate)we ended up buying quantum from sage. The moral of the story is: if you have a small company that’s new, this is a fine, easy to use product. But, if you are a larger company and/or have lots of data and transactions, look into quantum another fine product from sage.

Intuit QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION] – Easy!

It was cheeper to buty the new 2010 version with payroll through amazon than it was to just upgrade the payroll software. Just note that intuit will try to soak you with all these add on options that (i feel) are unneeded. The 2010 version just brings additional ways they try to charge you more for additional services.

Incase you are like me, a complete novice at accounting and payroll i can tell you this can be pretty useless. I couldn’t get this to do anything really for payroll. I ended up buying some payroll subscription that was like 300 dollars extra a year to be able to do something with the software. It comes with no instructions whatsoever.You either have to chat, call or get a book to get some idea of how to use it. The payroll customer support, however, is outstanding. They guide you through what you need assitance with and are so patient. Don’t like that you have to pay extra for it to do what should’ve just been standard. Nonetheless, it appears that once i get a hang of it (i bought a book to help me) this may have a lot to offer.

Quickbooks pro 2010 is easy to install. Easy to move my records over. Easy to continue running the office instead of trying to ‘work things out’. As always, amazon is my preferred way to order anything.Everything is smooth and uncomplicated.

  • Good value
  • This is ONLY the beginning
  • never received this item

Quickbooks is ok for general use. It becomes more difficult to work with when you have more industry specific items to work with sometimes. I would like to see a longer item list description. Part numbers can be very long sometimes and it doesn’t leave room for a text description. Intuit also takes your credit card info and automatically renews your payroll subscription without your permission. You can’t shut off the auto renew either. You have to call them after you find out that they have charged you and ask for a refund. They also set up a charge twice so that you have two authorizations holding your money for several days. They may only run one charge but they authorize it twice. Overall they have the market for a general small business accounting system.

The enhanced payroll module is easy to use, understandable, and using the federal deposit enhancement is so simple. This program is as good as, and better than most, much more expensive modules that attach to the overall accounting program.

Features of QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]

  • Bundles QuickBooks Pro 2010 and QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced for 1-3 Employees
  • Easily organize and maintain your business finances, all in one place
  • Automatically calculate payroll taxes and create paychecks in just a few clicks
  • Save time and money by tracking every dollar going in and out of your business
  • Easily add more employees as your business grows

Overall i really like enhanced payroll and it does everthing i need and works very well. I really only use it for the payroll, to help me with payroll taxes and to e-file them. These features are excellent. My business is so small that i do not use the rest of the program. It is easier for me to do the little amount of book-keeping i have without the quickbooks part of the program. I have found it too complex and time consuming for my needs. If you had a super small business version without all the complex features and still have payroll. I’m sure i could learn to use it but i just don’t have the time.

This is an excellent value, considering the separate cost of quickbooks pro and then payroll by themselves. I needed to get this for my business as quickbooks (for no good reason that i can tell) requires you to get the latest version every three years if you want to use their payroll. And considering what it costs to pay an accountant or other service to do your payroll for you (even for 1 to 3 employees), you definitely do want to use quickbooks for payroll.And it’s bad, because obviously there’s no reasonable cause to have to buy the latest version of quickbooks other than that they require it of you (i can’t think of one feature i need in the new version. )but that being said, this was a very good deal. And contrary to what some other reviewers have warned about, i did not have to make one single phone call to validate / activate my software or payroll service. I think the other reviewers must not have explored their options fully, you can do this with a couple of clicks online.

Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION] : Quickbooks Pro 2009

We’ve been using quickbooks accounting for five years after using sbt and peachtree. This is our third quickbooks purchase and it meets all expectations for being an excellent accounting software program. My only beef is intuit rescinds support after three years forcing you to ‘upgrade’ (i. Purchase the same basic program for an additional $380 minus two users). Our 2006 pro 5-user operated perfectly fine until we received notices our payroll and email service provided by expire unless you purchase the new product. So i rate the program 5 stars but intuit’s extortionist policies leave much to be desired. I feel they should be forced to disclose to the buyer that they are ‘renting’ their product for three years (or will they shorten to two.

I am bookkeeper for a small business and we were using qb 2006 until this forced upgrade by intuit. We weren’t happy initially because of the cash outlay, ($380 because we need it for 2 users at a time), but our fears were unfounded. It not only works better than 2006, but the install went smoothly and we have had no problems. My 2006 version had been giving me trouble for about the last 6 months and all that is gone now. Qb was freezing and then either shutting down or i had to shut it down using the taskmaster. What a royal pain it had become. 2009 has some nice new features, and overall appears to be a better product than 2006. I use almost all of the reports and am having no trouble at all. I also export a lot because there are limitations to what qb reports will do, and i want more flexibility. I am perfectly satisfied with what it does.

I’ve been using the 2006 version of qbk, also subscribe to their payroll service which costs about $300 / year. Just paid it and a few days later they notify by a message that it will no longer be supported unless we upgrade to the new version. . Isn’t that great?well, fine, i got the new version 2009, which is 3 updates later. I was afraid that after using it for 3 years, we are use to it, don’t want too many changes to it like what msft office did with 2007 version which ruined the whole thing. Installed it, well, it’s suffice to say 2009 is 99. Although i’m glad we didn’t need to relearn everything, but to spend $350 on the same thing kind of sucks. It’s dumb that we pay $350 for a subscription that they stopped supporting. After 3 years, there’s a lot of data built up. Here are the specifications for the Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION]:

  • Installation wizard helps you setup QuickBooks for multiple users
  • Stay in control and keep your data protected-limit employee access by allowing different levels of permission within your company’s QuickBooks file
  • Instantly communicate with others using your company’s QuickBooks file with QuickBooks Messenger
  • Run reports while others work simultaneously in the company file
  • Easily switch from multi to single-user mode as needed

I am a cpa and many of my clients use quickbooks. It offers many features for my clients to get their accounting information to me and allows me to make corrections and adjustments and return the changes so that they can update their data without making manual entries. This product also interfaces with turbo tax and lacerte which are tax preparation programs offered by intuit. It is easy to use and only required proper initial setup for a smooth running accounting program.

Can retrieve info at the touch of a button.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quckbooks Pro
  • Excellent/Worth Every Penny
  • Forced to upgrade because QBK will stop support it not

Quickbooks pro 2009we use the 3 user version of quickbooks pro 2009. This is the best upgrade ever and we have been using quick books almost since the first version came out. The new one is faster and eisier to use than any other version.

Overall, this product works great. We upgraded from qb pro 2004 to qb pro 2009 – there was some corruption of data (the balance sheets didn’t balance), but this was easily fixed with the new utilities features. You’ll need a ‘newer’ machine to get decent speed, but again, overall, a great financial accounting product.

Sage Software Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting 2011 [OLD VERSION] : SAGE 2011

We (a non-profit museum)purchased peachtree premium because it allows us to capture expenses by department with budgets and variances. This was very important for us and peachtree does what we want.

I need to do a bit of bookkeeping for my home business. I’ve used quickbooks for years, but it can’t quite do what i need it to. So, i decided to switch to peachtree. This version is the top of the line that peachtree offers. Of course, it’s the 2011 version and not the new one for 2012 (which costs a couple hundred dollars more). So, i got all the functionality i needed for a small portion of the price of the newer version.

Been using this for a couple of months for a small business, and its great. As in many programs you will need some patience at the beginning;but once you get it running there is so much you can do with this program, reports are endless and very useful.

Key specs for Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting 2011 [OLD VERSION]:

  • Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting 2011 is a comprehensive solution with tools for strategic growth, like multi-company consolidations, advanced budgeting, serialized inventory, and Crystal Reports 2008
  • Create multiple budgets based on departments and cost centers; Consolidate multiple companies for financial reporting
  • Design and share insightful reports with Crystal Reports 2008; Print financial statements by organizational department
  • Track serialized inventory; Help increase job profitability with change order processing
  • All the features of the Complete version: automate invoices, checks, employee payroll tracking, job costing, time and billing, in-depth inventory capabilities, and analysis tools

Comments from buyers

“Nothing Wrong With Last Year’s Version
, Great for Small Businesses
, We selected Peachtree Premium!

If you do not need the latest features, buying this year’s version rather than next years is an excellent value. In my opinion, it is hard to go wrong with this approach.

Only good for one year, then big price to update. Still basic and easy to use.

Registered online with sage itself. Knew what i wanted so i am please to get it as advertised. As always, amazons price is the best.

Intuit QuickBooks Premier Industry Editions 3-User 2014 [Old Version] – Upgrade from 2011

This was yet another forced upgrade from intuit. This is really the only thing that bothers me about this software package. I’ve used quickbooks for 10+ years and it is a great tool for small business accounting. It is very user friendly and very easy to use. We run payroll with direct deposit for 50+ employees out of this program and although 2011 was still functioning fine and serving all our needs, intuit stops supporting any additional functions after 3 years. You have to pay for a payroll subscription on an annual basis ($400+), so ours was still good until december 2014, but we would have been cut off from using it after may 2014. They won’t even sell you additional licenses (you can have up to 5 with premier) after 2 years. I’ve been using the 2014 version for a couple of weeks now and they’ve spruced up the look from 2011 and added some new menu options, but this is otherwise the same program. My only other gripe is that there is still no “undo” button. If you accidently delete something there is no way to quickly fix this, you have to re-enter.

After few days of installation i got an error message on 2 pcs that that some. Dll file got corrupted and to resolve this issue i had to re install the software. Also learned during the process that this is a known issue. However, i do like the new features of 2014 version especially since i upgraded from 2011.

We have 3 users and a server which were updated to 2014. It was not as easy as it should be. The admin password had to be reset several times. The last of which required a 1 hour call to tech support. If you’re going to force us to upgrade every 3 years, at least make it a simpler transparent process.

Program is working perfectly, wished i shopped here for it a year ago.

  • Upgrade from 2011
  • Not much of an improvement
  • Good features but buggy

QuickBooks Premier Industry Editions 3-User 2014 [Old Version]

  • Easy to set up, learn and use
  • Organize everything in one place and save time on everyday tasks
  • Track how your business is doing with one-click financial, tax and sales reports
  • Drill down into the data you need with industry-specific reports and tools
  • Get complete and reliable records at tax time

As always, quickbooks does a good job of many things, but not necessarily great at doing specific things.

I upgraded from quickbooks 2011 and, honestly, there isn’t much difference here. The format it entirely the same with a few cosmetic differences. I’ve also had some issues with the program crashing. This tends to happen the most (about once per month) when processing credit card transactions. They payment will go through, but it won’t record the transaction when this happens, which means you have to make a new transaction to match. Ultimately, this is a good product; it suits our small business’ needs nicely. But, having upgraded, i see why some people wait to years and years before getting the latest version.

Unable to control box size as i did with 2012 qb pro.

Sage Software Peachtree By Sage Complete Accounting 2009 Multi User : Great Upgrade

Installation as an upgrade on a 4 computer xp professional network went very well. There were no surprises and all our reports and forms transferred well. I would recommend the product highly.

I ordered this software to update to peachtree complete 2009, multi-user. After loading onto my service & workstations i called to register the software. I was only given a registration number that was for a single user. Now, only one person can work on peachtree at a time. They did not give me a multi-user registration number. I called when i had trouble with multi-user & was told that this was the only registration number that was available for this program. Now i’m switching to quick books (yuck) where i can have up to 5 users.

Haven’t used as it is a back up only copy, however peachtree is my favorite accounting program. Here are the specifications for the Sage Software Peachtree By Sage Complete Accounting 2009 Multi User:


Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Upgrade
  • Now Happy with Peachtree
  • however Peachtree is my favorite accounting program

Intuit QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 [OLD VERSION], Too Big

We have used qbooks for company records for over 10 years. Each upgrade brings more features and resolves usability issues that arise with complicated usage. Anyone and everyone that owns a business whether sole proprietor, llc, etc. It is the only recognized standard for personal use and easily sent to your accountant for tax review and filing.

Like the other reviewers, i’m wowed by some of the new features (toggle version, company snapshot, etc. ) however, the new online banking is a big loser in my book. It is very cumbersome to match transactions, especially if they were not entered in your register in the first place. You cannot create new vendor names on the fly, and it does not recognize typing in the vendor window. You have to open the drop-down and scroll though all the nams to find the one you need. In addition, qb closes all windows when you open the match transactions part, so you can’t hop over and check anything when you are trying to match. It is so much trouble that i’ve given up using it (and i’ve used online banking daily since it first appeared in qb’s) and gone back to doing a manual match from my bank’s online banking transaction list. If i could reverse my data, i would take my company back to the 2008 version for this issue alone. All that being said, as the owner of a bookkeeping firm with over 70 clients, quickbooks is my #1 choice for accounting software. It is user friendly, intuitive (get it, intuitive?) and allows you to manipulate reports to always achieve what you need.

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 [OLD VERSION]

  • Perform write-up, review, and financial reporting with built-in tools like the Working Trial Balance
  • Provide the convenience of “on-site” service without leaving your office via the internet.
  • Exchange, adjust and return client prior period accounting records with the improved

I wanted to wait until the first of year to write off as next year business expense, but the savings were better than the tax deduction.

We have just started using the program. The main problem i see is the minimum requirements for the program to work are way to high. Programmers must be getting lazy these days for a program to keep books to require more machine than one of the top income tax programs. Seems quickbooks 2009 will lose a lot of sales due to people not being able to afford to upgrade their computer. Intuit should be careful not to bell and whistle themselves right out of business.

As a certified proadvisor, i have to admit, i hated the online banking changes – specifically adding transactions. I missed my ‘add multiple’ option and found the new interface clunky and time consuming. With the updated intuit recently released, they’ve greatly improved the entire online banking process. That being said, i think the setup process for online banking is an improvement, and i love the client data review module. This is a fabulous tool to use with new clients, at end of year, and for ‘tune up’ engagements. I find the help menu and the online quickbooks community a wonderful addition and great resources for my clients as well. I think this is a great product and have been recommending it to all my clients asking about upgrading.

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 [OLD VERSION] : Quickbooks premier accountant edition 2009 has the ability to switch to any other version (construction, retail, etc. ) so you can view your client’s files in the same manner s/he does–especially useful if you provide software assistance as well or set your clients up from scratch. I upgraded from 2004 and wow have there been improvements. The home screen with its flow chart helps simplify accounting and provides links to most common processes. The company snapshot is a great at-a-glance tool, and interactivity with excel and word have been enhanced. My personal favorite is the ability to email invoices to my clients, more and more of whom use the ‘net as their preferred communications method. The only downside is the (necessary) size of the program. You will want to upgrade your memory if you have less than 1 gb (i’m getting by with half that but it does slow me down).

Sage Software Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2013 US [Download] – For professionals

I’m not a huge fan of sage 50 pro accounting. I attempted to use it to modernize my fiance’s accounting system for her business. I took her excel sheets and attempted to input them into the system but found out very quickly how hard it really is to just ‘get’ without a lot of work trying to learn the ui. I’m not against it and it gets the job done i just think the marginal benefit for using this product isn’t worth the effort required to learn the software. If you’ve already purchased it, good luck, else i’d suggest finding something designed with the user more in mind.

Sage 50 pro is easy to use also by non-accountants for up to 30 employees. Some screens closely resemble paper-based forms such as invoices or checks. Payroll tax cannot be entered directly and managing payroll without a $270-$380 subscription is difficult, but not impossible. Payroll calculations can be tediously imported. Similarly, excel allows to import the data from another accounting programs, like quickbooks, through manual linking of individual fields. The complete version adds credit card protection, bill payment, synchronization with outlook, audit trail reporting, depreciation management, and phase and cost code level. The premium version adds multiple budgets incl. Selective printing, change orders, serialized inventory, and easier data archiving and restoring. Sage 50 provides all the controls for accounting practices, extensive documentation and tutorials. The installation is simple, but may require turning firewall off.

Sage 50 is a fairly easy to understand software accounting system and i recommend it. It was easy to use and as long as you’re familiar with these programs it helps with all your business record keeping.

  • it is a good product
  • Great software.
  • Easy to use with subscription tedious to avoid

Peachtree accounting became known as sage not too long ago. Peachtree has been a trusted name in accounting software for decades. I first used peachtree software in the mid 90’s for payroll purposes at a company i worked for at the time. I am primarily a quickbooks user but i wanted to give sage a shot. It is definitely a solid product and while i did not get to the point of using the payroll function, i was surprised to learn that payroll can no longer be entered even manually without a fee. I can understand a fee for the automated service but the fact that there is a charge even for entering it manually strikes me as a really bad and annoying idea. I am glad that i will not have to take that step as i will not be using this software for payroll, but please be advised that this will be an issue for those who do. Otherwise, it seems like a well-planned out piece of software and i could certainly see myself using it on a daily basis (just not with any recurring fees).

It makes me sad that with the 2013 version they have eliminated the manual payroll option. It was a good ‘bragging point’ when having the ‘quickbooks vs peachtree’ debate. I will stick with peachtree/sage 50 but i’m not so sure i will be upgrading to a newer version anytime soon. Let me make a point, though. Whatever faults peachtree/sage has (and there are some) they pale in comparison to the problems with quickbooks. Quickbooks has a 90 percent market share. They aren’t going to make much by increasing market share. So instead they do everything possible under the sun to get you to pay for upgrades and support. But the real problem with quickbooks is that it was designed wrong from day one. It uses a single, massive database instead of multiple connected data bases.

I received this software as part of the amazon vine review program. I have no previous experience with sage or peachtree products, however i have used quickbooks products for managing my freelance writing and ebay business. Sage 50 pro has been designed for small to medium sized businesses. It’s a feature-rich software suite that will appeal to some, and be lacking for others. Other reviewers who have used previous versions have very specific things they do and don’t like about this software, and i suggest reading all the reviews on amazon and going to the sage site to use the free trial and see the breakdown of feature comparisons for all the sage products, prior to making your purchase. This will give you an idea if this software is for you. The video shows you the example company and what you can expect to see once the software is installed, and your company information has been put into it. Recognize that any accounting software requires some study and time to get used to using it. Many frustrations with the software may simply be a matter of a learning curve being too steep for some, thus it’s a good idea to check out the free trial before you buy. My experience with sage 50 pro accounting 2013 is limited, but i like what i see.

Easy to install, set up and use. I have a small business and my accountant suggested this. I am able to submit my quarterly information through email. This version does not include payroll. Payroll is an additional cost.

Intuit QuickBooks Basic Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION] : Makes it so easy!

I like the product ok but to install it and start the service i ended up talking to 4 different people and it took over two and a half hours.

I have one hourly employee plus myself and pay weekly. I use the basic payroll service and file all my own forms. It reminds you of the filing dates. It is very flexible and allows you to tailor it to your own needs. It was a lot cheaper online than in a store.

Quickbooks payroll is easy to use and simple. I do weekly payroll so the ease of use and amount of information it provides is perfect. Here are the specifications for the Intuit QuickBooks Basic Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]:

  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Basic helps you complete your entire payroll in just a few clicks
  • Automatically calculate payroll taxes and create paychecks in just a few clicks
  • Instantly calculate federal and state taxes
  • Get started quickly with an easy step-by-step setup guide
  • Easily add more employees as your business grows

Quickbooks payroll gives me the tools to do my job quicker while being more efficient. You never have to worry about tax changes, they are provided for you. And year-end electronic payroll w-2 and w-3 filing makes my job so much simplier.

I’m in the book-selling business. I am not in the accounting business. That is why i appreciate quicken so much. Quicken is simple, fast, and dependable, which frees me to do what i’m in business to do- sell books.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • QuickBooks Basic Payroll
  • Payroll simplefied

For a small business, the basic payroll works great. It is easy to set up and maintain. It is also scalable and can expand with my company.

Have been using the payroll system for many years. Pays our employees and tracks all the material we need for our reports.

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11, Enterprise worthy

If quickbooks enterprise wasn’t already the best accounting program out there, it is getting even better with its latest feature sets. New features including automatic transaction generation and links to electronic payment keep adding to its strong core of fundamentals and distance it even further from the competition.

I just installed qb enterprise solutions v. 11 for a client to deal with a huge company file. The speed increase was dramatic. They have only have three users but the 5-user pack will have to do. If you’re having trouble, i suggest looking for a quickbooks proadvisor to help you through the process. They’ll come to you to make sure it’s all set up right and show you how to use it.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11.0 (2011) Upgrade – 5 users

  • Business Reporting & Finances
  • Inventory, Purchasing & Vendors
  • Sales & Customers
  • Payroll & Employees
  • Capacity, Performance & Security

Quickbooks enterprise is very easy to use software. However it is important to take the time to set it up right in the beginning. Then you will have reports that you can use to make sound business decisions.

For small business owners in a growth position, quickbooks enterprise offers the flexibility to grow with your company. It’s very robust security features allow you to create internal controls for your business, that you might not otherwise have. Qbes features offer the ability to tailor the use of the software to your needs without having to spend many thousands of dollars on high end software. In addition, you’ll have access to many third party applications to enhance the software so it further meets your business needs.

As the accountant for a small firm, i use quickbooks enterprise for the vast majority of my working hours. It’s inter-connectivity to most everything that our company does, makes it the ideal tool for knowing just where we are in so many ways. Financially we know, at the press of a button, just where we are profitable and where we are spinning our wheels. Quickbooks is absolutely vital to our success. And by ‘vital’, i mean life-sustaining.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11.0 (2011) Upgrade – 5 users : Quickbooks enterprise is great for business’. If you make sure that the initial installation is done by your accountant or financial officer, you can hire somebody to take care of the day to day bookkeeping that does not have to be a full charge bookkeeper (which saves money). With your audit trail on your financial officer or accountant can easily audit your financial statements and find any errors. However simple or complicated your business may be, you can customize the program to work for you. We do extensive job cost accounting and over ten years ago stopped using a program that cost us tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and thousands of dollars annually to maintain. As far as we are concerned there is nothing better then quickbooks enterprise. We started with quickbooks pro and moved up as we grew.