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Microsoft Money Small Business 2005 [Old Version] : Very Good

It seems to me that, of the people who reviewed money 2005, it is only the people with the new, fast processors that are having the problems. The people with the standard processors seem to be doing fine. I wonder if this is the case.

One of my trusted resources, pc magazine gave this new version of microsoft money 5-stars. And given that some of the new features sounded good, i bought the upgrade. After using it for several months, i’ve got mixed results. (side note: i have not had any problems with slowness or crashing whatsoever. I’m on windows xp pro, sp-2. Other things are annoying, but no crashes. Upgrading from 2003 deluxe & business went perfectly. Not trusting it, i backed up my old data on disc, ready to roll-back to 2003 if i had to. But everything transferred flawlessly.

There is a learning curve with every program. . I have been a user of quicken premiere home & business since it was first released, and loyally upgraded every year. In 2003, i gave money small business a shot, and after 12 attempts or so to figure out how to email an invoice. . Along with a slew of other issues, primarily plastering my system with ad links, i gave up, and actually shredded the cd out of spite (not knowing i could have gotten my money back). Well, things have changed in 2 years. Despite the rumors of difficult outlook integration, there was an ‘import outlook contacts’ link under payees. It took all of about 30 seconds. My first attempts involved wab (windows address book), an alternative method for those without outlook, but outlook express and vcards. That worked fine, but i was starting to visualize having to export vcards for everyone in my outlook folder.

Key specs for Microsoft Money Small Business 2005 [Old Version]:

  • Comprehensive finance solution for small companies
  • Categorize income and expenses; handle billing effortlessly
  • Get expert advice from current news and useful articles
  • Keep up with taxable expenses automatically
  • Free financial services, including 1 year online payroll from PayCycle

Comments from buyers

“Better than 2003 Deluxe & Business, but some lame issues
, Home Business Accounting Done Right (for MS users)
, Great Product

Much nicer form than quickens. I particulary liked the reconcile feature. It takes all the work out of this monthly chore.

I can’t confirm the previous postings. Money 2005 has a very nice fresh look and is running smoothly, layout is much more organized now; my 2003 files were converted perfect.

I’ve owned microsoft money for several years. I purchased this to replace a previous version. It is simple to use and works for basic money management.

Microsoft Money 2006 Premium [OLD VERSION] : What’s new?

Money 2006 premium was essentially purchased to manage portfolio investments in stocks. This is the first time i have used money and find that it has some major problems particulary in respect of managing special investment activities such as splits, spin-offs and mergers, etc. The following details some of the problems faced during my usage. First and foremost problem is the inability to correct any mistakes while entering the transaction. For example if a split is entered then the program automatically adjusts the number of shares and the cost basis. However there will neither be a record of this action in the account nor any way to delete or reverse it. Most surprisingly even if the entire transactions of that particular equity is deleted and reentered it will not allow the re-entry of the split on that particular date. The program will return a dialog stating that a split exists on that date.

You either use quicken or ms money (or some 3rd party variety) personal finance software. If you’re happy with what you’re using, why change?the reason i changed is that i had been using quicken for a number of years, then migrated to a different hard drive. I misplaced my quicken 2003 cd-rom.Well, time to upgrade, anyway. Let’s take a look at what’s available on amazon. It seems as if quicken has gone the way of so many successful high tech trail blazers: greedy corporate moguls. Before they were the davids, now they are the goliaths (names like apple, compuserve, and even microsoft come to mind). Well, heck, why stay with a vendor who is phasing out backward compatibility and going greedy corporate on me, when i can switch to a backward compatible (and certainly always ms operating system compatible) long term greedy corporate icon?. Ms money 2006 is the ticket. Yeah, gee, i was so getting used to quicken making me add all these balance adjustments every time i downloaded financial data from my bank or credit cards.

While the software has much to be commended for, it is disappointment on two fronts 1) support on investments in the fastest developing countries like india and china where msn does have a major presence and 2) does not include insurance as an asset as such, only in their lifetime planning section. Both these factors do not let you accurately track your investments, savings or retirement planning accurately. Otherwise, it is a great software given the depth of msn’s online involvement. Here are the specifications for the Microsoft Money 2006 Premium [OLD VERSION]:

  • Money connects to thousands of banks and updates balances automatically, letting you easily stay on top of your finances.
  • Work toward long-term goals like buying a house, budgeting for college, or saving for a vacation by first reducing debt.
  • Improved automated price quotes keep your portfolio calculations up to date.
  • A suite of tools that help you plan and optimize investments and long-term savings.
  • Money 2006 Premium also provides a wealth of financial services, at no extra cost, and tax help that make managing your money easier.

Meet need and at the time was once the best money management program out there; too bad microsoft stop supporting the product.

It is much more user friendly than earlier versions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Budgeting program around.
  • Be careful
  • Five Stars

Same as new and works good had no trouble installing good seller.

Here is what you must do to have a good experience with this product:1. Never use microsoft passport. Passport is a universal password that can be used to sign on to multiple bank accounts, brokerages, merchants, and god knows what else. Avoid ityour installation of microsoft money will be a bit awkward if you want to avoid passport. Some users believe that money won’t install unless you get a passport. This is false, at least for money 2006 and earlier versions. You just have to be careful (and resolute) while you install. Never store your financial data online with microsoftms money allows you to keep all your financial data stored on microsoft’s computers, as well as on your home computer. This allows you to access your ms money data when you are away from your computer. For the unlucky user, it leads to virtually insoluble computer nightmares. Apparently, the local and remote copies of your data can get out of sync.

Microsoft Money 2006 Deluxe [OLD VERSION] – Seller saved me from frustration

I am currently trying the 90 day free trial for money deluxe 2006. Also, i purchased quicken premier for business 2006 and have returned quicken which has a 60 day return policy. I do like some feautures in each product. Quicken downloads your accounts much quicker then money does. I have a big problem with quicken. I cannot download a qif file. Since my main credit card is in a qif file i cannot track that. So, for me, that alone is a deal breaker and ms money will work with that credit card company. Quicken does have some great online support features but for money i needed to register and couldn’t find the key i needed.

I agree that this software does not provide a significant update to the previous year’s version. It may be worth picking up just because it can be obtained for free with certain deals. I have the standard version on one machine and deluxe on the other. I don’t believe that deluxe is a significant upgrade for most people either. The functionality of the planning software is unfortunately not that great.

This product is great to organize your finances and see where your money is going for. Monthly reports are available to see where your spending your money, and you can get details of how these numbers were comprised. The budgeting system appears weak though, and if you have savings goals it only states whether they are realistic or not. It unfortuntely doesn’t have anything which allows you to put aside money for these savings goals.

Msnmoney discontinued the best stock portfolio in the world but is available with this older money version. Now i am back on track literally keeping track of stocks that i first discovered and how they have performed since. Thanks to cary’s_store on amazon.

  • A Life Saver!!
  • Excellent Money Management

Microsoft Money 2006 Deluxe [OLD VERSION]

  • Money connects to thousands of banks and updates balances automatically, letting you easily stay on top of your finances.
  • The Money Bill Calendar lets you see upcoming and paid bills at a glance.
  • Work toward long-term goals like buying a house, budgeting for college, or saving for a vacation by first reducing debt.
  • Money makes it easy to get organized for tax time, with professional tips from tax experts, Tax Estimator and Deduction Finder tools, and exporting of your data to tax preparation software.
  • Money 2006 Deluxe gives you access to credit scores and percentile rankings and helps assess credit risk levels.

My previous use of the money program was with money 98. And, it wasn’t all that easy to use for a non-accountant type. Money 2006 was even more difficult to understand although i did manage to get it hooked into my bank for on-line updates. One problem is that i could not import my money 98 back up into money 2006. The possiblity may have been there but i could not find it. I would recommend people get the book “microsoft money 2006 for dummies” as i did. Helped me through the jargon, it did.

I like everything about this software program.

I love this software and how it helps me track my expenses.

Microsoft Money Deluxe 2005 [Old Version] – 2005 version worth trying – Don’t believe all the negatives

Microsoft money 2005 appears to be a solid product based on my experience to date. I upgraded from money 2004, and i have not encountered anything that would prevent me from continuing to use money 2005. I was wary of the product after reading the negative feedback so i downloaded the trial version before buying. (i definitely recommend this approach before purchasing. ) money 2005 will convert your file to the new version, however it does make a copy of your existing file in the event you choose to return to your previous version of money. (if you’re not comfortable with money’s automated method of creating a copy of your original file, then manually make your own copy or backup file)after converting my file and using money 2005 i found most everything to function as it did in the 2004 version, and i didn’t find anything too unusual or out of place. I do keep my file password protected; however i do not use the passport password feature (i use the local money file password) because i do not feel the need to check my finances from other computers via the internet. The password feature works the same in 2005 as it did in the 2004 version. In spite of my positive remarks, there are two negative responses i have read that i must concede to those who have responded before me: first, after installing my purchased version of money 2005 i was prompted to download software updates from the internet. The fact that software updates are necessary makes me think there may be some validity to the complaints of bugs from the early adopters of the software.

The good:finally, a personal finance product that does the work for me. Thanks to microsoft’s use of yodlee i am able to have money connect automatically to my credit cards and bank accounts and automatically (that is the most important part) download the latest transactions, run them through my budget and within seconds tell me where i stand for the month. I do nothing and know where i stand on my budget. It has taken too many years for quicken/money to get to this point. The bad:i got everything working fine and suddenly the software stopped automatically downloading my latest transactions. I emailed tech support and they got back to me the next day with some things to try. They said to email back if i needed more help. I have responded twice (got confirmation that my issue was submitted) and have not received a response. Very shocking to have this come from microsoft.

There is a small army of people who, like the recalcitrant insurgents in iraq, will do anything to try to destroy microsoft’s reputation. I’m not here to defend the biggest software company in the world. As with any company, it makes some great products, many good products, and some bad products. I did not upgrade to microsoft money 2004 because, sometime in 2003, my money file developed some kind of minor corruption (“this operation cannot be performed” error after entering certain types of transactions), and money 2004 refused to even read the file. This time, i downloaded the trial version of money 2005, and it loaded the old-format file without a hitch. And the mysterious error message is no moremoney is cool because it makes it easy to keep track of your accounts, esp. For someone like me with dozens of banking and brokerage accounts (many from the days of internet bubble when banks were giving away free money for opening accounts — i knew i needed a real job. It’s generates useful reports to track your networth, by category or over time. Even for someone like me with lots of small accounts but little to show in the aggregate, it’s immensely useful.

I love keeping my finances in order with this tool. I hate that they do not make this any longer. But it is truly everything i need to manage my future.

  • Loved this product back then!
  • Great financial tool.
  • Five Stars

Microsoft Money Deluxe 2005 [Old Version]

  • Personal finance software with award-winning Portfolio Manager
  • Automatically consolidates online financial information
  • Essential tools for improving credit and organizing taxes
  • Stay up-to-date on accounts and transactions
  • Get help with credit and debt; simplify taxes

Bought this product years ago. This was the money software to purchase. However, ms money is no longer in production.

I’ve used ms money since 2000, and upgraded in the past from money 2000 to money 2002 without incident. Upgrading from money 2002 to money 2005 with all the new web features was a major headache. When i tried setting up online services for my existing accounts (web synching with the ms passport), some of my accounts disappeared and could not be recovered. Some accounts became duplicated, and the account merge functionality did not allow me to merge them (it listed the wrong accounts). It also reassigns some categories, like groceries, without telling you. I ended up disabling the passport online options and now i’m using the program just like money 2002, which is fine, i guess, but not exactly what i wanted. If you are starting to use personal finance software for the first time, i highly recommend this product and give it 4 stars. If you are upgrading and have many accounts like i do, i offer can only give this product 2 stars.

Intuit Quicken 2004 Premier – Best Version Yet

My annual christmas present to myself has been a quicken upgrade for as long as i can remember–way back to the dos days. For years, the program just got better and better. The last couple of years, it has looked different, but little else has changed. The decrease in simlicity is actually a step backward. 00 is way too much for what you get. If you have 2003, or even 2002, stay put.

I was quite wary about quicken 2004 when i read the reviews in regards to program stability and bugs. I had quicken 2001 deluxe and just recently bought a dell computer with windows xp. I upgraded to quicken 2004 premier, i immediately checked for product updates, then imported my data and held my breath. Luckily my old quicken files imported without a hitch. So far no problems to report and it’s been two months. No graphing issues or crashes. I like the interface it is much simpler especially for stock transactions. Now i do not do any real online banking or transactions other than stock quotes so i don’t know how that is. I gave it fours stars instead of five for the marketing jazz that intermittently comes up. Overall i am satisfied with the product.

After losing data when upgrading to quicken 2001 and getting a “too bad” response from support i was pleased with the upgrade to 2004 premium. I did not have any issues upgrading and was able to add online access to additional accounts with no troubles. The user interface is different and took some getting used to but it is easier to navigate across various areas of my finances.

I upgraded from quicken deluxe 2003 to quicken premier 2004. I won’t address whether or not i think the 2003-2004 upgrade was worth it. What i am addressing is that i don’t think the deluxe-premier upgrade was worth the extra cost. Premier gets you some portfolio analysis tools and “insights”, which i don’t find that helpful (i am not an active or sophisticated investor). As an aside, i -do- think the deluxe features (over basic) are worth the extra money. Deluxe gets you investment tracking (basic appears to only give you basic checkbook tracking). In 2001, i switched from microsoft money to quicken. The original motivation was because i thought i might get a mac, so i wanted my personal financial data to be prepared for the move (quicken is also available for the mac, but microsoft money is not). The feature set in 2001 was better in quicken than in microsoft money (better tracking of investments like espp and 401k). Recently (quicken 2003-2004), however, i have been encountering random bugs and inconsistencies (multiple paycheck deposit accounts doesn’t work consistently) that lead me to believe that microsoft money has probably reached parity with quicken by now.

  • Not as bad as I’ve read here — buy 2004 and not 2005
  • Premier not worth it; stick with Deluxe
  • Better than I thought

Quicken 2004 Premier

I bought microsoft money a week ago because of the reviews here and had nothing but problems with it. Wouldn’t even connect to my e*trade account or bank account, only fidelity. Fidelity had no problem connecting to the e*trade account and bank account but microsoft’s answer is it was e*trades problem. Sorry, but i write software for a living, immediately dumped it and downloaded quicken 2004 premier. Have had no problems with it running on windows xp sp1, was all setup and connecting to all my accounts in less than an hour.

I have used quicken since the dos days and this is the best version yet. There were absolutely no problems with my upgrade from premier 2003. Contrary to what others have posted, the program does not require your data to-be-posted on quicken. Com; it merely makes it convenient to do so. You have the option to opt out. I reviewed money deluxe 2004 prior to my purchase of premier 2004 because i kept hearing how “clean” and “user friendly” money was. Well, in my opinion, premier easily wins because accounts are no more than one click away (they are all listed on the side of the screen) and premier remembers what screen was displayed the last time you were there. Money makes more use of a browser methodology where you can go back/forwards to where you were but this isn’t as intuitive and also does not make use of screen tabs like premier does. I have not had any stability issues with 2004 and this version corrected a bug i had in 2003 that caused 2003 to crash. Finally, the investing center has nice improvements like morningstar ratings for mutual funds build into the program as well as portfolio and stock comparisions to market indexes.

I was hesitant to buy the product because of all the negative comments. I upgraded from quicken 98 and it’s been a pleasant experience. It was time for me to upgrade. I didn’t like having to pay $50 for only minor new features. I bought a 2004 copy of the premier home and business for only $18. Strangely, people are charging $45 for a 2004 premier. For $27 less you get home and business. The upgrade is well worth it if you are still using a very old copy of quicken. The major problem with the software is the “exclude internal tranfer” bug. It is difficult/impossible to create useful reports when you can’t exclude internal transfer.

Intuit Quicken 2005 Premier [Old Version] : Worked for what was needed.

Understand exactly how much you have, how much you will have, how much you’ll pay in taxes, how your stock options are doing, everything. I’ve used both money and quicken and must tell you that quicken surpasses money in power and capability.

I’m having some real issues with my recent upgrade to 2005. The primary problem is that i can no longer import qif’s. Unfortunately, i’ve overwrote my data files with the new version and according to the customer support, i cannot go back to my earlier version. Intuit suggests that i change banks, i suggest that i replace quicken 2005 with ms money. The reason for disabling the qif import was suggested on intuit’s customer-based support was that intuit charges financial institutions for use of the new format. I guess if you are giving the software away for almost nothing, you have to expect someone to pay for it.

That program is slow to load, slow to operate, and slow to close. I have even caught it making math errors in the accounts. I never could get some of the data uploads/downloads to work properly for some accounts. In addition the 401k/paycheck correlation is weak making it difficult to track how much cash is in the plan. Investment tracking is mediocre and the planning features are only ok at best. The cash flow feature is worse than useless. In contrast, the quicken product allows me to track my 401k much more realistically along with my other investments and is much faster to load, use, and close. The data download is far superior. The only thing i miss about money is the wide variety of charts and charting formatting available. Here are the specifications for the Intuit Quicken 2005 Premier [Old Version]:

  • Optimize investments, monitor worth, and view complete financial picture
  • Instantly connect to bank and credit card sites with a push of a button
  • Easy-to-use investment area looks just like a broker statement
  • Track investment holdings; intelligent and tax-smart investing insights
  • View average annual return for entire portfolio and individual accounts

Per my usual procedure, i upgrade my copy of quicken every other year. From what i can see, quicken 2005 has hardly changed from quicken 2003 (not necessarily a bad thing). Some things that i have noticed as being different are that:- the program seems to load just a tad faster than before. 0 ghz pentium 4 computer, my 19mb quicken file changed from loading in about 2 seconds to loading in about 1 second. Insignificant, but noticable. On the esoterically theoretical downside, the quicken 2005 upgrade process changed that same file from 16mb to that 19mb. – the upgrade process suggested that i change my investing account so that the ‘checking’ side of the account was reflected in one account instead of its existing two accounts. When i agreed, it processed the account and told me it didn’t work right. Instead of reversing the change, it told me to restore a backup and leave the account as it was (unfortunately, it wasn’t very specific about which account had problems or what they were).

I was still on version 2001 when i received an email notice from quicken saying they were discontinuing support for this version, including the download of quotes to my portfolio. I was rather upset by that, as q 2001 worked perfectly for me. I will suggest this method to my company, i. Tell to client they have to upgrade version of our applications, because soon we won’t send data any more to old versions. That’s a very good business model. Having read all the negative reviews about q 2005, i was a bit anxious when i did the upgrade. The new version managed to import without any problems all the data from q 2001. Having move from 2001 to 2005 in one jump, i found that the user interface is drastically better. I like the possibility to call the report directly from the toolbar. And also to rename/aggregate easily vendor names into a single name, as i am using a few online vendors which keep changing their denominations/names. All in all, a very good product. So far, the only thing missing is the lack of capacity for donwloading/accessing quote/historical price for non us stocks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worked for what was needed.
  • Not Much Different, But a Little Better
  • Much better than Money

I’m a long-time quicken user, and purchased quicken premier 2005 over the weekend (i was previously using quicken premier 2004). While a solid release, the changes are minimal and probably not worth upgrading from quicken 2004. Consequently, i rate the product three-stars for upgraders, but five-stars for new users and those who haven’t upgraded in several years.

Since online banking updates were no longer going to be supported past mid-april 2005, even the loyal quicken customers had to upgrade to the latest version. I can understand it in my case. I upgraded directly from intuit and supposedly got $20 off (for current customers). All i know is i paid the same price everyone is buying it for here on amazon. I’ve been using quicken since it’s original days in dos. I have been completely satisfied with the program all these years. The new 2005 interface will take some getting used to, but so far i like it. It was a painless upgrade of my data files from 2002 to 2003, then to 2005 data file version. I have about 10mb in data files and it works flawlessly.

Microsoft Money Standard 2005 [OLD VERSION] – my ms money

I got the rebate in a little over two weeks. The money program is pretty cool, too. This is the first time i’m using a finance program, so it’s a good thing money is pretty easy to use. I’ve been playing with it and so far pretty happy. The rebate makes this a graet buy.

Good money management software for the price. Would definitly update to higher end software.

I read all the negative reviews for money 2005 and just couldn’t believe them. I was doing fine with money 2002 but amex required the upgrade so i upgraded. All my reports work, my account history is still there, and i can keep doing things my way but there are now other options for some processes that i can explore. Customization has improved and the interface is a bit better but nothing radical. The reason i don’t rate it five stars is because it often tries to be too helpful. I really don’t want all the links to financial advice and such features. It is easier to get them out of the way now but i think they should offer an advanced mode that hides about half of their menues. Money 2005 is a good servicable product and i recommend it.

  • Money 2005
  • Best version of Money yet
  • Money 2005 Standard

This version of microsoft money is not as bad as people are saying. I almost returned it before installing it when i read some of the reviews, and i’m glad i didn’t. Some of the things written by other reviewers are incorrect. The dual-category transaction forms are not gone – they are still there. I suspect the person making that comment did not check the ‘show transaction forms’ checkbox. They have changed the way ‘upcoming bills and deposits’ work, but they’re still there, if you go to the bill calendar. They’re not in one all-inclusive list anymore; rather they’re arranged in calendar format, with the bills appearing in the date box on which they’re due. Once you get used to it, no big deal. But i can see how a person could get confused – microsoft is definitely pushing users to sign up and use their bill-pay service.

It is easy to use and input my check register. The are plenty of reports to customize and print so as to control my spending.

Features of Microsoft Money Standard 2005 [OLD VERSION]

  • Easy-to-use personal finance software
  • Automatically consolidates online financial information
  • Works with bank Web site to access account info
  • Create budgets; track expenses; pay bills online
  • View the big picture or quickly drill down to details

I’m a single woman with two dogs. I spend quite a bit on their food, vet bills, walkers, etc. There is no category group for pets. I could put them in the ‘other expenses’ category group, but i found this category group wall taking up about 30% of my total spending because i also have to shove so many other areas of my life into it. I can’t delete alimony as a category group. I don’t pay alimony or receive it, so it’s a totally wasted category group. I now use it to record all gifts. But i cant’t change its name. I just have to remember that alimoney = gifts. Now i record them under ‘childcare. ‘ it makes me feel a little pathetic – like those women in commercials who put on romantic music and light candles to feed their cat out of a crystal bowl. But, until money gets its act together, that’s what i’m stuck with.

I decided to try the upgrade, even though i was a little scared after reading the reviews. My first attempt was not pleasant, quickly rolled back to 2004. I couldnt believe ms would go back in quality. I gave another serious attempt, with a resolve to work with whatever i get. I was pleasantly surprised, its actually better. You get all the old functionality in the new product. I decline associating money with passport, voila.Good old online banking came in effect.

Microsoft Money 2006 Standard [OLD VERSION] – Money Software

Had been using ms money 2002 up to this point and really loved it. Circumstances forced me to upgrade my compaq laptop with this version. Although i’m not a big fan of this version, it does get the job done. The the program files loaded off the cd-rom with no problems and i suffered no hang-ups, stalls, or anything else when loading and installing. Insofar as the program itself is concern, ms money 2002 is better, but this version will do.

I especially like the pie chart that shows your spending for the categories you set up. It will keep track of savings and investments. A budget is easy to set up and you can target certain categories to watch in relation to your budget. This is much easier to use than quicken.

I’ve been using this software for many years. My old pc finally died, so i loaded parallels and windows 7 pro on my mac. . Put money in and restored from a backup. . All my info was there and i could go forward with software i knew and loved.

  • Better than Quicken
  • Got More Moeny?
  • Money2006

The interface between ms money ’06 and your bank/credit union is much improved (meaning it doesn’t hang in limbo like it used to). It also shows the statement balance and the bank balance, which can vary due to credit card charges and other e-payments that haven’t posted to the account. The initial charge categories have been simplified, with room to expand as you need to (i usually categorize automobile fuel separately, due to the cost and budget accordingly). All in all, an improvement over the 2005 version i was using.

Microsoft went with an interface that looks more web-like than windows-like. I think i would have preferred a windows look and feel but i think i’ll be able to get used to it. I was able to down-load data from my credit union and amex card quickly and easily. If it were not for this labor saving feature i never would have bought the software. Now for the bad news: once you download all the data you have to assign it to a category. There is nothing wrong with that but microsoft could have made it easier. For instance, i buy a lot of gas from the same place and i charge it to my amex. It would be really nice if i could tell money, ‘when you see a charge from this place add it to this category’. According to microsoft’s press package there is an ‘auto-categorization’ function but it doesn’t appear to be customizable and it didn’t work for the vast majority of my transactions.

Features of Microsoft Money 2006 Standard [OLD VERSION]

  • Financial software for staying on top of day-to-day finances
  • Track spending in categories like dining out, entertainment, or clothing
  • Monitor and schedule bills; generate reports, registers, and budgets
  • View accounts all in one place with just a single password
  • Works with your bank to update account balances automatically

After many years of using quicken, i became frustrated, decided to try something new, and purchased microsoft money 2006 standard edition. My biggest complaint with quicken was their frequent insistence to upgrade to the newest version, implying that the one i owned was substandard. This year was most annoying, since they are no longer supporting quicken 2003 and have decided to encourage one to upgrade for a charge of $40.I read about money and decided to give it a try. It’s as easy to use as quicken and very complete. I went with the standard edition since the add-ons with the more expensive versions were unnecessary for my purposes. It has reports and summaries like quicken. Also, i connect to their online services to allow easy downloading for my checking, savings, credit card, and investment accounts.

Mircrosoft money 2006 standard is an easy way to keep track of your money in mulitple accounts. The background banking feature automatically helps you keep track of cleared items and drops them right into your account. Once you set everything up, you can’t help but to keep your accounts balanced to the penny.

Microsoft Money 2006 Small Business [Old Version], Good Product, very similar to 2005.

I love this software for my small business and home money tracking and i love the invoice designer. This software is so worth it to keep track of your money and also has forecast cash flow and can help you see where you can save and also can help you get rid of your debt. I recommend this product to everyone.

I have always been satisfied with mm and this one is no different. Sure, there are things that i wished were different, but when talking about software as you would anything you must look at the totality of the software. I believe for a small business this software is much better than others. I run two business from my mm, and it handles both just fine. Also this is a microsoft software so that makes it easy to use and pc friendly. Overall, i am more than pleased with this software and have no desire to try anything different.

Microsoft Money 2006 Small Business [Old Version]

  • Easy-to-use tools for invoicing, cash flow management, tax planning, inventory tracking, online payroll management, and income and expense categorization.
  • Payroll for Microsoft Money by PayCycle calculates and prints paychecks, fills out tax forms, and alerts you to upcoming tax deadlines.

It was extremely easy to convert from quicken and the technical support provided has been very helpful. It works awesome for those of us who have a business at home.

I have been using ms money for small business since i started a one person psychology practice after having been an owner of a large group practice where we used quickbooks. I thought it was too complicated to get started and now if i want to use the online banking, i have to pay $15 a month to my bank and an extra $200 for a one person payroll. I found ms money for small business very easy to set up, no charge for online banking with my bank, and one year free payroll that costs $10 a month after one year. Seems to me that using ms money for sb is a non brainer and using qb is an expensive and complicate proposition.

It’s simple, but yet powerful. Much better version than 2005, and 2004.

Microsoft Money 2006 Small Business [Old Version] : Was looking to be able to have sub categories and this upgrade does not allow that.

Microsoft Money Premium 2005 [OLD VERSION] : Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a money user for quite some time. I think the new version is excellent. It is a real change with new features. It seems to me that often its hard to tell what is new with an upgrade aside from the money you just paid in. Here there is a really new looking interface. I think all of the negative reviewers are just sour on microsoft. This is the best financial package out there by far.

I upgraded from money 2001 so i was expecting a major improvement. I was particularly interested in the automatic updates where you don’t have to go to your banks website and enter your password to get your transaction data downloaded, but the data is downlaoded automatically. That feature seems promising but as of now it does not work with citibank’s website. There is some technical issue that has not yet been resolved and the tech help have no knowledge of when this will to be resolved (the software is out a few weeks already). This is surprising to me as citibank is the larget bank in the us and i wonder how many other banks a incompatible with the software?i remain unsure how to set up the automatic updates on existing accounts (accounts transferred from previous versions of money). But it is easy to set up the updates if you are setting up the acccount for the first time. There is no writtin documentation with the software and the help is too breif not providing enough detail for not-standard situations. On the plus side the phone tech help is great, the email tech help is also pretty good. In addition there are some valuable bonuses such as money magazine and credit report monitoring (included for free). I called the phone tech twice and the wait time is < 1 minute (for now anyway- as the software just came out).

Too bad they stop producing it. It’s much better than quicken w/c i’m now forced to use w/o money. Here are the specifications for the Microsoft Money Premium 2005 [OLD VERSION]:

  • Personal finance software with award-winning Portfolio Manager
  • Automatically consolidates online financial information
  • Provides essential tools for planning financial future
  • Integrated GainsKeeper for tax-smart investment choices
  • Simplify taxes, maximize savings; achieve financial goals

As a practicing tax attorney, i’m frequently asked to recommend a software package for home users. This is without doubt the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use software for the layman. If you use a cpa or tax attorney, this program helps track and print all the needed documents. If you file by yourself (good luck), it is equally effective in tracking your overall assets.

I am going to skip this version of microsoft money and return to the prior version (2004 deluxe). Normally, i upgrade every september, but this new version is disappointing. Pros:+ choices between simplified and advanced views, this affectsaccount managers, reports, bills, planning etc. + better setup process, generally more intuitive navigation. + better online operations, this was improved dramatically. + ability to merge accounts+ ability to share the data file between users (up to 8 people, signed via microsoft passport)cons:- bad user interface. Work area (the register) is lessthan 30% of the screens real estate. The rest are menus,toolbars, web toolbars (huh?) etc. There is no way to maximize work areas. – sponsorship links and products are everywhere.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good software
  • Going back to the previos version
  • mixed feelings

There appears to be a small army of people who, like the recalcitrant insurgents in iraq, will do anything to destroy microsoft’s reputation. I’m not here to defend the biggest software company in the world. As with any company, it makes some great products, many good products, and some bad products. I did not upgrade to microsoft money 2004 because, sometime in 2003, my money file developed some kind of minor corruption (‘this operation cannot be performed’ error after entering certain types of transactions), and money 2004 refused to even read the file. This time, i downloaded the trial version of money 2005, and it loaded the old-format file without a hitch. And the mysterious error message is no moremoney is cool because it makes it easy to keep track of your accounts, esp. For someone like me with dozens of banking and brokerage accounts (many from the days of internet bubble when banks were giving away free money for opening accounts — i knew i needed a real job. It’s generates useful reports to track your networth, by category or over time. Even for someone like me with lots of small accounts but little to show in the aggregate, it’s immensely useful.

Ms money for small business 2005 has many great features. But unfortunately for a small business such as ours it does not do the trick. While you can import your outlook contacts into money, you cannot choose from which folder to import thereby eliminating any flexibility and requiring extensive editing. The big drawback is importing data unless it is in qif format. If your business has extensive inventory, as does ours, there is no way to import it unless it is in. Doing a search on ms does not yield one reference to that format: we had hoped to be able to at least convert from excel–our ideal would have been to convert from quickbooks. So until ms addresses these critical (for us) needs we will unfortunately have to continue with quickbooks.