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Money Management & Budgeting

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business, A very good package

I was a little put off by several of the other reviews listed here, but decided to take a chance and buy it anyway since i really needed the business side of the software and have been using money 98 for several years already. The only thing that i can imagine is that the people who didn’t like the software were just overwhelmed by the sheer number of new features – most of which are accessible from the front page. Installation was very smooth, as was the conversion of my old money file. I actually find the front page quite handy and have kept money open all the time for the last few days so that i can play around with the options there whenever i get a spare moment or two. The software is set up to help you become proactive in terms of your finances and take control. If all you want is a checkbook register, i understand you can turn off alot of the extra features, but if you do that i think you’re under utilizing the software. The only drawback i see about the business side of things is that there’s not a whole lot of documentation. The options are pretty straightforward though, for anyone with even a slight exposure to business concepts (like invoicing, accounts receivable, etc. I’ve quite enjoyed setting up customer accounts and am finding the software a motivator to try and improve my business just so i can play around with the features even more.

Needing to upgrade to a windows based accounting software for our small business, i purchased peachtree. Their support was awful, even after purchasing extra support. They always told me my simple questions were not covered. In desperation, and not wanting to spend a lot of money, i tried ms money deluxe and business 2002. Most of it was easy to figure out, but the big disadvantage was that there’s no help in the manual for the business type of entries. Then, i decided to call microsoft support. They answered very quickly and took lots of time with me on the phone. They didn’t make me feel stupid and told me exactly how to do my simple everyday, invoicing, billing etc. It shows me the info on the first page. It can do most anything i want to do, and if i have a question, i call microsoft support and they’re clear, concise and great to talk to.

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business

  • Manage business finances
  • Track Schedule C data
  • Email Invoices

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe & Business :

Microsoft Money Plus Premium : Good program if used carefully

Product download was a life-saver. We just moved to a new state and needed to get our old and new bank accounts synced fast. This was just what we needed.

I think its a great product. I would recommend it to anyone. Its easy to install and set up all your favorite accounts.

–existing qualities–ms money does an excellent job of tracking & reporting on net worth, account balances, and investments. I wouldn’t want to handle my finances without it. This is the primary reason why it got 3 stars and not fewer. I’ve used quicken before and find microsoft money much more intuitive (no pun intended). I’ve used ms money since ~1998 or so across ~3-4 versions. –best new addition–the only useful *new* feature i’ve encountered in the last few weeks since i upgraded is that ms money plus will download more statements than the 2004 version would. I believe this is because of the yodlee integration. –worst new addition–ms money plus crashes regularly. I think part of this is because i upgraded from a previous version and possibly also because i have a good bit of data (as a reference point, vista says my ms money file is 25mb).

Key specs for Microsoft Money Plus Premium:

  • Make the most of your money
  • Optimize your financial feature
  • Maximize your investments
  • Get a desktop glance at the information you need most
  • Improve your investment strategy with help from the experts at MSN Money

Comments from buyers

“Too bad they stopped selling this product last March 2011.
, Glad to use Money again!
, Microsoft money

I have used the product before the on, y problem i am having is with the registration code i need to call microsoft for help.

I have been using ms money for several years now and it has been a good experience. The improvements from year to year are modest. There are still reasons to upgrade though. First, each version of money is only good for two years of online services. These services include price quotes for stocks and mutual funds, banking services, and so forth. Second, if you upgrade only once in many years, then the program might have trouble performing the update for you. It has to convert your computer file of financial history to a new format (it changes every year). I have started a discussion topic ‘how to enjoy microsoft money’ that is visible on the product page. This topic explains how i have avoided serious problems using money. The most significant competitor to money is intuit quicken.

I recently switched to money after about a year of problems with intuit’s quote server for quicken. Intuit doesn’t care to fix the problem and, for me, its the only reason i use quicken. I have spent hours on the phone with intuit, intuit of india, and the intuit’s office of the president; all to no avail. Intuit’s quote server for the past 45 days has only been providing historical quotes unless you want twenty or less quotes. Intuit’s tech support says i should just download 20 quotes at a time. Let’s see, 200 stocks, 20 at a time. That would be 10 downloads plus manually selecting the ones i want, about 3 hours of work with quicken or 3 seconds with money.

Intuit Quicken Premier 2007 [OLDER VERSION] – Not Bad

A little disappointed in this version. I have had quicken for a number of years and this is the first year i have really had problems. It was mainly in the banking downloads. Also had memory problems also, which was not relating to my pc. At least they listen to the problems – i just got an update that solved the memory problems and my banking downloads seem to be working fine now. I called customer service and they were very helpful in getting some of this resolved. Hopefully, they will keep providing updates. Otherwise, this is a great financial software package. Don’t be afraid to buy it since it appears they are fixing some of the problems that came out in the beginning. I would have given it a 5 star rating if it had not been for the glitches.

It’s ok, does what it is intended for but just not for me as i realized i won’t use it and had little interest in getting involed in the many features it has but to someone who is financially inclined and does allot with there money and needs organization and or connecting accts and tax stuff this may be good for you.

After reading mixed reviews on premier 2007, i decided to go with my previous good experiences with quicken products and give it a try. This product has done everything that i hoped it would, and more. Since i’ve retired and begun withdrawls on my investments, i’ve wanted to simplify the tracking of my financial accounts. With premier 2007 it’s been very easy to download all of my financial transactions and eliminate almost all of the manual entries that i previously had to do. Other features, such as financial analysis, graphing, etc, have also worked well and been very useful. Of course, the general program functioning is just as good as i’ve come to expect based on other quicken programs i’ve owned. My only problem (and i’m a long way from having tried all the program features) is that i can’t set up the calendar with repeat payment due dates as a “reference only” tool, because without having set up bill payment through quicken bill pay these calendar entries are seen as unpaid bills, which is then negatively reflected in my cash flow. This problem aside, i can highly recommend quicken premier 2007.

My wife and i have always had trouble tracking our finances. We aren’t experienced with other quicken (or ms money) products so this was a bit of a stab in the dark. But we needed to get some control and understanding of where we were spending our money – beyond what our check register showed. It takes some time and some work and there were a few times where i was banging my head on the desk, but in the end quicken 2007 is a superb product. I have had problems with the auto update, but i prefer to get the statement (online) and then verify my entries myself, anyway. Its quick to get going, easy to update and gives you all kinds of up to date reports about your finances and how you track them. Its helped us reduce unnecessary expenses and create a budget that is much easier to stick to than we expected. If understanding your personal finances is something you are interested in, and want to do better, i highly recommend quicken 2007.

  • Quicken Premier 2007
  • Not Bad
  • Quicken Premiere 2007

Quicken Premier 2007 [OLDER VERSION]

  • No rebate needed – not eligible for Intuit mail in rebates.
  • Get instant insights into your spending with quick reports, charts and graphs
  • Easily track and analyze the performance of your investments and 401(k)s; powerful investment tools help you define your goals and conduct research
  • Connect with over 4,000 participating financial institutions to download your bank and credit card information for easy reconciliation
  • Keeps all your tax documents in one place; use Schedule A, B, and D tax reports to help you stay on top of your tax situation throughout the year

Qif support went away a few years back, this is nothing new. Many banking institutions support qfx. Often times with quicken releases, there are no dramatic changes between releases, just enough changes to make it look like management is doing something to improve and release a new product. My experience as a quicken user since 1990 has been that it is always best with quicken releases to wait until the first patch release is available before buying. This has become more apparent in the year 2000+ releases. Intuit outsources a lot of their functions overseas, so they lose efficiency and control with their product development and support. While overseas services help improve a balance sheet so the ceo can reap bigger performance bonuses, it often yields lower quality and services in the end.

I find this software to work fantastic for my bank records, investments and really enjoy the budgeting capabilities. I have used both money and quicken. In my honest opinion, either will suit your needs for home finances. I like 2007’s home view, as it gives you a snapshot of where you stand financially for that particular day, and you can look at a graph and see where you’ll be for the month. Getting set up is easy, and entering recurring transactions is pretty simple. The only reason i am giving it 4 stars is that it can get a little bulky when you delve into some of the reports. A little more simplicity, maybe even some cookie cutter reports, would make viewing some of the financial reports a little easier. Overall, if you are not using either quicken or money, you should try one of them out, it really makes life a little easier.

I just upgraded to quicken premier 2007 from quicken 2004. Evidently there have been some serious improvements in the last 3 years. I love the effortless on-line interactions. I now have quicken paying my bills, pulling down (from the internet) my credit card transactions, investment accounts, and bank statements with almost no effort on my part. It really shortens the amount of time i sit and do my household book keeping. I have found this version to be very intuit-ive (pun intended) and powerful.

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe, Money 2004 is a useful tool

I was very pleased to be able to order the microsoft money 2004 as my new computer did not have it and i had used it for many years. I am truly enjoying being able to keep track of my finances with it. Thanks for your prompt delivery.

I just wanted software new enough to store backup files some where other than a floppy drive.

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe

  • Save time by going online — Download checking, credit card and other transactions automatically, for faster financial management
  • Manage your investments more effectively, with up-to-the-minute information
  • Achieve financial goals with the built-in planning tools — get out of debt, save for retirement, or prepare for a major purchase
  • Tax time is easier than ever, with the simplified tax tools
  • Also includes complimentary financial services at no extra charge

I use microsoft money 2004 to keep a close eye on my spending habits as well as balance all my accounts. I use the basics because that is all i need.

I only use money to keep up with my checking account and to allow my children to learn budgeting by having their own accounts. This version is easier to move around in and is very helpful to clear up things when i go in the wrong direction.

This program is a good way to keep all of your financial information in one place. I don’t use a lot of the features, but it is worthwhile to have, simply from the point of view of keeping track of checking, savings, and loan balances. I also like the way it allows me to categorize spending, so i can see where my money is being spent. The best part is the ability to download credit card transactions directly. Some of the reports are a bit silly and need a lot of user input to make any sense, but i don’t use the reports too much anyway.

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe : I choose this product since i didn’t require (or want) all the extras that now come with microsoft money (e. The 2004 version converted my old version (2000) with no problems. Overall i am quite pleased with the product.

Microsoft Money Plus Home and Business [Old Version] – Thanks for this version.

You will find a lot of complaints online about people having problems upgrading to money plus. For those who download stock quotes, there is no alternative, since microsoft now cuts people off after two years of downloading with a given release. I had no problems installing, and was grateful that microsoft (unlike in previous releases) did not arbitrarily change the interface. There are a few added harmless (but useless) additions. Basically microsoft just wants to be sure they get your money.

I made the switch from quickbooks this year to money plus home and business, mostly because quickbooks was far more expensive to have automatic online updates from my bank and credit accounts. I am generally very happy with money. It’s familiar platform makes it very simple for me to use. It allows me to click on almost anything to see more detail. The category system makes sense and is easy to edit. Online updates are relatively painless. There are a couple features though that are laughably underdeveloped. The invoice designer couldn’t possibly be less user friendly. It’s barely worth trying to create a custom invoice design, but after hours and hours of figuring out the nuances, i was able to create something that looked okay at best. Another of my biggest complaints is that when i upgraded from the 60 day free trial to the actual product, i had to re-create my invoice designs.

This version isn’t much different from earlier releases. I bought it simply to maintain the services which are very good and worth the money.

So, after using microsoft money plus home and business, i found it to be a rather robust program. The reporting methods, categorizing, connections into the financial institutions, etc. I have been a user of both quicken (for business) and money (for personal) for years. I am glad they have finally merged the two properly. It meets the needs of my small business as well as my personal finance and investments. I would recommend to anyone. As for the review from c:i am finding the user rating system on amazon becoming less and less useful by the day. Charles gives the software a bad rating, not because of his experience with the functionality of the product, but the time line in which the beta and the production version were released. There are reasons why they call it beta and you should have known the risks prior to using it as a production software.

  • WHOLE lot better than Quicken
  • Excellent product if you want to continue doing things the old fashioned way
  • Great product, but SO not worth it

Microsoft Money Plus Home and Business [Old Version]

  • Insights, with alerts customized by you, for Bills, Spending and Cash Flow
  • Attach links to important files such as check images or scanned receipts right from transactions in the Money account register
  • Get the top 10 daily update from MSN Money StockScouter
  • See Morningstar ratings in the popular MSN Money ETF center
  • Rate favorite stocks and challenge Wall Street gurus yourself as CAPS tracks their stock picks on MSN Money

Had a big problem with the microsoft money working and still trying to get this to work, may take a while to see if it will solve the problem.

Finding this item on amazon was a life saver for me. It was new as advertised, and arrived in the stated amount of time.

They need to bring this software back to life.

Microsoft Money 2007 Home & Business, I agree – the Invoice designer is LAME!

My tax guy says you have everything you need to save you the most money. I have tried 3 versions of ‘q’ it never works good. It’s also will help you with your future.

Little real improvements over 2006, however the biggest omission on day one is the absence of money for the pocket pc. I use this as my main entry point while away and now am worse off than before the upgrade.

Microsoft Money 2007 Home & Business

  • 1-year online payroll from PayCycle calculates and prints paychecks, fills out tax forms (including W-2s), and reminds you of tax deadlines
  • Create great-looking invoices and manage the billing process
  • Track business finances and generate business reports and charts
  • Savings & Spending Budget helps you plan for retirement, savings, and debt repayment
  • See all of your accounts–checking, savings, investments, and credit–in one place

The only thing i didnt like is that they changed the budget setup.

I’ve used money since the early days. Whereas money is probably every bit as good as quicken (plenty of discontent in that camp too) and it works fine for most tasks, as business software the invoice component is critical. Trying to edit or design an invoice is just plain frustrating and extremely limited, rendering it almost useless. Trying to add a discount is rediculous as well with half the discount information refusing to show. Most adverts can be disabled but i do still get ‘reminders’ from ms about new products which i would prefer to turn off.

I think that this one was better than the quicken equivalent i was using but the automatic updates are no better. I have had to fix accounts about every other time i update. It seems to be working ok now but the updates stil take about as long as it takes for me to login to all my accounts and look at them manually so i am not impressed with this aspect. The reporting, on the other hand, is awesome and that is what really saves me time. The invoicing isn’t adequate and i stil create my own invoices but i do use money reports to build theinvoice and then jsut copy/paste as needed.

Microsoft Money 2007 Home & Business : Money 2007 is excellent software for home and small business finances. I highly recommend the product.

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe [OLD VERSION] – Ok, but too much reliability on the Internet

I upgraded from money 2000, and most of the differences are cosmetic. It does have some nifty features for keeping track of your portfolio, i. , click on the + symbol next to the stock to drill down investment activities. It also shows mutual fund daily gains/losses (money 2000 did not). The money homepage also shows more detailed information about your portfolio (information that in money 2000 could only be viewed by running a report). In general the product just looks better. It gets three stars because of some very very annoying features. First, you have to “sign in”. You can skip the sign in if you like, but it will continue to ask until about the third for fourth time you open your money file.

Still use old ones as often as possible.

After using quicken for many years, i recently upgraded to quicken 2002 home & business and was so disgusted with it (see my review over there) that i finally decided to download the trial version of money 2002 deluxe and give it a spin. As several other reviewers have noted, the interface of money is much nicer than that of quicken, and i like the panel on the left that has the frequently used options. One thing i miss about quicken is the right panel which keeps tabs of which accounts and other windows that you recently opened, which i used a lot to one-click to my favorite accounts and reports. Now in money, it is 2-3 click process of either pulling down the menu to access the favorite accounts/reports, or first clicking on the account/report list icon then clicking on the account/report you want to view. Another more significant thing to consider is the different financial institutions that are signed up with quicken and money. As quicken has been around longer, i believe that there are more places that you can directly download into quicken. For example, citibank: in quicken you can download directly your account activity, but in money, you have to go to citibank’s website, log-in, download a qif file onto your harddrive, then import into money. Same deal with pnc bank – you can download directly into quicken, but not money. As you can see from the numerous reviews, neither money nor quicken get high ratings, but if you’re going to choose between the two, you should definitely visit their websites and see what the status is with the financial institutions that you bank with. As for me, i’m so fed up with quicken crashing all the time that i’m going to stick with money for the rest of the year and see how things go.

I have used money 2000 and 2003 and think that it is great for keeping track of your personal finances. You will know what you owe, what you have, and what you will have left after you pay what you owe. First off, i was can’ believe that money has some of these low ratings. I tried to use quicken deluxe 2000 when i got my computer and i just never felt that it worked very well. Things like balancing my account and paying bills online were very difficult and i eventually gave up. The only thing better about quicken than money is i must admit they have a much better web site than microsoft money. It’s free so i’ll buy money and use the quicken web site for free. Money has a more aesthetically pleasing layout,updating my accounts are almost effortlesss and in some cases automatic, and online integration is a major plus considering that i pay more than 90% of my bills online. Money enters all these payments automatically into my credit card or checking account.

  • Five Stars
  • I like it, but
  • Great versionno disire to upgrade

Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe [OLD VERSION]

Checkfree, the folks who service online payments for money and quicken banks, have mandated a new system that appears in money 2002 and quicken 2002: once you upgrade to one of these products, there’s no going back because your bank will change the way they handle your electronic transactions. Further, money has made a terrible change in electronic payment processing in 2002: everytime you enter a new payment, the program puts you on hold while it connects to the bank and downloads the transaction. Yes, you’re reading it right: you have to wait for each payment to be processed individually (no longer in batches). Microsoft money tech support says that many, many people are screaming about this; so much so that it may encourage the powers-that-be to issue a fix for this version. Also, the fact that they try to force you to use a microsoft passport password is an incredible pain. The insidious thing about microsoft is that they make it unpleasant and difficult to disable (repeatedly asking you, each of the next three times you start the program, if you’re sure about your decision not to use passport). Otherwise, though, the program is sound. That said, had i known what i now know, i would not have upgraded from money 2001. By the way, i’m a quicken refugee — got tired of that programs’ continuing instability.

My husband purchased a new computer and misplaced his dics. Thank goodness this was available. He has used this version since it came out and has no desire to learn any upgrade.

For all of you out there, who were unfortunate to use money 2001, this is a great upgrade. The speed is phenomenal, the functionality is much cleaner, and online banking is more intuitive. If you are using money 2000, it is still a worthwhile upgrade, since there is no degradation in the performance, and you get more functionality, some of it, is very usefull. Some of the really useful new features are:– online statements are inserted authomatically into your account register, showing new transactions in bold, so you can approve them. — all the toolbars are customizable, which means you can create only functions that you are usually using and put them on top, instead of the satandard menu– reports are enhanced, and they are faster too.

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe – Upgrading was a breeze

I use this program and really love it. I don’t use it for anything online, i just use the personal checking account and cash accounting. I was told it would not run on windows 8 but i tried it anyway — it works.

I am using the free trial version. I was using quicken deluxe 99. There is no good reason to update quicken or microsoft money annually. In fact, quicken 99 works pretty well but more recent editions are more compatible with more online banks, brokerages, etc. I am trying money because i can try it for free for 60 days and i read the reviews about bugs in quicken. Also, intuit promised ma a free program for getting their credit card and charging a minimum amount of money. They never followed through on their part of the bargain. Money imports the quicken 99 file but takes a long time and ends up generating a huge file. It works well with the bank accounts, credit cards, and stock brokerage accounts i have tried.

I lost my last money 2004 disk and was delighted to a new copy could be added to my new computer.

My husband is in his 70s and he loves this software because it is so easy to use, and the tutorial that comes with it is so understandable and logical. He had an earlier edition and liked it so well that he upgraded to this 2004 edition. The program works great to keep us on-track, so that we don’t over-spend in our retirement years.

  • A bankers opinion on his upgrade from Money 98
  • Save your cash and buy Money 2003 Standard
  • Works well except automatic downloads

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe (Old Version)

  • Save Time Organizing and Managing Your Finances – Download checking, credit card and other transactions from your bank automatically for up-to-date information
  • Consolidated View of Financial Information – View and access information from multiple financial institutions in one place so you always know your overall financial health.
  • Achieve Financial Goals – Whether your goal is to get out of debt, save for retirement, or for a major purchase, Money provides easy-to-use tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

I have used this version for years but lost the disc during a recent move. My computer crashed and i needed “this” version to install and restore my backup disc and continue to use all of my information.

It’s like leaving the kiddie software behind and switching to the real thing. There is really no comparison. I used quicken for 10 years, and back then money was not as good, but it is now. It imported my quicken 2003 files completely and i have not had one regret. It took about a week to get completely comfortable with the different type of user interface. Money 2004 is far more versatile, powerful and “intuitive” than quicken. I also switched to “tax cut” from turbo tax, and tax cut is just as good, and there are no activation lock issues.

I’ve tried to use quicken for a numnber of months and have not really gotten anywhere. I have found that money’s documentation is more robust, and, once you understand its logic and how to navigate its menu paths, it is easier to set up. I also like its abundance of reports and customized views that allow you to slice and dice your financial data in many different ways. Finally, because i like to be able to use financial data in excel to build financial models of investments, i like the fact that i can easily export data from money to excel. (i’m sure quicken has a similar feature, but i am not sure how to use it. )the thing that frustrates me about both quicken and money is they are both vague on how to set up your financial accounts to download into the program. I have figured out one financial institution’s process because i found a link on their web page that gave me instructions. If either quicken or money developed a feature that would point a user to the exact place on a financial institution’s web page where there were such instructions, or where a customer service email/phone number was, i would give both programs 5 stars.

Microsoft Money Deluxe 2005 [Old Version] – MS Money

I’m currently using this product. I am satisified with the features that money 2005 offering to me.

I have extensively used 2004 (premium) and decided to opt for 2005 (deluxe). Many may wonder why (a) i downgraded from premium to deluxe (b) why i didn’t buy 2006 or 2007. Here’s why:premium functionality essentially revolves around providing a more complete tax-saving/calculation work platform. Other than that – deluxe vs. I use online and/or specialized tax products which are almost always free and upto date and available just before the tax-return period. Those i found are better to a huge extent. Next, post extensive evaluation (thru reviews posted by others, ms itself) i realized that 2006 is essentially a wash-out by ms, in terms of re-packaging the same software with a diff. All it did was to address some glitches, etc. Additionally, patches available today for 2005 already addresses these glitches. The problem is that it requires a new type of login called liveid; which i find quite frustrating and un-neccessary. The additional 2 new budget capabilities are very small enhancements to worth the dough. Net effect – i got the 2005 today for usd 9. 00 whereas i would have shelled out additional $40. 00 if i had purchased 2006 or 2007.

I can’t say enough about this program. You can download your account from your banks internet site. That way you are always up to date on your account. Track your monthly spending.

Received the product in a timely manner and it worked as it should.

  • Excellent upgrade BUT do read fully (esp. 2007 yr.)
  • Pretty Good Financial Software – and the price was right!
  • Money is as Money does

Microsoft Money Deluxe 2005 [Old Version]

  • Personal finance solution with award-winning Portfolio Manager
  • Automatically consolidates online bank and credit card information
  • Essential tools for improving credit and organizing taxes
  • Provides current account balances and transactions in one place
  • Set up a full budget, or compare actual spending to financial plan

Ok, i’ve tried them both, and for me, money is the hands down winner over quicken. I’ve been using money since 2000. I’m also a mac user, and bought quicken for the mac. It would have been great if money ran on the mac too. Although quicken is my only option for the mac, it’s shelfware at my place. When software developers tout their software, they talk about ease of use, intuitive, flexible, powerful. And with a product like money, you get what they mean – especially if you run it alongside another product that’s designed to do exactly the same thing. It’s not that it acts like it knows what you want to do next, but the navigation built into it means you smoothly move from one task or view to another, without needing to think about how to do it.

This was a great upgrade from my old version. I am now able to automatically be linked to my bank and makes my task more simplified.

I had to replace the dos-based financial software (managing your money) i had used since 1993 when i corrupted the database through some careless saving of data from 2 separate instances open at the same time. So i bought microsoft money purely because it was cheap, and had moderately good reviews. My experience has been generally good, especially with the automatic updating feature, which allows me to track my credit card spending in close to real time. It’s missing some feature i liked in mym (auto-budgeting, and a very useful review screen with actual vs. Budget vs prior year by month). In fact, it’s one big weakness is that there is not a simple one-step way of looking at revenue and spending categories by month in one place (that i have found), which is how i track the family finances and flag unusual or excessive or missing items. But i’d definitely buy it again – it works as well as quicken, and at $10.

Intuit Quicken Starter Edition 2014 : Five Stars

I had a really old version of quicken on a old computer that went bad and this was the first thing i wanted on the new computer. It is quite different than what i was using so i am still getting used to it.

Really like the way quicken works. It is easy and a pleasure to use.

This is exactly what i needed to continue paying bills online and tracking expenses. I’ve been a quicken user for years and always upgrade when required. I was disappointed my current ‘starter’ version was was no longer going to support online banking and quicken was offering their ‘deluxe’ versions as a replacement, which were between 2-3 times more expensive and included features i would never use. After researching to find a comparable replacement, i found quicken did still have a ‘starter’ edition that they were not offering in their upgrade emails. This starter edition offered on amazon was a price i liked, contained features i needed and carried over my data from the older ‘starter’ version without setting up from scratch. I am glad i found this edition and did not pay for a more expensive version/edition with features i didn’t need. It paid to dig deeper to find alternate solution to what quicken was emailing. Here are the specifications for the Intuit Quicken Starter Edition 2014:


Uncomplicated software product that is quite useful for those interested in the basic use of quicken.

Picked up only last 90 days from bank. I had to manually do it from bank. Could not get my check categories imported from old files. But this non feature is starter edition limit. I would have liked to use my old files to set up but quicken plays games as i was forced to buy a new one because they had disabled my 2011 version. Dirty pool but their business model. It does work as advertised, so i cannot fault that.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Glad Quicken Starter Edition Still Exists
  • Works for me so far!
  • Compatibility with earlier Quicken Starter Editions

Shipping speed was excellent.

Great product, easy to use and track for tax purposes.