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Tax Preparation

OnePriceTaxes Tax Software 2009 Federal – = only one return

I have been using this software for the past 3 years and love it. I know when i use them, i will not miss a deduction and i will receive all the money back that i deserve. I now do not dread when tax season comes around thanks to onepricetaxes. I highly recommend this company.

This tax software was easy to use. It has good customer service that gets back to you quickly. Truly only one price which was very nice. Liked that it worked well and cost less than others.

For the price you cannot beat this product. Very simple to use plus none of the hidden fees like going to h&r block. You pay one price and that is it. Which is a breath of fresh air to me. I’m sure i’m not the only one who has ever ended up with a bill from one of those so called tax services that charged me for every single form that supported another form. I swear i got charged for tying my shoes while i was at h&r block one year. It does exactly what it says and you don’t have to be an accountant to use it. My wife who is now an accountant is in fear that this product may make her obsolete. If this product catches on there are going to be a whole lot of accountants out of a job.

Software was very easy to use and helped me get a great refund. Very pleased with the result.

  • com still works as tax preparation easy to follow
  • Quality Product. Low Price.
  • Easy to use.

OnePriceTaxes Tax Software 2009 Federal, State, E-file – Thank You Edition* (Buy At Cost)

As an accountant and tax preparer it is refreshing to see a great program such as this one. Onepricetaxes is a fully integrated tax preparation software package that will make preparing one’s taxes easy and fast. I’m going to use this software for all of my clients this year as well as my own personal taxes :-).

This software is a third of what i paid last year. It was recommended to me by a friend and i highly recommend it as well.

This disk arrived in the mail in a small white envelope and i thought, oh no what did i buy. I bought the greatest little tax prep.

H&R Block At Home 2010 Premium & Business Federal – Good software and good value

First, some background on my experience on tax software:i have been using tax software for over a dozen years now. I started with turbotax and switched to taxcut in 2005. Since then i have stayed with hr block, with the exception of 2008, when a friend working at intuiti got me turbotax for cheap. This year, as usual, i started researching tax software in december. When i finally focused in on hr block — again for its lower price — i became skeptical of it because of the bad reviews here at amazon. After reading the reviews carefully, i decided that most bad reviews could be attributed to the users not the product. In short, i am happy with my purchase. Installation and importing of last year’s return was both a breeze simply by following the instructions. I installed the software on a new computer. All i had to do was copying last year’s data file over from my old desktop, and the software picked it up without a glitch.

This is far from a full review as the tax rules are not even in place yet. But that is not h&r blocks faulti wanted to do an early estimate on taxes to determine how much of my traditional ira i wanted to roll over to my roth. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test many of the functions and forms. At the rate our government is progressing on the rules, that probably won’t happen until at least march.

I never used the business part of this (a separate download with a separate program). All i needed was a schedule c and the regular tax program. This used to be part of the premium package, and it still is. But the presale info leads you to believe it no longer is and consequently i way over-spent on this product. Next year, i will get just premium again. If it doesn’t have the schedule c feature, then i’ll go to a competing product and get my money back on this one. Overall, a solid and easy to use tax prep program. But it should not be so confusing to figure out which one you need.

  • Shortens the time in tax time
  • H&R Block Tax Software Saves Time and Money, and Avoids Mistakes
  • Does a great job

The 2008 version was the first time i had used h&r block software and liked it so much i ordered it for 2009 and 2010. Each year i prepare a limited number of personal and business income tax returns and have found that this software helps make tax preparation easier. I especially like the five free electronic filings. It is just the right number for me.

I have been doing my own taxes since i watched an h&r block accountant physically do them in 10 minutes way back in 1965, the first year i was on my own and not part of my parents’ returns. Very intrigued by the ‘challenge,’ i purchased an h&r block do-it-yourself book that year and have been doing my own taxes every year since. My tax returns were very simple back then but they got more and more complicated with each passing year to the point where it took days to complete, especially after it took weeks of free time compiling the data necessary to support each deduction in preparation for my first of three subsequent tax audits. After those three audits, spread out over a five-year period, one of which cost me money due to my selection of the wrong depreciation schedule out of a gazillion options, and two of which actually led to missed deductions that resulted in additional refunds for a significant net gain, doing my own taxes became a relentless chore that i no longer enjoyed. Then 12 years ago my youngest son brought home a copy of h&r block home and business software and doing my own taxes has become a breeze ever since. Oh, i still have to compile the data, which other software helps me do, but the h&r block home and business federal and state software incorporates all the latest changes in the tax codes, asks all the right questions, puts all the numbers in all the right places, selects all the right forms, transfer all the right data for the state return, electronically files the returns with the irs and state taxing bodies, and populates the next year’s tax returns with the necessary data to begin the process all over again. The fact that i have not had a tax audit since i began using h&r block home and business software (most recently h&r block at home 2010 premium & business federal + state + efile) doesn’t mean i won’t undergo one in the future, during which i’ll have to justify this deduction or that interpretation of the tax code. But i do know that i won’t have to justify the forms i used, the application of the extremely complicated tax laws, or the math calculations, all of which would have taken days to figure out instead of the minutes it takes h&r block home and business software to accomplish. Personally speaking, after using h&r block home and business software for that past dozen years, i can’t imagine doing it any other way and i strongly recommend it to anyone who is doing their taxes on their own. And if you’re starting out like i did lo those many years ago, begin with the appropriate h&r block tax software package.

Features of H&R Block At Home 2010 Premium & Business Federal + State + eFile [Download] [OLD VERSION]

  • Do-it-yourself tax software for small-business owners
  • Everything needed to complete personal and business federal and state taxes
  • Customized interview process; user-friendly interface; audit support
  • Guidance for reporting; money-saving tools; planning tools for next year
  • Import data from H&R Block At Home, TurboTax, and Quicken software; Maximum Refund Guarantee

Good software and was amazed that i could purchase it online being that it is an older version of the software. Not crazy that it always tries to default you into filing electronically – but you take the good with the bad.

I was hesitant to download the software rather than getting the cd but with the online record of the purchase there seems to be little reason for concern.

H&R Block At Home 2009 Premium & Business Federal – Premium and Business

Have been using this product since it was kipplinger’s tax cut. We have many different things going on from farming to trucking, and this product makes our lives easier at tax time. Everything from normal expenses to per diems, it covers it all.

This year i decided to do my business taxes with the at home h&r block software. Having been a long-time user of personal tax prep software, i am very comfortable with using this type of software. The amazon download process is a true pain in the $#@& – took 4 separate download attempts & over 30-minutes using broadband cable connection. Finally got it downloaded and installation went smoothly. As expected the personal tax prep side is a breeze, very intuitive and helpful. Since our business model is simply b2b consulting, out tax situation is not complex. However, the business tax prep side was not nearly so intuitive nor clear cut. In fact i believe it provides incomplete or incorrect information on several topics including tax treatment of s corporation distributions to shareholders and employer-paid sep-ira contributions for employee-shareholders. I knew enough to question the way the software handled these items, researched these topics and then double-checked with my accountant who confirmed my suspicions.

I installed this on vista 64 – ultimate. Installed the first time and works perfectly. The software is straightforward and easy to use. Just read the question and answer it. I would suggest that if you have a font size issue, that is coming from your computer’s set resolution. Change your pcs settings and it will fix that issue. As with any software, ensure it will actually run on your computer. Check the minimum requirements against what you have. If you don’t have the minimums. Also, remember that ‘minimums’ are just that. If you only have the minimums for any software requirements you risk your pc running slow. Also, you may want to consider not having other programs open while running it–that is a rule-of-thumb, if you find your pc running slow while using any program.

  • CD software not recognized for installation on my windows vista – No help from h&r block customer service
  • It is what it is
  • Excellent product!

I’m using this package for filing for an llc, an s-corp, and personal taxes. Most functions seem to be covered, however, things are not a intutitive as i had expected. The worst thing about the software is that the various ‘buttons’ you must click on do even come close to lining up with the subject matter. This makes the chances of a mistake very, very, high. I really can’t understand how any quality control department could possibly let this type of mistake out of the door. Allowing such an obvious error makes me wonder about the quality of the rest of the software which is not readily apparent. Overall the software appears to be usable, but be extremely careful in using it.

I have used h&r block tax software for the past five years and found it both easy and accurate to use for my personal taxes. This year for the first time i had file a return for my small business and decided to go with h&r oremium and business package. I again found it quite easy to use as i followed along with their very detailed questionaire.

Features of H&R Block At Home 2009 Premium & Business Federal + State + eFile [Formerly TaxCut] [Download] [OLD VERSION]

  • H&R Block At Home Premium & Business includes everything you need to complete your personal and business federal and state taxes, plus five free personal federal e-files
  • Ideal for corporations, S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, non-profits, estates and trusts
  • Easily import W-2, 1099, and data from last year’s return; quickly import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, and Microsoft Money software
  • Guidance for reporting investments, dividends, home sales, and retirement income; H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations
  • Personalized tax guidance for popular occupations and specific deductions; Advice, tips, and planning tools for the upcoming year

I bought hr block tax programs for both individual and business taxes because it offered better value than turbotax which i had used for 3 years prior. Overall it is a good program and easy to use in most areas, but not as easy as turbotax. And unfortunately many times in more complicated tax situations it refers you to irs manuals which are very user unfriendly. While turbotax did everything within the program and easily, it was much more expensive and has been criticized for getting lots of things wrong. Hr block is a good alternative, cheaper, and fairly easy to use so long as your tax situation is not terribly complicated. It will send you right to the friendly folks at the irs to answer all your questions.

It’s been an easy transistion from turbo tax. Tt had some negative reviews regarding uploading data and i’ve had previous problems with intuit software, so just didn’t want to go through another intuit hiccup. Try calling intuit help lines, if you can understand them and have hours to wait maybe its worth it. H&r block has just been plain simple, almost a point and shoot kind of thing.

H&R Block At Home 2009 Premium Federal – Well Done!!

It took some doing but i did manage to get it install on windows 7. The updates wouldn’t install so i called h&r block and they sent me a link to download the most up to date version.

This is now the 4th or 5th year i have used this software. Before that, my wife and i used to pay about $200 to have our taxes prepared for us. But now, for about $30 when you can find it on sale, i can do them ourselves and save a bundle. Even more importantly, i have learned how the tax codes are set up and work, so this has been helpful too. Despite changing the software’s name, i love this software system and will clearly buy it next year.

Until that time comes i’m resigned to using tax software from one of the big two makers. I honestly can’t tell you which is better. It seems to be a tie, although h&r block do have several advantages. Local offices, i’ve had a question before and i called the local office, the phone was picked up promptly by a real person, and my question was answered (for free too). I also give these guys the edge for the audit defense. So yeah, i guess they do have a slight edge over the other guys. I’m just waiting for the software to get better. Seeing as it’s three years now since this version i’m not going to hold my breath.

I highly recommend this product for its function, user friendliness, and excellent price. I used to use turbotax for the past four or five years. Last spring when i was doing my tax with turbotax halfway through, it could not install the state portion on my home pc. I tried everything i could based on turbotax’s help file and its website, including sending a few emails and calling their phantom phone number. And i was never able to get any reply, let alone talking to someone live for help. I finally was able to work around by installing another copy of turbotax on my company laptop, which is something i really did not want to do but had to do just to complete my tax return. That is when i vowed never to use turbotax again. Luckily, when i started looking this year, i found h&r block at home offers pretty much the same set of features and functions at roughly half of the reduced price of turbotax offered at costco. I wish i had switched earlier. In addition, in case i do need to talk to someone for help, i know i can turn to h&r block’s local offices.

  • Comparison by TurboTax user–Pros and Cons
  • H&R Block Tax Program Review
  • fair alternative to Turbotax

H&R Block At Home 2009 Premium Federal + State + eFile [OLD VERSION]

  • H&R Block At Home Premium includes everything you need to easily complete your federal and state taxes, plus five free federal e-files
  • Ideal for homeowners, investors, rental property owners, and self-employed Schedule C filers
  • Easily import W-2, 1099, and data from last year’s return; quickly import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, and Microsoft Money software
  • Guidance for reporting investments, dividends, home sales, and retirement income; H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations
  • Money-saving tools for self-employed Schedule C filers; Advice, tips, and planning tools for the upcoming year

This year i switched to this software and liked some things better than turbotax, but also had some issues with it. I’ve used turbotax for years and like other users, was not happy when i started having to buy the much more expensive version in order to include my home business information, but would have used it again anyway until i read early tt reviews complaining of the software causing pc crashes. I wasn’t up for that so i decided to go with h&r block software for the first time. Pros:- the product loaded smoothly on my older xp pc and downloaded the updates without incident. It operated cleanly throughout as well. – it imported my info from last year’s turbotax file with no problem. – the interface seemed more clear, direct and easy to understand. At first i struggled a little because it was unfamiliar and seemed too easy, as though something was being left out, but i gained confidence as i continued and ultimately liked this interface much better. – this product (that includes home business) is much cheaper than the comparable tt. – the home business portion was much better than turbotax where i’ve had to search for it in the past and didn’t find i had enough direction about what to enter where.

Amazon had the best price for my tax preparation software. And taxcut in recent years has appeared at my local dollar store. However, this year, h&r block changed the software to various levels, similar to the “other” tax preparation software on the market. This forced me to quickly find the best price for the highest level of the new software. It was definitely the cheapest, compared to the other offers of coupons and discounts.

I live in a state without state income tax so this program is overkill and overpriced for me. Today there are too many other options for self tax preparation that offer better pricing, same results, and more flexibility.

H&R Block At Home 2010 Basic Federal : + eFile [Download]

I have used h&r tax cut for 10 years and have found it to be an easy, fast and accurate way to do my income taxes. Since i take itemized deductions this helps make the process very simple and fast. I would recommend this product.

I have been using this product since it was called taxcut. This is the first time i have downloaded an electronic copy, on-line though and i liked it. My taxes aren’t very complicated anymore, but even when i had a rental and business expenses to consider, i was still able to do my own taxes with the help of h&r block when i used this program. Taxes are no joke, you are responsible for your tax debt no matter who files your taxes for you. I trust this product and through the years it’s gotten easier to use, is almost effortless to purchase now through amazon and it’s an even better value now that it’s all electronic with no disc to grind up afterwards or cd box to throw away. So far, h&r block has done a good job keeping the price of this product reasonable.

Only wish it could also pay off the tax due. It would have made my day for sure. Here are the specifications for the H&R Block At Home 2010 Basic Federal:

  • Do-it-yourself tax software for simple tax situations
  • Everything needed to easily complete federal tax returns
  • Customized interview process; step-by-step guidance; easy-to-use interface
  • Double-checks for errors; professional audit support if needed
  • Import data from W-2, 1099, and last year’s return; Maximum Refund Guarantee

I couldn’t find the key code at first either, but it is here in my amazon ‘your digital items’ – choose the software downloads and you’ll see the h&r block product listed – don’t click on it. Simply look at the last line or so and it gives a product code. That’s the key code for the free e-file.

I have used this tax software for over 5 years. It sure beats paying for a tax preparer when they wouldn’t ask as many great questions as the software does. Most peoples’ cases could simply use the standard edition and it allows 5 e-files. I did two returns with it and it takes only minutes to do the return for my dependent. E-files are in (by february??) and i’m awaiting the tax refund. E-filing with block insures their help if ever audited. This tax preparation software allows imports from last year’s return as well as imports from accounting software. What more do most of you need?.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Electronic TaxCut
  • H&R Block At Home Basic-There When You Need It
  • Very Satisfied

I had been using turbotax for several years and liked the product except that the price would go up considerably each year. This year it went to 30 bucks and, in tough economic times, it seemed too much for me to spend especially considering that the basic version is ‘free’ to use online if you want all of your personal info on the internet, which i don’t. Anyway, i found this product online for way less and i decided to try it. It worked as good as turbotax, as far as i could tell and it even imported all my data from last year’s turbotax return so i didn’t have to retype everything. I downloaded it in 5 minutes and had my taxes done in a little over an hour. Good product, very satisfied.

Only the second thing i have downloaded and the first thing was music. The instructions were excellent and it was less than a minute that i had the program and had it loaded on my computer for use. Seemlessly, thank you amazon.

H&R Block At Home 2009 Deluxe Federal : Federal and State Taxes Finished In Two Hours

I am not willing to spend more than ~$20 for tax refund software, so this was the best deal available (fed + state + efile). I am not a fan of the amazon download process; however, i did get it to install the ‘amazon games & software’ after disabling my (kaspersky) anti-virus software. I saw someone else’s review say they had to disable their firewall. I do not own a home, have a bunch of $ in stocks, etc. So i am easy when it comes to tax refund; however, it took me ~30 minutes to complete my fed + state. 1 nicety is that even tho i used tax pro last year, h&r pulled my personal info from tax pro so i didn’t have to re-enter anything other than my change in address, w-2, etc. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not in my amazon email and not in the amazon folder (as some people have stated it is hidden). I am very pc savvy (electrical & computer engineer) so believe me when i say i didn’t receive it.

It pays to wait til late january/early february to start seeing large drops in the prices for products like this. Until the other day the digital download was $37. The name change, who knows why or cares. The download and install went seamlessly on my windows7 machine. I created a folder called taxcut(like previous years) and put in last year’s final file. Started the program and it found the file and imported without a hitch. New files are then saved in a folder called hrblock in your documents folder. I never really needed to create the taxcut folder as you can search anywhere you have it stored.

It’s ok – i used h&r block for 2008 also, so used it again for 2009 taxes. But now (2012 taxes) i’m back to turbo tax.

Key specs for H&R Block At Home 2009 Deluxe Federal + State + eFile [Formerly TaxCut] [Download] [OLD VERSION]:

  • Ideal for homeowners and investors, H&R Block At Home Deluxe includes everything you need to easily complete your federal and state taxes, plus five free federal e-files
  • Customized interview process helps you easily complete your federal and state taxes
  • Easily import W-2, 1099, and data from last year’s return; quickly import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, and Microsoft Money software
  • Automatically double-checks returns for errors; built-in expertise and audit support with guidance
  • Guidance for reporting investments, dividends, home sales, and retirement income; H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations

Comments from buyers

“Good software, no problems with download or install on Vista
, Install on XP-PRO SP-2 PC Current w/ MS Updates
, Federal and State Taxes Finished In Two Hours

I’ve used taxcut (‘at home’) to prepare my taxes for over 10 years now. Although i’ve had my issues here and there with it, i always managed to successfully complete and file my taxes and have never had any of my federal or state returns questioned (knock on wood). This includes several years of returns i had to amend/re-file (no fault of taxcut). So i will stand by the program itself. Over the years i’ve been accustomed to their varieties of package/pricing options which at least seemed like fair practice, but i am very discontented over this e-file ‘gimmick’. As someone who’s been buying this program for many years, it appears they’ve simply increased the base rate of the product and then included the federal e-filing calling it ‘free’. That’s akin to a vendor charging $20 more for their dvd player and then saying it comes with a ‘free movie’. I would rather save the $20 and choose to buy a dvd separately. Likewise i would rather pay less for the initial software and then choose to pay the e-file fee separately. Now one may say ‘what’s the big deal if it works out to the same cost’?. More times than not i have been unable to e-file due to some ‘disqualification’. I don’t know if it’s a taxcut thing or an irs thing, but it doesn’t matter, bottom line is if i can’t e-file then i get zero benefit from the e-file inclusion. Using my previous analogy, that’s like not being able to play the ‘free’ dvd that came with the dvd playergiven this, i objected to paying the $40-45 most places were charging and had resolved to giving another package a try (taxact, which costs much less) until by chance i saw amazon selling it for only $25.

I bought the program that included the state, because there are new things for this year. Every thing i needed was there and it was very easy to use.

I’ve been using turbo tax deluxe for about 10 years, but it just kept getting more and more expensive. I finally decided to switch because this was much less expensive and promised to be able to import my prior year turbo tax return. It did, and it did it so easily and perfectly that i’ll use this again next year. Not only that, but this was much easier to do my state (pa) taxes than with turbo tax.

H&R Block At Home 2010 Deluxe Federal, Inevitable

I just completed my tax returns for 2010 using this software. In previous years, i had used turbotax when i did my own tax preparation. Taxcut is similar to turbotax in using the standard q&a format but i found taxcut more difficult to use and the ui more difficult to move around in. You have to go through sections you have completed all over again to get to to certain functions. I was initially going to file a federal tax exemption but subsequently decided to file a full return with a partial payment. But then i discovered that taxcut would not let me specify an amount that i wanted to send. It is all or nothingprinting is weak in taxcut. I have a duplex printer and i was not sure if taxcut would print the forms correctly. I finally solved this problem by printing the forms to pdf, where i could then ensure that they printed correctly. Printing to a pdf also allowed me to edit the amount i was remitting at this time.

I think i have used the block software for the past 10 yrs or so and the latest deluxe w/state version with pricing for e-filing is as easy and user-friendly as ever. I downloaded the software from amazon to save a few dollars and began my filing immediately. It read in my previous information and i am pretty sure it can import from the others as well. It probably took me less than an hour to do my entire return. Of course i am very familiar with the process having used block for so long, but i do use quite a bit of the features of the software to handle charitable donations, capital gains on stock sales, dividend income, home office deduction, vehicle for business deduction and mortgage, interest, property and real estate tax credits. I have state income tax but that was no problem, the state program took less than 10 minutes to complete. State filing is still a bit high at 19. 99 – seems this should be more of a standard. But you can’t touch this with the other programs i researched and a tax service charges considerably more. For folks who are reasonably computer savvy, this program rocks.

H&R Block At Home 2010 Deluxe Federal + State + eFile [Download] (Old Version)

  • Do-it-yourself tax software for investors and homeowners
  • Everything needed to easily complete federal and state returns
  • Customized interview process; user-friendly interface; audit support
  • Guidance for reporting investments, dividends, home sales, and retirement income
  • Import data from H&R Block At Home, TurboTax, and Quicken software; Maximum Refund Guarantee

I have been using taxcut for several years now. It has worked fine and i have no major issue. I would only caution that if you have a very complicated return, you go to an accountant. One of the minor issues i have with this software (and the same may be true of turbo tax) is that some of their explanations for some of the more complex inputs is not as clear. And many times, they utilimately refer you to the irs publication for information. But for my purposes, taxcut has worked fine and i just finished e-filing both my fed and state.

I don’t have the time to write an extensive review but i want to reassure any person who is worried about purchasing this download based on prior reviews that you don’t need to be worried. I have used the taxcut software for years (seven or eight years). It is always a little less expensive than turbotax and i find the software to be very easy to follow and i feel that i always get my maximum refund. I was cautious since the softward has changed from taxcut to h & r block at home but it is identical to what i was used to. Key highlights*amazon’s software downloader was problem-free, fast, and easy*software imported my 2009 data from my computer – saved me lots of time*deductionpro is now online – interview takes you to it and it is easier than the 2009 version of deductionpro*efile is still easy, free, and fast*state software was downloaded when i prompted – fast, quick, easy. *software warned me that it may take longer to get refund since irs is not accepting returns with itemized deductions until mid-feb. I was happy to be warned of this possibility since otherwise i would have been angry that my refund wasn’t processing like in years past. The only reason why i give this software 4 out of 5 stars is because i still think that tax software is not 100% reliable as speaking with a cpa or real live person who does your taxes. I do have a couple of questions and although the software does answer it to the best of its ability, i sometimes worry that i’m making a mistake or not doing my return correctly. It is always a risk i take and so far i have not had any problems with the irs or any personal tax liability issues so i believe i’m doing my taxes correctly.

I have been using the h&r block tax preparation software for years. It works well and makes it very easy to complete your taxes. The only caution i would add is that if you are filling tax form for two states, and filing electronically in two states it can get very expensive (h&r block product, 2 additional states, 2 state e-files = about $100 total). Although the product itself was a good value, next year i will print federal form and complete the state taxes by hand and mail the forms to the states. Maybe next year h&r block can give a price break to people who live in one state and work in another.

H&R Block At Home 2010 Deluxe Federal + State + eFile [Download] (Old Version) : I used h&r block last year too, and can’t say i liked it completely. However i went with it again this year, for two reasons: it is much lower priced compared to turbo-tax, and i wanted to import as much as possible from last year’s software (i. I didnt want to enter all those personal information, addresses, last years key numbers, etc). It has improved a bit from last years, especially in investment accounts import (it didn’t have direct import from scottrade last year, it has, this year along with a bunch of others). But the import is still limited, as it cant match your buys and sells (you have to do the matching. It can be painful if you have too many trades, which luckily i didnt have this year. The other annoyance is, it wont allow you state e-file if you have more than 13 short-term stock trades. I have no idea why, and as far as i know turbotax has no such restrictions. One more thing about e-file: you have to pay $19.

H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe 2015 Federal Only – Good tax software

I’d be proud to suggest this product to others.

Good price, same great software.

I have prepared my taxes using h&r block’s deluxe tax software package for many years and find it works well, is intuitive and has no glaring flaws or software bugs. I’m posting a review before my purchase this year because i couldn’t help but notice that amazon seems to be trying to generate consumer bias for specific tax software bundles that benefit amazon, and that’s not so cool. The only versions of the h&r block’s tax software available as a download this year are those that include the amazon 10% refund bonus offer (i. If you use a portion of your refund to purchase amazon gift cards, they will tack on “up to” 10% more); and in the case of the deluxe federal only version, the one with the amazon tie-in costs less as well ($24. 95 at the time of this review). If you already planned to spend your refund on amazon gift cards, that’s a great deal, but this marketing method tries to sway you to do so whether you’d intended to or not. Sure, you can get the downloadable version and choose not to take advantage of the gift card bonus when it comes up in the tax prep dialogue, but who’s going to pass up that carrot once it is there in your face?amazon incentives aside, shouldn’t all online software purchases be available via download in 2016?.

Used turbo tax for many years. Was very disappointed last year and heard they are pulling some fast things again this year. So i tried h & r block this year. Everything from turbo tax transferred over and the program did everything i needed it to do at a fair price. Good bye turbo tax, hello h & r.

  • Good Bye Turbo Tax, hello H & R Block
  • Totally satisfied
  • Fast serviceseems to get the job done.

H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe 2015 Federal Only

  • Quickly and easily import your W-2, 1099 and last year’s return
  • Five free federal e-files included
  • Prepare and print unlimited federal returns for free
  • Accuracy Review checks for any issues and audit risk
  • Itemize your deductions with Schedule A

More complete than turbo tax if a small business.

Less expensive than the ones in the retail stores. Have been using h&r block tax software for many years and it’s easy and reliable.

Second year using h & r block. Easy to use, but a little confusing.

H&R Block Tax Software 2013 Premium – Better Than Last Year’s

I’ve used this program for years and it just gets better every year. This version covers it all, personal, business and corporation. It’s thorough, complete and up to date. Why pay a tax guy to do something you can do for yourself?.Save money and buy this program. If you use it on a yearly basis, it downloads last years into with one click so you don’t have to refill all the forms. Great program and i strongly recommend it.

I have used this software for several years and meets my needs. This is the most affordable software i have found to do both personal and business taxes. Other companies want to sell you two different pkgs. I can complete federal, state and trust (1041) tax returns. My entire family can use it to file their individual tax returns. The questionnaire walkthrough to gather info for filing is easy. I like the electronic filing (except the trust must be mailed). I really like the ability to save in pdf format which helps me keep copies for future use. The only thing i don’t like is the effort it takes to go back and adjust previous entries. I would like to just open the form and make an adjustment, but the software wants to continue with the questionnaire after i made the entry.

I’ve been a turbotax user for years, decided to try h&r block due to much lower cost. Not happy with the help, interview, ease of use. The 2015 version is *much* better.

I had been doing my s corp tax return by doing one of the fill in forms on irs web site. That means i did allthe calculations myself then filled the form in on internet then printed it. This is not any faster but it does makea better looking form and i have a good copy for my records, easy to make a pdf with this software. If you have no knowledge of how to fill out the forms by hand i wouldn’t recommend buying this software. You need some basic tax knowledge to use this. You could also do your regular tax return, form 1040, etc. I bought this early in tax season for a huge discount and i’ll be looking for a sale like that again next year.

  • Still the best value for business returns
  • Premium + Business
  • Great software!

H&R Block Tax Software 2013 Premium + Business [OLD VERSION]

  • Unlimited real time chat with a tax expert
  • Partnership, LLC, and Non-profit returns
  • Estates and trusts
  • Payroll and employer forms
  • Frustration Free Packaging is the same product you might find on a store shelf – just in better packaging.

As a defector from the other leading diy tax software and a long-time subscriber to the h&r tax software family of programs, i can attest to the fact that it always meets and far exceeds the average taxpayer’s tax preparation needs, and much more. Having long used it for my small business, personal, and rental property returns, it has always proven very comprehensive and quite thorough for both federal and (virginia) state returns preparation, at all levels of difficulty. The user “interview” interface is perfect for me, and i find it quite simple to access all the forms and schedules, and my actual return worksheets for making manual entries and corrections, as well. They push any available updates out to you at program start up, and the update process is quick and painless. If there is an occasional glitch or hiccup, of which i have only ever experienced a couple, their customer support is top notch, and they quickly work to resolve any issues. At its price point, it is definitely the best tax software out there, and i can strongly recommend it.

I’ve used this software for business tax returns, corporations, sub-s and partnerships, for over 6 years. I’ve loaded up the 2013 package and it looks ok. Did a payroll tax return on it (940 , w-3 and w-2s). Just make sure you load the personal return sw even if you’re only interested in the business returns. The personal sw loads the updates into the business sw. The 2013 version loads personal 1040 sw first with no option to load the business sw first. Also, adjust the screen resolution to the box’s specs if you notice some bottom tabs not printing (in forms entry mode). I have other software for personal tax returns, form 1040, so don’t use the h & r individual program much as it does not appear to allow form entry mode as the business program does. When i do use it, i use it to double check my other software.

A friend recommended that i try using h&r block after i had used another brand for many years. They were both very similar until i got to the end. I always have a couple of questions and with the other brand, i would have had to pay for the advice so i always struggled through on my own. But, with h&r block i got to use a live chat. Nearly every thing else offers live chat, why not for tax advice. Sure took some of the uncertainty out of preparing my taxes.

H&R Block Tax Software Premium & Business 2017 : Four Stars

This is the 5th year i have used this software for trust filing and personal returns. It seems to be working as designed again this year and i (so far. I would normally wait to post a review until actually filing but people who are considering it now might want the opinion vs hearing my 2 cents worth in late march. Just fyi back when we filed 2012 returns we did have serious issues with radio buttons and text boxes not lining up like some have complained about, and we did buy turbotax that year. Since then i have used h&r block premium & business on a different computer than in 2012 without any trouble. We are now running windows 10 on a 4-5 year old computer, and it loaded fine and seems to be operating well. I have taken advantage of the 10% refund bonus from amazon in years past and it has been a simple and dependable process. I will update this review if i encounter any trouble going forward. Hope this helps any considering.

The biggest problem is not the program: it’s great. It’s the lack of a mac version for h&r block’s business taxes. I have to effectively keep an old pc around just for this purpose. There are also minor problems in regard to switching on and off overrides. Also i’ve sometimes had to import my previous taxes more than once as it did not work. But overall this program is great.

Basically does the job but does not have state forms for all stated for s-corp. For colorado, it had the forms but not the guided interview process. Also, it should have more links to explain a variety of tax terminology that are missing. Here are the specifications for the H&R Block Tax Software Premium & Business 2017:

  • Unlimited real time chat with a tax expert
  • Partnership and LLC
  • Estates and trusts
  • Non-profit returns
  • Payroll and employer forms
  • Item is shipped in Frustration-Free Packaging; it is recyclable and comes without excess packaging materials
  • Refund Bonus Offer is a feature of this software and is calculated within the product

Relatively easy to set up and it does the job, eventually. Some of the selection pages have lines of text that do not line up with the radio buttons. I’ve complained in the past, but no response or change. More difficult to add data and respond to diagnostics than the h&r block f1040 software.

The personal side of the package is pretty good – while the business side is a bit clunky. It’s a decent package for the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mostly works but.
  • Working well and good value
  • You should know how to prepare taxes before using this software

Best tax prep software on the market. I’ve been using h&r block (formerly known as tax cut) for over 20 years. Great package and features for the price.

I got the new version installed and went through the import process from the last years business software. Afterward i hit a fairly nasty problem that might be bigger than what i have noticed so far. Most info (i think) imported fine but i have a few vehicles in business service and none of the data showed up in the program to update with this year’s data but the problem is after going through a dry run with close estimated numbers (while waiting for official forms to arrive). When i was looking directly at the forms during the data validation section it had the vehicles with old data. I don’t know about others but if this wasn’t a test and i had submitted forms with bad data it seems like at least i would get the tax return rejected or maybe even slapped with an audit. I have had good luck and fairly impressed with this software in the passed years but coming from a software development background this would be classified as a critical bug and receive immediate attention (especially when dealing with tax laws and a government agency that you normally don’t want to get in trouble with). Until fixed i can’t recommend this specific year’s version of this software. Update:started a new return and went through the import again and now both vehicles show up. Not sure what changed but now that it is working this time around i will change my rating. Since i am not sure what caused it to work the second time around i will only give 4 stars.