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H&R Block At Home 2009 Premium Federal – Well Done!!

It took some doing but i did manage to get it install on windows 7. The updates wouldn’t install so i called h&r block and they sent me a link to download the most up to date version.

This is now the 4th or 5th year i have used this software. Before that, my wife and i used to pay about $200 to have our taxes prepared for us. But now, for about $30 when you can find it on sale, i can do them ourselves and save a bundle. Even more importantly, i have learned how the tax codes are set up and work, so this has been helpful too. Despite changing the software’s name, i love this software system and will clearly buy it next year.

Until that time comes i’m resigned to using tax software from one of the big two makers. I honestly can’t tell you which is better. It seems to be a tie, although h&r block do have several advantages. Local offices, i’ve had a question before and i called the local office, the phone was picked up promptly by a real person, and my question was answered (for free too). I also give these guys the edge for the audit defense. So yeah, i guess they do have a slight edge over the other guys. I’m just waiting for the software to get better. Seeing as it’s three years now since this version i’m not going to hold my breath.

I highly recommend this product for its function, user friendliness, and excellent price. I used to use turbotax for the past four or five years. Last spring when i was doing my tax with turbotax halfway through, it could not install the state portion on my home pc. I tried everything i could based on turbotax’s help file and its website, including sending a few emails and calling their phantom phone number. And i was never able to get any reply, let alone talking to someone live for help. I finally was able to work around by installing another copy of turbotax on my company laptop, which is something i really did not want to do but had to do just to complete my tax return. That is when i vowed never to use turbotax again. Luckily, when i started looking this year, i found h&r block at home offers pretty much the same set of features and functions at roughly half of the reduced price of turbotax offered at costco. I wish i had switched earlier. In addition, in case i do need to talk to someone for help, i know i can turn to h&r block’s local offices.

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  • H&R Block Tax Program Review
  • fair alternative to Turbotax

H&R Block At Home 2009 Premium Federal + State + eFile [OLD VERSION]

  • H&R Block At Home Premium includes everything you need to easily complete your federal and state taxes, plus five free federal e-files
  • Ideal for homeowners, investors, rental property owners, and self-employed Schedule C filers
  • Easily import W-2, 1099, and data from last year’s return; quickly import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, and Microsoft Money software
  • Guidance for reporting investments, dividends, home sales, and retirement income; H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations
  • Money-saving tools for self-employed Schedule C filers; Advice, tips, and planning tools for the upcoming year

This year i switched to this software and liked some things better than turbotax, but also had some issues with it. I’ve used turbotax for years and like other users, was not happy when i started having to buy the much more expensive version in order to include my home business information, but would have used it again anyway until i read early tt reviews complaining of the software causing pc crashes. I wasn’t up for that so i decided to go with h&r block software for the first time. Pros:- the product loaded smoothly on my older xp pc and downloaded the updates without incident. It operated cleanly throughout as well. – it imported my info from last year’s turbotax file with no problem. – the interface seemed more clear, direct and easy to understand. At first i struggled a little because it was unfamiliar and seemed too easy, as though something was being left out, but i gained confidence as i continued and ultimately liked this interface much better. – this product (that includes home business) is much cheaper than the comparable tt. – the home business portion was much better than turbotax where i’ve had to search for it in the past and didn’t find i had enough direction about what to enter where.

Amazon had the best price for my tax preparation software. And taxcut in recent years has appeared at my local dollar store. However, this year, h&r block changed the software to various levels, similar to the “other” tax preparation software on the market. This forced me to quickly find the best price for the highest level of the new software. It was definitely the cheapest, compared to the other offers of coupons and discounts.

I live in a state without state income tax so this program is overkill and overpriced for me. Today there are too many other options for self tax preparation that offer better pricing, same results, and more flexibility.

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H&R Block At Home 2009 Premium Federal + State + eFile [OLD VERSION]
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