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Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION] : Quickbooks Pro 2009

We’ve been using quickbooks accounting for five years after using sbt and peachtree. This is our third quickbooks purchase and it meets all expectations for being an excellent accounting software program. My only beef is intuit rescinds support after three years forcing you to ‘upgrade’ (i. Purchase the same basic program for an additional $380 minus two users). Our 2006 pro 5-user operated perfectly fine until we received notices our payroll and email service provided by expire unless you purchase the new product. So i rate the program 5 stars but intuit’s extortionist policies leave much to be desired. I feel they should be forced to disclose to the buyer that they are ‘renting’ their product for three years (or will they shorten to two.

I am bookkeeper for a small business and we were using qb 2006 until this forced upgrade by intuit. We weren’t happy initially because of the cash outlay, ($380 because we need it for 2 users at a time), but our fears were unfounded. It not only works better than 2006, but the install went smoothly and we have had no problems. My 2006 version had been giving me trouble for about the last 6 months and all that is gone now. Qb was freezing and then either shutting down or i had to shut it down using the taskmaster. What a royal pain it had become. 2009 has some nice new features, and overall appears to be a better product than 2006. I use almost all of the reports and am having no trouble at all. I also export a lot because there are limitations to what qb reports will do, and i want more flexibility. I am perfectly satisfied with what it does.

I’ve been using the 2006 version of qbk, also subscribe to their payroll service which costs about $300 / year. Just paid it and a few days later they notify by a message that it will no longer be supported unless we upgrade to the new version. . Isn’t that great?well, fine, i got the new version 2009, which is 3 updates later. I was afraid that after using it for 3 years, we are use to it, don’t want too many changes to it like what msft office did with 2007 version which ruined the whole thing. Installed it, well, it’s suffice to say 2009 is 99. Although i’m glad we didn’t need to relearn everything, but to spend $350 on the same thing kind of sucks. It’s dumb that we pay $350 for a subscription that they stopped supporting. After 3 years, there’s a lot of data built up. Here are the specifications for the Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION]:

  • Installation wizard helps you setup QuickBooks for multiple users
  • Stay in control and keep your data protected-limit employee access by allowing different levels of permission within your company’s QuickBooks file
  • Instantly communicate with others using your company‚Äôs QuickBooks file with QuickBooks Messenger
  • Run reports while others work simultaneously in the company file
  • Easily switch from multi to single-user mode as needed

I am a cpa and many of my clients use quickbooks. It offers many features for my clients to get their accounting information to me and allows me to make corrections and adjustments and return the changes so that they can update their data without making manual entries. This product also interfaces with turbo tax and lacerte which are tax preparation programs offered by intuit. It is easy to use and only required proper initial setup for a smooth running accounting program.

Can retrieve info at the touch of a button.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quckbooks Pro
  • Excellent/Worth Every Penny
  • Forced to upgrade because QBK will stop support it not

Quickbooks pro 2009we use the 3 user version of quickbooks pro 2009. This is the best upgrade ever and we have been using quick books almost since the first version came out. The new one is faster and eisier to use than any other version.

Overall, this product works great. We upgraded from qb pro 2004 to qb pro 2009 – there was some corruption of data (the balance sheets didn’t balance), but this was easily fixed with the new utilities features. You’ll need a ‘newer’ machine to get decent speed, but again, overall, a great financial accounting product.

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QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION]
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