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Intuit QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION] – Easy!

It was cheeper to buty the new 2010 version with payroll through amazon than it was to just upgrade the payroll software. Just note that intuit will try to soak you with all these add on options that (i feel) are unneeded. The 2010 version just brings additional ways they try to charge you more for additional services.

Incase you are like me, a complete novice at accounting and payroll i can tell you this can be pretty useless. I couldn’t get this to do anything really for payroll. I ended up buying some payroll subscription that was like 300 dollars extra a year to be able to do something with the software. It comes with no instructions whatsoever.You either have to chat, call or get a book to get some idea of how to use it. The payroll customer support, however, is outstanding. They guide you through what you need assitance with and are so patient. Don’t like that you have to pay extra for it to do what should’ve just been standard. Nonetheless, it appears that once i get a hang of it (i bought a book to help me) this may have a lot to offer.

Quickbooks pro 2010 is easy to install. Easy to move my records over. Easy to continue running the office instead of trying to ‘work things out’. As always, amazon is my preferred way to order anything.Everything is smooth and uncomplicated.

  • Good value
  • This is ONLY the beginning
  • never received this item

Quickbooks is ok for general use. It becomes more difficult to work with when you have more industry specific items to work with sometimes. I would like to see a longer item list description. Part numbers can be very long sometimes and it doesn’t leave room for a text description. Intuit also takes your credit card info and automatically renews your payroll subscription without your permission. You can’t shut off the auto renew either. You have to call them after you find out that they have charged you and ask for a refund. They also set up a charge twice so that you have two authorizations holding your money for several days. They may only run one charge but they authorize it twice. Overall they have the market for a general small business accounting system.

The enhanced payroll module is easy to use, understandable, and using the federal deposit enhancement is so simple. This program is as good as, and better than most, much more expensive modules that attach to the overall accounting program.

Features of QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]

  • Bundles QuickBooks Pro 2010 and QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced for 1-3 Employees
  • Easily organize and maintain your business finances, all in one place
  • Automatically calculate payroll taxes and create paychecks in just a few clicks
  • Save time and money by tracking every dollar going in and out of your business
  • Easily add more employees as your business grows

Overall i really like enhanced payroll and it does everthing i need and works very well. I really only use it for the payroll, to help me with payroll taxes and to e-file them. These features are excellent. My business is so small that i do not use the rest of the program. It is easier for me to do the little amount of book-keeping i have without the quickbooks part of the program. I have found it too complex and time consuming for my needs. If you had a super small business version without all the complex features and still have payroll. I’m sure i could learn to use it but i just don’t have the time.

This is an excellent value, considering the separate cost of quickbooks pro and then payroll by themselves. I needed to get this for my business as quickbooks (for no good reason that i can tell) requires you to get the latest version every three years if you want to use their payroll. And considering what it costs to pay an accountant or other service to do your payroll for you (even for 1 to 3 employees), you definitely do want to use quickbooks for payroll.And it’s bad, because obviously there’s no reasonable cause to have to buy the latest version of quickbooks other than that they require it of you (i can’t think of one feature i need in the new version. )but that being said, this was a very good deal. And contrary to what some other reviewers have warned about, i did not have to make one single phone call to validate / activate my software or payroll service. I think the other reviewers must not have explored their options fully, you can do this with a couple of clicks online.

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QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]
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