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Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe – Upgrading was a breeze

I use this program and really love it. I don’t use it for anything online, i just use the personal checking account and cash accounting. I was told it would not run on windows 8 but i tried it anyway — it works.

I am using the free trial version. I was using quicken deluxe 99. There is no good reason to update quicken or microsoft money annually. In fact, quicken 99 works pretty well but more recent editions are more compatible with more online banks, brokerages, etc. I am trying money because i can try it for free for 60 days and i read the reviews about bugs in quicken. Also, intuit promised ma a free program for getting their credit card and charging a minimum amount of money. They never followed through on their part of the bargain. Money imports the quicken 99 file but takes a long time and ends up generating a huge file. It works well with the bank accounts, credit cards, and stock brokerage accounts i have tried.

I lost my last money 2004 disk and was delighted to a new copy could be added to my new computer.

My husband is in his 70s and he loves this software because it is so easy to use, and the tutorial that comes with it is so understandable and logical. He had an earlier edition and liked it so well that he upgraded to this 2004 edition. The program works great to keep us on-track, so that we don’t over-spend in our retirement years.

  • A bankers opinion on his upgrade from Money 98
  • Save your cash and buy Money 2003 Standard
  • Works well except automatic downloads

Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe (Old Version)

  • Save Time Organizing and Managing Your Finances – Download checking, credit card and other transactions from your bank automatically for up-to-date information
  • Consolidated View of Financial Information – View and access information from multiple financial institutions in one place so you always know your overall financial health.
  • Achieve Financial Goals – Whether your goal is to get out of debt, save for retirement, or for a major purchase, Money provides easy-to-use tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

I have used this version for years but lost the disc during a recent move. My computer crashed and i needed “this” version to install and restore my backup disc and continue to use all of my information.

It’s like leaving the kiddie software behind and switching to the real thing. There is really no comparison. I used quicken for 10 years, and back then money was not as good, but it is now. It imported my quicken 2003 files completely and i have not had one regret. It took about a week to get completely comfortable with the different type of user interface. Money 2004 is far more versatile, powerful and “intuitive” than quicken. I also switched to “tax cut” from turbo tax, and tax cut is just as good, and there are no activation lock issues.

I’ve tried to use quicken for a numnber of months and have not really gotten anywhere. I have found that money’s documentation is more robust, and, once you understand its logic and how to navigate its menu paths, it is easier to set up. I also like its abundance of reports and customized views that allow you to slice and dice your financial data in many different ways. Finally, because i like to be able to use financial data in excel to build financial models of investments, i like the fact that i can easily export data from money to excel. (i’m sure quicken has a similar feature, but i am not sure how to use it. )the thing that frustrates me about both quicken and money is they are both vague on how to set up your financial accounts to download into the program. I have figured out one financial institution’s process because i found a link on their web page that gave me instructions. If either quicken or money developed a feature that would point a user to the exact place on a financial institution’s web page where there were such instructions, or where a customer service email/phone number was, i would give both programs 5 stars.

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Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe (Old Version)
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