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Microsoft Money 2006 Premium [OLD VERSION] : What’s new?

Money 2006 premium was essentially purchased to manage portfolio investments in stocks. This is the first time i have used money and find that it has some major problems particulary in respect of managing special investment activities such as splits, spin-offs and mergers, etc. The following details some of the problems faced during my usage. First and foremost problem is the inability to correct any mistakes while entering the transaction. For example if a split is entered then the program automatically adjusts the number of shares and the cost basis. However there will neither be a record of this action in the account nor any way to delete or reverse it. Most surprisingly even if the entire transactions of that particular equity is deleted and reentered it will not allow the re-entry of the split on that particular date. The program will return a dialog stating that a split exists on that date.

You either use quicken or ms money (or some 3rd party variety) personal finance software. If you’re happy with what you’re using, why change?the reason i changed is that i had been using quicken for a number of years, then migrated to a different hard drive. I misplaced my quicken 2003 cd-rom.Well, time to upgrade, anyway. Let’s take a look at what’s available on amazon. It seems as if quicken has gone the way of so many successful high tech trail blazers: greedy corporate moguls. Before they were the davids, now they are the goliaths (names like apple, compuserve, and even microsoft come to mind). Well, heck, why stay with a vendor who is phasing out backward compatibility and going greedy corporate on me, when i can switch to a backward compatible (and certainly always ms operating system compatible) long term greedy corporate icon?. Ms money 2006 is the ticket. Yeah, gee, i was so getting used to quicken making me add all these balance adjustments every time i downloaded financial data from my bank or credit cards.

While the software has much to be commended for, it is disappointment on two fronts 1) support on investments in the fastest developing countries like india and china where msn does have a major presence and 2) does not include insurance as an asset as such, only in their lifetime planning section. Both these factors do not let you accurately track your investments, savings or retirement planning accurately. Otherwise, it is a great software given the depth of msn’s online involvement. Here are the specifications for the Microsoft Money 2006 Premium [OLD VERSION]:

  • Money connects to thousands of banks and updates balances automatically, letting you easily stay on top of your finances.
  • Work toward long-term goals like buying a house, budgeting for college, or saving for a vacation by first reducing debt.
  • Improved automated price quotes keep your portfolio calculations up to date.
  • A suite of tools that help you plan and optimize investments and long-term savings.
  • Money 2006 Premium also provides a wealth of financial services, at no extra cost, and tax help that make managing your money easier.

Meet need and at the time was once the best money management program out there; too bad microsoft stop supporting the product.

It is much more user friendly than earlier versions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Budgeting program around.
  • Be careful
  • Five Stars

Same as new and works good had no trouble installing good seller.

Here is what you must do to have a good experience with this product:1. Never use microsoft passport. Passport is a universal password that can be used to sign on to multiple bank accounts, brokerages, merchants, and god knows what else. Avoid ityour installation of microsoft money will be a bit awkward if you want to avoid passport. Some users believe that money won’t install unless you get a passport. This is false, at least for money 2006 and earlier versions. You just have to be careful (and resolute) while you install. Never store your financial data online with microsoftms money allows you to keep all your financial data stored on microsoft’s computers, as well as on your home computer. This allows you to access your ms money data when you are away from your computer. For the unlucky user, it leads to virtually insoluble computer nightmares. Apparently, the local and remote copies of your data can get out of sync.

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