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Microsoft Money Small Business 2005 [Old Version] : Very Good

It seems to me that, of the people who reviewed money 2005, it is only the people with the new, fast processors that are having the problems. The people with the standard processors seem to be doing fine. I wonder if this is the case.

One of my trusted resources, pc magazine gave this new version of microsoft money 5-stars. And given that some of the new features sounded good, i bought the upgrade. After using it for several months, i’ve got mixed results. (side note: i have not had any problems with slowness or crashing whatsoever. I’m on windows xp pro, sp-2. Other things are annoying, but no crashes. Upgrading from 2003 deluxe & business went perfectly. Not trusting it, i backed up my old data on disc, ready to roll-back to 2003 if i had to. But everything transferred flawlessly.

There is a learning curve with every program. . I have been a user of quicken premiere home & business since it was first released, and loyally upgraded every year. In 2003, i gave money small business a shot, and after 12 attempts or so to figure out how to email an invoice. . Along with a slew of other issues, primarily plastering my system with ad links, i gave up, and actually shredded the cd out of spite (not knowing i could have gotten my money back). Well, things have changed in 2 years. Despite the rumors of difficult outlook integration, there was an ‘import outlook contacts’ link under payees. It took all of about 30 seconds. My first attempts involved wab (windows address book), an alternative method for those without outlook, but outlook express and vcards. That worked fine, but i was starting to visualize having to export vcards for everyone in my outlook folder.

Key specs for Microsoft Money Small Business 2005 [Old Version]:

  • Comprehensive finance solution for small companies
  • Categorize income and expenses; handle billing effortlessly
  • Get expert advice from current news and useful articles
  • Keep up with taxable expenses automatically
  • Free financial services, including 1 year online payroll from PayCycle

Comments from buyers

“Better than 2003 Deluxe & Business, but some lame issues
, Home Business Accounting Done Right (for MS users)
, Great Product

Much nicer form than quickens. I particulary liked the reconcile feature. It takes all the work out of this monthly chore.

I can’t confirm the previous postings. Money 2005 has a very nice fresh look and is running smoothly, layout is much more organized now; my 2003 files were converted perfect.

I’ve owned microsoft money for several years. I purchased this to replace a previous version. It is simple to use and works for basic money management.

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Microsoft Money Small Business 2005 [Old Version]
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