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Avanquest Bookkeeper 2008 [OLD VERSION] – Good for basic bookkeeping functions

This software delivers a good value considering its price point. It’s best suited for small startups. I’d be leery of trying to transfer records from an existing company into this database because it lacks many of the features of more expensive software. If you buy this program:- customer support is very expensive and (i’ve heard) not very helpful- the free online avanquest support forum is filled with mostly unresolved problems from frustrated users. Avanquest moderators have seemingly abandoned this forum. – don’t expect features comparable to peachtreeit’s a good bare bones program. If you have higher level accounting needs, spend the extra money on a more advanced program. Update:bookkeeper now has online support at [. this site seems to have better information on it than the old bookkeeper forum. ]

I’ve been using bookkeeper since its inception and it continues to be a solid small business accounting product. The features you get for the price are still a better deal quickbooks or peachtree. This latest release contains an improved interface and the ability to handle credit card swiping. New graphical reports are also a nice improvement. For bill paying, i can track my payments made by check, credit/debit card and cash as well as tracking cash through atm transactions. For sales, i can create several types of invoices that include payment history and aging. I can even email invoices to my customers. And with inventory i can track purchase orders and all transactions made against my inventory items. Payroll is a great bargain and handles fed, state and local taxes. There are well over 100 customizable reports plus tax forms.

It is easy to learn, and it has many more features than i would expect from a product in this price range. It allows me to track accounts payable and accounts receivable, it tracks inventory, and it prints invoices, purchase orders, and checks. It also allows me to process credit cards directly from the program. Payroll can handle hourly, salary, and bonuses. It has a good set of detailed reports, and it has the year end tax forms i need. It is really nice to finally find good software that doesn’t break the bank. It lets me do all of the things i need to do and i don’t need to take a class to understand how to use it.

  • Good for basic bookkeeping functions
  • Still a great small business accounting software
  • Great Software However!!!

The software is awesome for payroll and basic invoicing, however, if you have any questions about it or problems, you might as well throw it away and get something else. I needed to import tax tables and did not get my follow up email with the. Exe file required to install the tables. 1st call – waited on hold for 10 minutes, second call – waited 40 min, third time – i called the product ordering line, finally talked to a real person, thought i was getting somewhere, they transferred me to the same line i was on before, waited 20 min, said forget them, i finally found a site where i could login and get the email with the. Just dont expect any help from the company outside of basic faq’s on their website.

Needed to fix customers machine.

Features of Bookkeeper 2008 [OLD VERSION]

  • Included Features: Check writing, Payroll and Time Sheets, Billing and Invoicing, General Ledger, Payables and Receivables, Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, Budgeting, Job Tracking, Easy Start-up Wizard, Credit Card Processing, 115 Custom Reports
  • Import Product, Customer, and Vendor Data
  • Export Invoices & Estimates to PDF
  • Email Your Invoices & Estimates
  • Add freight costs to purchase orders, and apply multiple sales tax rates to invoices

Avanquest MyInvoices & Estimates Deluxe 10 – Windows – Easy to access information

I really like this invoicing suite. I have used it for sometime now and am finally glad to get the updated version. Thanks for make it available and at a resonable cost.

This is a nice estimating / invoice software. I would like to be provided with a little more customization for the forms. We use it primarily to produce job estimates. It work quite nicely for us, but we don’t have a complicated or involve business to do estimates for. The customization process is a little difficult to master. For someone with a small, simple business, this product should take care of their needs.

I use it for office use to track customer base rather than for invoices, etc.

Overall it is a very good program. I am still adjusting to the difference in this to the last version.

  • Nice software for the money
  • Great for small business owners.
  • Easy to access information

Avanquest MyInvoices & Estimates Deluxe 10 – Windows

  • Features –
  • Professionally Designed Templates – over 1,000 templates included
  • Timesaving and easy-to-use – create invoices and estimates in minutes
  • Get paid faster – apply payments to invoices, accept credit cards and ATM/debit cards (ATM/debit card payments accepted only if they can be processed as credit), checks, and more
  • Professional company image – add your company logo, create matching invoice and estimates, and more

I’ve been using this software for over 10 years and i’m very happy with it. I’ve been using version 10 on my windows 7 pc for a few years and i’ve just installed it on my windows 10 pc. Although it’s quite dated now, it still works great. I don’t think that it’s been updated for a few years but i’ll continue to use it for as long as it does what it need it to. Generate and track invoices.

I like the software in general but tech support is only paid after a new version comes out. The software has an annoying register page which you cannot get rid of without registering but you cannot register old versions – not supported. Therefore, if you replace your system disk, you might have to deal with the annoying registration page or buy a new copy. They could have just left the old registration system in place, but they did not.

Avanquest Checksoft Premier, difficult to use with quicken. I just wanted to

The program so far does what i need it to do but still learning how to get what i want.

A little slow going in the beginning but once set up i have no complaints.

Checksoft Premier

  • NEW! Create Check Drafts for Instant Deposit
  • NEW! Process Credit Card Payments
  • NEW! Multi-user capability
  • Manage Purchase Orders & Inventory
  • Import Online Bank Data

I have used this program to design & print checks for the past two years. It requires you to backup your data very often in order to not lose your checkbook info on the computer, but it is a great alternative to how costly quickbooks is. Just make sure to backup your data, and this software will work perfectly for anyone who just needs a program to create checks & maintain a record of them.

Glad to have an alternative to the expensive checks available through my bank.

I cannot honestly review this software, as i am a blind person, and many softwares are not compatible with the screen reading application which i must use in order to access and use a computer. So, the down side is, i have to try out different softwares sometimes to find one that will work. In this case, i found an app for my iphone that did the trick. Evanquest is a good software company i am sure, but many of these companies are not concerned with making their softwares accessible for persons of different handicaps, and that’s ok, because there are other ones out there who do, and they are getting the business of over 3 million visually impaired people in the united states alone. And, that’s quite a chunk of change to let pass you by. So, i found out that the software will not work for me, so i returned it. Amazon was very gracious and gave me a full refund.

Checksoft Premier : Great check printing software.