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by John M. Cummuta (Author)

by John M. Cummuta (Author) Debtfree, Great program, it really works

I have a little trouble with windows 10 not wanting to allow it but i worked around that and it works just fine. A great tool to help you get out of debt.

As a life coach, i have bought several copies of this to give to others. It really could use an update, but if you truly follow the step by step guidelines you can become debt free. This is no magic bullet, but it certainly can give you a road map. The fifth law of decline says that the negative motion we create in our lives by the poor example of financial discipline that is taught in our society, is painful to reverse. If you commit to making the change in your lives by following this road map, and continued education in economics and sound financial principles, you can change your life dramatically.

This excellent software is part of john cummuta’s transforming debt into wealth system. ‘in just a few moments, debtfree for windows will calculate and display your complete debt-elimination plan – year by year, month by month, and payment by payment. The wealth-building mode helps you rapidly build retirement wealth; and also lets you print out your month-by-month plan. Both modes allow ‘what if’ scenario testing. Simple to use — just fill in the blanks’.

I have been looking for this program for about a year now. I had been using the program, off and on, for 5 years but then i had a house fire and everything was destroyed and i thought i would just be able to find this program but, apparently they have stopped selling the product. I tried several websites and could only find part of the program but not the software so then i decided to try amazon & they had it. If i ever need anything, i will always go to amazon first. This is a great program for showing you how to pay off a debt and it lets you try it all different ways. All in all, it is a program that i will continue to use until i am debt-free.

I bought the tdiw system over 10 years ago. Not tomorrow, not in one year. Over that 10 years i have still used the program, the best part is this software. Sure they give you a cd-rom with all of the forms to fill out manually or the excel spreadsheet to plug the numbers into, but this software is the key to seeing the end product and how long it will take. As i said, i still have the program, but over the years i misplaced the software disc. I am purchasing it again, as it is a useful tool to keep one’s self out of debt.

Debtfree for Windows: Debt-elimination and Wealth Building Software – Transforming Debt into Wealth : I had this program about 14 years ago on the old 1 1/4″ floppy after attending a financial class. Somewhere along the way it was sucked up by a black hole and trying to find a copy through web searches became next to impossible. Just happened to check out amazon one day and lo and behold, here it is. Couldn’t let this one get away. Now that i am retired and living on a fixed income, this is the best set-up for me to monitor and get out of debt more reliably. The thing to remember is to just stick with the plan.

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Debtfree for Windows: Debt-elimination and Wealth Building Software - Transforming Debt into Wealth
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