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Cosmi PC Attorney – Great Program for Avoiding Costlier Attorneys or Paralegals!

This is just what i needed to get the legal forms that i needed.

Has some obvious flaws, however adequete for most legal forms. Has technical and grammer errors. I have purchased this software twice, for the cost it is well worth it.

I have used it before and i use it to write all of our legal contracts. I would recomend it to everyone who has a small business.

I had an old version of pcatty but some how lost it. The new version is not as good as the old one. Still very usable but not as detailed. I still have to say i like it.

  • Great Program for Avoiding Costlier Attorneys or Paralegals!
  • stress free and headache free
  • Worth the Modest Cost

PC Attorney

  • Simple question and answer sessions let you create any form of legal document you need
  • Design over 200 different types of legally binding documents from all 50 states
  • Various options for wills, living wills and trusts
  • Handle your own probate issues, manage estate taxes, insurance and charity and other issues
  • Add new codicils to amend your will in just a few minutes

Few things are useful but there are better products on the market.

Trying to do a will for my husband and myself and simplified for anyone to be able to understand. Would recommended to anyone getting ready to do a will.

This is an excellent program to prepare your own legal documents with if you have talents to legal type document language and want to avid the higher costs of getting them done by an attornjey or paralegal. The foundationf or the essential words required in any number of legal documents is in the templates for those documents in this program, but you will need some legal savvy to go it all alone.

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PC Attorney
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