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Crown Financial Ministries Crown Money Map Financial Software – Crown Money Map Financial Software

Product was identical to what was advertised.

This software does a good, but not great, job. My wife and i have used it for almost two years. On the plus side: it is the only software i have found that does true envelope budgeting. The tools here are much more powerful than quicken or money (i have used both before switching to money map). The system is tremendously powerful and flexible, although it has a steep learning curve. You can’t have powerful, flexible, and easy to use all at the same time. On the minus side: it is sloooooww[. i’ve used other java programs that aren’t this slow, so something else (inefficient database?) is making this program slow. I have a decently fast computer (2. 4ghz dual core processor, more than 2gb of ram, running xp) and still it’s slow. ]

I leave this here for those searching to replace this great software that is no longer supported. I’m switching to the web based ynab. The updates released in 2018, seem to have given ynab enough features that i can use it instead of cmmfs. It does not do everything cmmfs does, sadly. However, for the price (about $60/yr) it has the important features i’m looking for, mainly an envelope like system, tracking spending to category, reports on spending categories. I’m going to miss the daily devotional messages and some of the some of the reports. For the 2007 cmmfs, i’m running in on windows 7, but it crashes about once a week and i have to close it down. At least on mine, i noticed a pattern to the crash, so at the first sign, i save my work and close it out. That’s better than losing my work.

  • Exactly what I needed! Product was identical to what
  • Five Stars
  • this is the perfect solution. What’s great about it is that it

I am using crown financial software with windows 7. I agree that this software does not work well with windows 7 but has anyone tried it with windows 8?.

I like crown money map financial software, it makes it easy to use the envelope system without actual envelopes. You also have a variety of reports you can view your finances with.

Features of Crown Money Map Financial Software

  • Budget Build a realistic budget using the Envelope Budgeting System to spend only what you earn. Import transactions from your bank account directly into Crown Money Map Financial Software
  • Organize Closely monitor and organize your income, expenses, and investments with customizable user preference settings
  • Reminders and Reports Set customized reminders to never miss another payment. Use the handy reporting feature to track your progress, and then print or email the report.
  • Financial Teaching and Advice The Wisdom Portal includes a comprehensive online database of FAQ’s, financial advice, and online tools.

A good program but it takes a lot of work.

I have been using this software forever, and i still haven’t found anything equivalent to replace it. As others have mentioned, it does true envelope budgeting. So if you want to follow dave ramsey’s recommendations of using envelopes but don’t want to use physical envelopes with actual cash, this is the perfect solution. What’s great about it is that it has an ‘income allocation planner’ where you decide ahead of time how each payroll check should be split up among the budget envelopes. This works great if your income is normally a very consistent amount, but even if the amount varies it gives you a good starting point and you can tweak how to handle the difference. I want to stress that this is a true budget that uses double-entry accounting, and encourages you to have the money allocated before you spend it. Most of the software is good at helping you analyze where your money went, but don’t do much on the actual budgeting side. For example, my home owner’s insurance bill comes once a year. So i’ve set up an envelope for it for $1159. The software then lets me know i need to set aside $96. 61 per month to have this amount in a year. So i set that up in the income allocation planner and by the time the bill comes i have the total amount set aside. As others have pointed out, this does not run the greatest on the latest versions of windows. I’m running on windows 10 and it works okay, but it does freeze up occasionally.

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