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I have used other payroll software in the past and an happy with this product. This does not compute the weekly hours, i must do it myself, but otherwise it is a good replacement for my previous payroll.

As good a software as any, especially because its yours after buying.

Ok, i began running this software in june of this year (2016) and this is what i have so far. I am using this to print payroll for 3 separate businesses with no problem, it’s simple. The software prints very professional checks with a small amount of set up time for each business. I should point out that this “set up” is a one time job. Also, i am confident in the federal tax calculations as i have checked, double checked and triple checked these numbers. I am giving ezpaycheck 4 stars for now. This could go to 5 stars depending on how the nj quarterly tax payments go. With the ‘export to excel’ option, and some very minor excel programing i expect the state filing to be smooth.

I bought my copy direct from the company, it has worked for me through two quarterly fillings. I expect same results for last quarter and end of year. I don’t understand the negative reviews, this software does everything it’s supposed to do as far as i’m concerned. This review is more about this company’s integrity. I found an error on their website and pointed it out, to be fair i wanted to try to take advantage of it. At first customer service tried to play it off and they fixed the error, but after i sent them a screen shot of the error, they thanked me for pointing it out,and made a promise to make good on the offer. I expect they will stand by their word, and i will be back next year to give them 5 stars, for a qualityproduct and making good on their promise.

  • Ok, I began running this software in June of
  • The program is easy to set-up
  • Works with Effort.

2018 ezPaycheck Payroll Software for Small Businesses

  • ezPaycheck is the easy-to-use DIY payroll software designed for small businesses
  • Calculate 2018 federal and state payroll taxes, deductions, print paychecks, print tax forms, free support.
  • Supports salary, hourly-rate, commission, tips and customized wages (such as pay-by-piece, pay-by-stop and pay-by-mileage)
  • Flexible tax options for W2/1099 employees, and unique needs of churches & non-profits employees
  • Trusted by thousands of successful companies since Year 2005.

As described, on time delivery.

The program is easy to set-up, and appears to be comprehensive. I was very disappointed to discover the cost of the program (i obtained it 2 weeks ago) was not valid for 2018, without purchasing another license key for a full year. Nowhere in the description does it indicate that a new license would be required or what the cost would be. I haven’t even generated a check yet, and i need to pay another, hidden fee.

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2018 ezPaycheck Payroll Software for Small Businesses
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