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H&R Block TaxCut 2002 Deluxe Filing Edition, Better than TurboTax

Both taxcut federal and state (california) worked perfectly for me. No missing forms, no calculations left to me, and nothing extra i had to do. I had a moderately difficult return (moving between states last year) and the total time to get all my returns done was about 2 1/2 hours. In previous years i’ve used turbotax, but the price and spyware/registration difficulties scared me off, since i was preparing my return on the 12th. No time to fix it if i had problems w/ turbotax. And state packages, got a full rebate for the price of the state package, and was working on the taxes about a half hour after i started the purchase. I’ll definitly use taxcut next year.

I originaly went with turbotax 4 years ago because it was the premier (not to mention the only one i knew) tax software. There customer service was extremely lacking, not offering a 1-800 number for me to call with questions (something some don’t care about, but is important to me). I stuck with it the second year because i wanted to easily import the previous year. Still had problems but stuck it out. The third year i had to download their state program. They made sure to take my credit card info before i downloaded it. My internet connection was lost, and i had to go through the whole thing all over again. That’s right- turbotax billed me twice.

TaxCut 2002 Deluxe Filing Edition

  • No more wading through paperwork for hours — the simple Tax Assistants bring you the financial assistance you need, step-by-step
  • Work out the total taxable value on your stock portfolios, options, and capital gains with no trouble
  • Find out how you can increase your tax and retirement savings with sound advice from H&R Block and Kiplinger
  • Once you’re done, just print out your statement and mail it off, to get your refund faster than ever!

I switched to taxcut last year and turbotax’s inclusion of cdilla spyware in this year’s version only clarified my decision. Taxcut is almost identical to turbotax in many ways, and functions just as well as tt but without the spyware. I have no issues with tt’s decision to use copy protection, but spyware (which does not uninstall if/when you uninstall turbotax) crosses the line. The only flaw that i can see with taxcut is the state filing. When installing and loading the state version, i get a message to install an update to get the latest information. When i click the ‘update now’ button, i’m told i have the latest update – but i can’t go any further in the state preparation until i ‘update now. ‘ a 10 minute search on the taxcut website reveals that some states do not have the latest information available, and you can’t use taxcut state (if your state is one of those) until the update is available – mid-february for me. Why isn’t this information given at installation, or when the ‘update now’ button is presented?. Why not allow me to at least start my state preparation while i wait for the update?.

I have used turbotax since its inception, but of course this year i returned it after i discovered the mess they made of it. I ordered taxcut from amazon which came free shipping and no sales tax, a good deal. Since 1949 i have done my taxes, today in addition to my taxes i do my son’s business taxes, schedule c etc. And my two granddaughters taxes. They each downloaded from the 2001 turbotax program into taxcut without any problems. After using turbotax for so many years i had to learn the taxcut way of doing things but that was no problem they make it all very easy. I am impressed with taxcut and will use it hereafter. All the necessary forms for the refunds were in the box with the addresses. Reading the problems of others in importing from turbotax or not finding return addresses for refunds i rather think it is the computer operator rather than a diabolical scheme perpetrated by h&r block.

I haven’t been entirely happy with turbotax these last few years, and now that they have crippled their software and bundled persistent spy-ware i have switched to taxcut. It’s better and more user friendly. I wish i would have switched sooner.

TaxCut 2002 Deluxe Filing Edition : I started using this for the first time this year because of the brain dead shenanigans being pulled by the folks who did turbotax. I must say right now i am impressed. It mostly looks like any other tax software out there, but i noticed right away that the question/answer session seems to be a lot more well laid out. The questions are easier to understand. Granted, i am no dummy when it comes to finance software, but a lot of people are, and i can see this being a huge advantage for other folks. Probably the best thing though is the price.

H&R Block TaxCut 2004 Complete Home & Business [Old Version], I would buy this product again

I originally wrote this review thinking that taxcut did something wrong in calculating home depreciation for my wife’s home business that was started and stopped in 2004. However, i got an email from the irs today stating that i cannot claim home depreciation for businesses placed in service and disposed of in 2004. Pub 946, page 6 under ‘excepted property’to check to see if taxcut would calculate it correctly if i said i started the businessin 2003, i went back to the interview and changed my business start date to 1/12/2003. After i did this taxcut correctly calculated my depreciation as expected. That was the only issue i had with taxcut. And this is not really an issue since taxcut was right all along. Kudos to taxcut for covering all the details, unlike their competitor, turbotax, which i found 2 major bugs in their software that they try to deny. One bug is that turbotax gave me the home depreciation credit for my part year business. This is not correct according to pub 946. I would have increased my chances of being audited by uncle sam if i filled with turbotax.

The fact that this program can imports from taxcut, turbotax, quicken, microsoft money, was what moved me from turbotax to here the last reviewer may not have noticed but taxcut sent out numerous updates that resolved a lot of issues with the software and it alarmed you multiple times before sending off your taxes from last year almost making it error free. . And they will support you for those errors if any at all if the irs did indeed have to be involved (i had none with my business). After the ‘spyware like’ problems that inuuit’s turbotax and quicken had, it was great to see how easy it was to move to this program as well as my now favorite ms money small business program after being a dedicated user of quicken/turbotax for 5 years and dreading the change. Below’s quotes work for this year and last year for me and i hope for others:’whether you are a novice at tax preparation or a pro looking for shortcuts, taxcut premium 2003, our ‘top 10 reviewers’ choice award winner’ is an excellent product for tax preparation and filing. Taxcut combines a wealth of useful features and information with simple navigation for a good price. ‘top ten reviews’it holds the edge when it comes to calculating income and expenses for self-employment, and it was the most comprehensive and easiest to use in that area.

TaxCut 2004 Complete Home & Business [Old Version]

  • Quickly and easily complete business and personal tax returns
  • Advice on depreciation, expense deductions, and other business considerations
  • Pros and cons of potential home-office deductions; industry-specific business tax tips
  • Improved Schedule C interview; all forms needed to complete Federal tax return

Both complaints i read below sound more like people that are too impatient to wait for the final updates or follow directions, than serious tax filers. If you want to file your taxes in january, you are going to have to fill our the forms manually, the software companies (both taxcut and turbo tax) have to finish their final programming after the irs releases the final rules. I have used taxcut now for 6 or 7 consecutive years. Every year it gets easier to use. I don’t have easy taxes either. I own 5 rental homes and have to deal with all the write-offs and depreciation. Taxcut has been a great help to me. I would recommend it to anyone.

TaxCut 2004 Complete Home & Business [Old Version] :

H&R Block Tax Software Premium & Business 2017 : Four Stars

This is the 5th year i have used this software for trust filing and personal returns. It seems to be working as designed again this year and i (so far. I would normally wait to post a review until actually filing but people who are considering it now might want the opinion vs hearing my 2 cents worth in late march. Just fyi back when we filed 2012 returns we did have serious issues with radio buttons and text boxes not lining up like some have complained about, and we did buy turbotax that year. Since then i have used h&r block premium & business on a different computer than in 2012 without any trouble. We are now running windows 10 on a 4-5 year old computer, and it loaded fine and seems to be operating well. I have taken advantage of the 10% refund bonus from amazon in years past and it has been a simple and dependable process. I will update this review if i encounter any trouble going forward. Hope this helps any considering.

The biggest problem is not the program: it’s great. It’s the lack of a mac version for h&r block’s business taxes. I have to effectively keep an old pc around just for this purpose. There are also minor problems in regard to switching on and off overrides. Also i’ve sometimes had to import my previous taxes more than once as it did not work. But overall this program is great.

Basically does the job but does not have state forms for all stated for s-corp. For colorado, it had the forms but not the guided interview process. Also, it should have more links to explain a variety of tax terminology that are missing. Here are the specifications for the H&R Block Tax Software Premium & Business 2017:

  • Unlimited real time chat with a tax expert
  • Partnership and LLC
  • Estates and trusts
  • Non-profit returns
  • Payroll and employer forms
  • Item is shipped in Frustration-Free Packaging; it is recyclable and comes without excess packaging materials
  • Refund Bonus Offer is a feature of this software and is calculated within the product

Relatively easy to set up and it does the job, eventually. Some of the selection pages have lines of text that do not line up with the radio buttons. I’ve complained in the past, but no response or change. More difficult to add data and respond to diagnostics than the h&r block f1040 software.

The personal side of the package is pretty good – while the business side is a bit clunky. It’s a decent package for the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mostly works but.
  • Working well and good value
  • You should know how to prepare taxes before using this software

Best tax prep software on the market. I’ve been using h&r block (formerly known as tax cut) for over 20 years. Great package and features for the price.

I got the new version installed and went through the import process from the last years business software. Afterward i hit a fairly nasty problem that might be bigger than what i have noticed so far. Most info (i think) imported fine but i have a few vehicles in business service and none of the data showed up in the program to update with this year’s data but the problem is after going through a dry run with close estimated numbers (while waiting for official forms to arrive). When i was looking directly at the forms during the data validation section it had the vehicles with old data. I don’t know about others but if this wasn’t a test and i had submitted forms with bad data it seems like at least i would get the tax return rejected or maybe even slapped with an audit. I have had good luck and fairly impressed with this software in the passed years but coming from a software development background this would be classified as a critical bug and receive immediate attention (especially when dealing with tax laws and a government agency that you normally don’t want to get in trouble with). Until fixed i can’t recommend this specific year’s version of this software. Update:started a new return and went through the import again and now both vehicles show up. Not sure what changed but now that it is working this time around i will change my rating. Since i am not sure what caused it to work the second time around i will only give 4 stars.

H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Home & Business : Business returns much improved over last year

About 4 years ago i switched from turbo tax to tax cut and have never looked back. I find tax cut to be a complete and comprehensive product, easy to install and use.

I’ve used h&r block’s taxcut for a number of years, since turbotax began installing spyware in its software, and i have found the product consistently easy to use and basically worthwhile with a couple of exceptions. The program generally works well on material that it covers with some exceptions. However, as other reviewers have stated, if you have any type of special circumstances to your return, especially in the state returns, then you better know how to prepare the return data yourself, because taxcut will not do it for you. The biggest areas of shortfall are in state return preparation where taxcut simply has you fill out the forms with little or no guidance. This year i found myself in an unusual situation, i bought a car, a prius, so i have state and federal tax credits available to me. Taxcut handled the federal credit fairly well. The exception being that after having asked me the date i purchased the car (rather placed it in service) it then defaulted to the wrong period in a later screen related to the time frame in which i purchased the car, which had i not correct taxcut’s default selection, i would have lost half of my federal tax credit. I don’t know how the state calculation faired, since at the date of review, taxcut has still not published the colorado state tax program. Also, because of the purchase of the car, i opted to deduct the sales tax i paid rather than state income taxes as part of my federal return. Tax cut asked for and properly identified the amount of my state sales taxes, then asked for my county, which was available in my case, but was not in many others, and then asked me to fill in my locality (city) tax rate.

I bought tax cut home and business because it had the proper forms for my llc, unlike turbo tax. Plus, the cost was much cheaper than turbo tax. However, what they don’t tell you is that as often as not, when looking for information, it will direct the user to the government instructions on how to fill out the answer to their questions. Plus, when doing a search, it does not search on key words, only on forms. I did an error check, and it had two of the same errors (on two k-1 forms for two different members of the llc) and it allowed me to change the value on both as it directed me to, but it did not recognize one of the changes, even though it was the same form for two different people. Lastly, it doesn’t automatically import data from the forms you fill out on the business software to your personal return. Unless i’m mistaken, you need to print it out, then manually put the values in the right places. This software is not dumbed down like turbo tax – if you know your way around irs tax forms for business, this software is for you. But then, if you know your way around the irs forms, you don’t need the software. Right now, i’m thinking about going back to turbo tax next year.

Key specs for H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Home & Business + State + e-file [OLD VERSION]:

  • Includes everything you need to complete and e-file your personal and business federal and state taxes
  • Everything from TaxCut Premium + State + E-file plus Complete Business Coverage, Business Tax Planner, Business Depreciation Assistance, 1099-MISC/W-2 Preparation, and K-1 Preparation
  • Step-by-step interview guides you through a customized process
  • Includes advice on how to find every deduction you deserve and get the maximum refund
  • Includes advanced tools for investors and business owners

Comments from buyers

“Good Basic Product, but you better know taxes yourself
, Tax Cut vs. Turbo Tax
, Home is excellent, Business is very good

Problem at first loading, reloaded and now i am smiling. Purchased mainly for the bus tax, found you had to load the personal before the business program.

Very good product for the ‘normal’ tax payer. Schedule c info is very good but some of the intricacies of llc and s-corp fillings are a bit harder to understand and the questions are not as clear as they should be. Bottom line, if you own a home and you have mortgage and/or a sole propitiership, this is top notch 5 stars. If you recently formed an llc and are looking towards this product i would strongly recommend you speak to a tax professional ( a cpa not one of the chain stores) instead.

I would like to give this product 5 stars and in fact the home tax return application gets 5 stars in my opinion. The interview process has been streamlined since 2006 and it is excellent. Before starting the interview for each section you check off some boxes, the boxes you don’t check mean you don’t go through the interview process for those issues. Saving much time and efforton the business side things have gotten better but there are still quite a few holes in the product as far as not having good explanations along the way. I mean it’s basically the same thing every year so why can’t they include a good explanation for every line in every form?. In addition sometimes it’s really difficult to see which worksheet a certain entry is linked. Still a very good product for the money.

H&R Block At Home 2012 Basic – It did the job but had trouble import my personal data from the previous year’s file.

Very good for a not complicated return.

Have used h&r block’s software for 12 years. The basic edition is great for me and provides every schedule i need for preparing taxes, including sked d. Want to save yourself some money?.Walmart is selling this basic 2012 package for $14. Other editions are also discounted at walmart plus you save on shipping charges.

This program works really well for standard taxes and will work for most people. I’ve used it for several years.

  • H&R Block ROCKS!!
  • Covers perfectly simple tax returns needs
  • Second year using it

Doesn’t adversely affect my computer. Switched from turbotax years ago when they poisoned everyone’s boot sector.

The problem with the product is that it does not read previous years’ files, and for some reason it had troubles to import my personal information from my last year’s return and it gave not error messages.

I have been using h&r block for probably 9 years now and love the product. It is easy to use and handles all my needs. I have a small self proprietorship that i claim, it helps me calculate college student deductions, etc. It is a very robust product.

For simple tax returns, it covers all needs; and it is not difficult to input different scenarios to see the most advantageous one, if you have doubts about the best strategy (the basic version is not showing you automatically the most advantageous one). I switch to it because it is cheaper than turbotax, is doing the same thing, and i do not like when companies like turbotax increase their prices only because they think they can do it.

H&R Block TaxCut 2005 Deluxe – Turbo-Tax or Tax Cut?

I switched to taxcut deluxe from turbo tax deluxe several years ago when intuit was requiring an activation key which didn’t work. I was pleased with this product then and find in easy to use. I does impoirt data from the prior year’s return and frommoney, etc. However, when you go to file it asks you to manually look up adjusted gross amounts from both federal andstate returns from the previous year – telling you which lineson the returns to look at – even though it alreadey had importedthese amounts for other purposes. It also does little for statetax complexities except to tell you to read the instructions forthe state return. I don’t kenow of any automated program thatoffers any real help with state returns.

I have been using taxcut for years and will continue to do so. However, this year i’m have problems with downloading the updates. I think it’s related to my new macafe firewall i’m using. I haven’t been able to get the updates even while the firewall is shut off. I’ve gotten around the issue by downloading the self extracting executable from taxcut. Once i download and run this file the update is complete.

About six years ago, i was at a discount office retailer and taxcut was cheaper, so i purchased that instead and found it did the same thing and very well. I used to run windows 95 and now have windows xp. I’ve never had a bit of trouble installing taxcut software on my home computer. Those who do have trouble might be running windows 2000 — it’s known that some software just won’t run on windows 2000. I’ve heard windows 98 might have similar issues. What i can tell you is that taxcut 2005 installs and runs without a hitch on windows xp. As to ease of use, it’s pretty darned easy. The “deluxe” version probably won’t do it for people who are running a business, but it works quite well for those of us who work for an employer and, even though i rent an apartment, all the questions were there for those paying a mortgage so that all itemizable deductions willl be accounted for. Once you install the software, you do have to use your internet connection to update it.

This is now the 6th year that i have used taxcut to prepare my family’s income taxes. While the program may not have changed much on the surface in the last couple of years, it remains solid, efficient, and easy to use, which is my primary concern in financial/tax preparation software. The interview process is straightforward and the interface is user-friendly. Online filing (free after rebate for the first filing) is quick and easy. If you are already using an alternative software product for tax preparation, then i’d recommend sticking with it for the sake of familiarity. If you have used taxcut in the past, or are a first time tax software user, then i highly recommend taxcut 2005 deluxe.

  • Does a good job if you have a straightforward tax situation
  • Excellent and easy to use
  • 6 years running and still excellent.

TaxCut 2005 Deluxe + State [Old Version]

  • Kiplinger’s Tax and Financial Planning Library provides information to help you maximize your finances.
  • From starting a new family to buying a house, TaxCut will help you determine how these changes impact your tax situation.
  • You will enjoy the H&R Block Interactive Library to help you understand the implications of changing tax laws and give you relevant tax advice.
  • Expanded interviews guide you through more involved tax situations like Dependents, Depreciation, Schedule C, and more.
  • H&R Block DeductionPro now included inside

Easy to use with clear instructions. I have used taxcut for the last three years.

I love this product and use it every year. This year however, i finished my return feb2 but when i went to file, the program said i had to wait until mid-february to download the latest update. I could not file without the update and had to wait 2 additional weeks to file.

Very easy to use and by far the best software i have used to date. I feel very sorry for accountants.

H&R Block At Home 2011 Premium & Business [Old Version] : Not As Advertised

It was easy to download and install. It works pretty well but there are some rough edges i hope they’ll fix, such as:1) product updates are very awkward. You have to go to a web page to download the update, then run it. The competition builds updating into their applications so all you have to do is accept the update with a click and it is downloaded and installed automatically. This is the norm for most modern software and i don’t understand why this product does not work this way. 2) saving individual forms, such as your 1040, to a pdf without a bunch of supporting pages and not the entire set does not seem to be supported. I had to save my return then edit it in a pdf editor in order to send just my 1040 to someone. Very awkward and beyond most people’s skills and/or software availability.

This is the 5th year for me using the hr block at home premium+business to prepare a s-corp return and personal returns. Got the software 2/10, and just finished the business return and starting the personal returns. No problem installing either the at home premium or business module. Had no problem importing the 2010 data for either the business or personal returns. You need to note that the business return file is embedded in the software. Therefore, you should not uninstalled the prior year’s software until you are done with this year’ return. The personal return is saved on the hard driver as a. T11) file, and therefore does not have this problem. In the interview screenings of the business software, the boxes and labels initially are mis-aligned, but this was fixed by changing the display dpi to the normal 96.

The state portion of the software is actually not included. I have looked on amazon’s site to address this issue, but there is not convenient way to contact them about this. So i am placing my complaint here. I was going to order the software from a third party through amazon, but then i saw the digital download directly from amazon. I thought i should spend the extra money and have it sooner rather than wait for it in the mail. As a bonus i thought, ‘it’s amazon’. There shouldn’t be any issues. Well i said above, no state tax portion. Here are the specifications for the H&R Block At Home 2011 Premium & Business [Old Version]:

  • Tax software for completing personal and business federal and state taxes
  • Imports last year’s tax data from H&R Block At Home and TurboTax software
  • Payroll and employer forms; personal audit support; unlimited business state returns
  • Includes H&R Block tax expertise–plus H&R Block’s maximum refund guarantee
  • Ideal for corporations, S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, non-profits, and estates and trusts

I was not planning to review this product before i finished my taxes, but i feel that others need to be aware of a couple shortcomings. The product comes as two separate products, and they are coded/written by separate entities. The premium product seems ok so far, but the business product has issues. I was told it is the business product that is outsourced. The most pressing issue is the false advertising of the business product. As of this moment while i’m writing this review, the h&r block and amazon websites still show the inaccuracies. The business product does not import past tax files from turbotax as they claim. This import ability of past turbotax files is not part of the business productsecondly, i’m not sure where their update server for the business product is located, but it is also different from the premium product. I do not have the time to figure out exactly where (guessing overseas), but when updating the business product it takes a very long time. It takes a few minutes to connect and decide if there is anything to download.

I’ve used taxcut for years, then it turned into hrb. It seems like the user interface changes every year, even for other tax software, and i don’t know why. I have to learn it every year. This version from hrb was no different. It is my first time using hrb tax software, and i assumed it would essentially be the same as taxcut, but it erroneously made an additional copy of each 1099 froms which resulted in me owing lots of taxes, but i eventually figured it out and manually fixed. But the worst thing about it is that the help isn’t very helpful. It keeps telling me to go to the general irs website for forms and additional information. What’s the point in getting ‘premium’ tax software if it keeps telling me to figure it out?my user experience was pretty poor, but i didn’t give it a one star because it was still better than filling it out by hand and did most things by itself, as long as you knew what you were doing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Installation is a royal pain, but it can work
  • 2 Glitches – and solutions (2011 Business)
  • Not As Advertised

There is not much to say other than this is the best tax preparation software available. I am a cpa in private practice, after 10 years in public practice, and have been using this product for over 17 years now. I do about 15-20 returns per year for close friends and family, many with complicated tax issues. It is easy to use for both the experienced preparer and the novice user. I personally buy the home and business edition because it has many forms i use at work.

As a cpa, i am somewhat particular about the software and tools i use for my own taxes. I’ve used taxcut for the last several years, and find the personal product to be good, a good value, and easy to use with the interview. The help screens and videos are ok, and will get you generally where you need to go. The business is a bit clunky, and you had better have a clue as to what you are doing here, as the help is near worthless. The errors and overrides are difficult to clear as well. For personal, tough to beat. For business, functional with some reservations. A good value for the dollar on the business side, however.

H&R Block At Home 2010 Basic Federal : Good taxes done at home.

Cheaper here than the download online. The download does not included a backup disk – hr block wants $10 more for the disk.

If you cant do the free ones on line because you make too much, use this. Works pretty well for moderately complex taxes. Why pay 100 to 300 for private tax person?. They sometimes get you bigger refunds, especially on complexity. Even does simple shoe box business. Collecting the forms and info to do the taxes is the hardest part and you have to do that anyway.

I’ve used this product line for 15 years & like it much better than turbo tax. I wish they’d stop changing it’s name, tho – must be confusing to those who don’t know the brand.

Key specs for H&R Block At Home 2010 Basic Federal + eFile (Old Version):

  • Do-it-yourself tax software for simple tax situations
  • Everything needed to easily complete federal tax returns
  • Customized interview process; step-by-step guidance; easy-to-use interface
  • Double-checks for errors; 5 free federal e-files; audit support
  • Import data from W-2, 1099, and last year’s return; Maximum Refund Guarantee

Comments from buyers

“H&R Block basic (federal, no state), Good taxes done at home., RELIABLE TAX PREP SOFTWARE”

H&r block basic seems to everything turbotax basic does for 60% of the price. If you want the state software also then h&r block is about the same price (or even a bit more) than turbotax federal and state. I was able to import last years turbotax return in with no hassles. I missed the state sales tax entry the first time through and h&r block software did not catch that for some reason, but just review your return before you file it and it works great.

Easy to use and understand with pop-up explanations on just about every line. I took mine in for a free second look at one of their offices. He looked it over while i was there and found no mistakes.

Easy to use, asks all the right initial and follow-up questions. Provides viable explanations when a deduction is not available to the taxpayer. For those who prefer to do their own taxes, this software makes it easy year after year.

H&R Block At Home 2011 Deluxe Federal – It was basically a coupon

Amazon had an offer to get fifty dollars of a toshiba laptop if you bought it with this h&r block software. We already did our taxes for the year at a local h&r block office, but we only paid twenty bucks for this and got fifty off the laptop, so it was worth it. Seems like good software, but we prefer going into the office.

I have purchased this h&r block software for the last 3 tax periods. It is easy to use and walks you through the necessary steps to ensure you get the best benefits for the tax year. Updates are provided, as they become available. H&r block stands behind the software and makes the same commitments you receive if dealing with one of their tax preparation offices.

My husband needed this h&r block 2011 edition to do his past taxes. This cd was in perfect condition. I would recommend this product to anyone.

I did my girlfriend’s taxes last night with this software and started my own. Hers were simple, basically a 1040 ez. Mine are much more complicated due to purchasing a house in 2011. It took me about a half hour to breeze through most of my taxes. As soon as i get a final form i’m waiting for i’ll be done.

  • H&R Block Tax Software is Easy to Use and Inexpensive!
  • Fairly Good Tax Software
  • Good Tax preparation program

H&R Block At Home 2011 Deluxe Federal

  • Federal tax software for those with more complex tax situations
  • Ideal for homeowners and investors; customized interview process
  • Imports last year’s tax data from H&R Block At Home and TurboTax software
  • Accuracy Review checks returns to make sure they’re accurate and complete
  • Includes H&R Block tax expertise–plus H&R Block’s maximum refund guarantee

I have used this software for years to do my taxes. Even though i own a home i use a fairly simple version, and feel you don’t have to spend more to do your taxes. But, if you do, you can upgrade on the fly, so no need to do so ahead of time. The five free e-files are a nice touch as my live at home kids can use it and file also. My state has free online filing so i don’t bother paying for a state version.

This is our 4th year with the h&r block product (formerly tax cut). This year took a bit longer despite it being a simpler return. The program kept wanting to check for updates each time we began. Some of the screens didn’t update as quickly as before and information didn’t seem as obvious. The whole process just seemed a bit more complicated. If this was my first year using it i’m not sure i would return next year. However, with 4 years of good refunds and the h&r block reputation we will be back to this product next year and hope it returns to some of the easier formats from the past. Compared to other programs or using an in-person tax preparer, the cost can’t be beat. And for multiple family member filers, the cost can be shared with up to 4 other people (5 free federal files included) and the cost becomes truly minimal.

I have used h&r block tax program since 2009 and i am pleased with it. It imports relevant information from the previous tax year. I enter the income part manually so i am not familiar with importing from financial institutions and from financial software programs, but it has that capability. It also has another software that can be used to calculate and record deductions, called deduction pro, but the program itself runs on line and the records can be imported to the federal tax program. Very good help files text and video. Good price downloaded, a bit more for the shipped cd but still very reasonable. I give this product 5 stars.

H&R Block Taxcut 2006 Home & Business : I bought by mistake: no help with Schedule C Sole Prop.

The home version of this program is very good, perhaps 4 or 5 stars. The business version is a little buggy. I woud give it 2 stars for an average for the product of 3 stars. If you know what you’re doing you won’t have a problem. The business program isn’t set up to handle large screen fonts, formatting will be off but you can figure it out. In addition you can’t import last year’s data unless you actually have the last year’s version installed. No way am i going to keep tax software on my computer once i’ve filed.

Taxcut has always been my first choice and still is. I found the business software not quite as helpful in explainations as the personal software is. I still had little difficulty in finding exactly what i needed by using the help menu and going to the irs site link inside taxcut.

Although i knew that in my state, my new limited liability partnernship income would be submitted on schedule c, i bought the business version, thinking it would help me with my first business submission. This package does not help in any way with schedule c business expenses: it just refers you back to the premium edition, which wasn’t all that helpful, either (i expected more). I may have to hire an accountant after all.

Key specs for H&R Block Taxcut 2006 Home & Business + State:

  • Your complete tax solution to prepare your personal and business tax returns
  • Perfect for sole proprietors and small business owners
  • Also includes H&R Block DeductionPro, a free consultation, and WILLPower Software
  • Backed by the experienced tax professionals at H&R Block
  • Worry-free Audit Support – H&R Block is there to help in the rare event of an audit

Comments from buyers

“Good Program, great value – A little buggy, Decent – But Not as Good as TaxCut’s Nonbusiness Product, Home is good, Business needs some work.”

The product is ok, but i am a tax professional and know where to put things. I have used turbo tax in the past and prefer it greatly over this product. Also, i was needing to get cd’s to update my program due to trouble with my internet connection and was told that the business updates wouldn’t be available until after march 30. Corporate tax returns are due march 15th. They were very unhelpful and rude.

Taxcut arguably makes the best personal tax software products available (yeah i’m saying it is better than turbo tax – i’ve used both – plus, it doesn’t load sneaky programs onto your pc like turbo tax did). However, their business version isn’t as refined. The interview process is limited (you need a working knowledge of filling out the various tax forms). You get the sense that tax cut expects most businesses to use a tax professional and they threw this product out there just so they would have an entry in the business tax software category. However, it is definitely usable and worthwhile for those that do their own business taxes. The only serious drawback is that it lacks efiling. You must print out the forms and mail them in. This all but ensures that the irs will make errors as they manually transfer the figures from your forms into their computers. Come on h&r block, add efiling to this product (please).

I have used this product over the last few years and each year it has improved in usability. The first year i bought it for the lower price over turbo tax. Now i buy it because i consider it an excellent product.