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Intuit, Inc.

Intuit, Inc. Quicken Premier 2013, Just an OK replacement

I have been enjoying quicken 11 but what is sort of extorted into upgrading to quicken 16.

Have used this software for years. Not so sure i really trust mobile sites though. I’d never enter data on ipad / iphone. I use them just for viewing something.

It came on time, in a plain ‘worldwide’ disk pack inside a protected mailer. The label on the outside of the pack says ‘quicken premier 2013 new’ – not a quicken label, and certainly not in a red quicken box as the advertising would suggest. I believe this was advertised as being in an unopened box; that is not the case. I won’t be able to tell whether it works until i go down to visit my mother (who is using quicken 2004 at age 95) but i would suggest that to show the item in the ad as being in the original quicken box, unopened, and then not get what was advertised is bending the truth a fair amount. I don’t think it crosses a red line, but it does seem less above board than i would have hoped for. Prime customer frank mitchell.

I have been buying quicken over and over hoping they would finally make real improvements but they never do. They keep adding new gimmicks but never really improve the basic program. I think the reports are atrocious. I usually export them to excel to make sense out of them. Why do they put the totals at the top of the column instead of at the bottom?. Also it is very confusing to have the additions and subtractions in the same column. For awhile i even purchased quick books, but that program doesn’t do investments. Maybe next year i will try something different.

This was a smooth transaction and i would recommend this seller. I would be happy to use this seller again, this was a great product for a good price.

Quicken Premier 2013 : Bought this program to replace microsoft money which stopped working after microsoft stopped making it. Although, it seems to run ok, i sure miss my old microsoft money. Just liked the microsoft money format and ease of use much better.

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