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Intuit QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION] – Easy!

It was cheeper to buty the new 2010 version with payroll through amazon than it was to just upgrade the payroll software. Just note that intuit will try to soak you with all these add on options that (i feel) are unneeded. The 2010 version just brings additional ways they try to charge you more for additional services.

Incase you are like me, a complete novice at accounting and payroll i can tell you this can be pretty useless. I couldn’t get this to do anything really for payroll. I ended up buying some payroll subscription that was like 300 dollars extra a year to be able to do something with the software. It comes with no instructions whatsoever.You either have to chat, call or get a book to get some idea of how to use it. The payroll customer support, however, is outstanding. They guide you through what you need assitance with and are so patient. Don’t like that you have to pay extra for it to do what should’ve just been standard. Nonetheless, it appears that once i get a hang of it (i bought a book to help me) this may have a lot to offer.

Quickbooks pro 2010 is easy to install. Easy to move my records over. Easy to continue running the office instead of trying to ‘work things out’. As always, amazon is my preferred way to order anything.Everything is smooth and uncomplicated.

  • Good value
  • This is ONLY the beginning
  • never received this item

Quickbooks is ok for general use. It becomes more difficult to work with when you have more industry specific items to work with sometimes. I would like to see a longer item list description. Part numbers can be very long sometimes and it doesn’t leave room for a text description. Intuit also takes your credit card info and automatically renews your payroll subscription without your permission. You can’t shut off the auto renew either. You have to call them after you find out that they have charged you and ask for a refund. They also set up a charge twice so that you have two authorizations holding your money for several days. They may only run one charge but they authorize it twice. Overall they have the market for a general small business accounting system.

The enhanced payroll module is easy to use, understandable, and using the federal deposit enhancement is so simple. This program is as good as, and better than most, much more expensive modules that attach to the overall accounting program.

Features of QuickBooks Pro w/Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]

  • Bundles QuickBooks Pro 2010 and QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced for 1-3 Employees
  • Easily organize and maintain your business finances, all in one place
  • Automatically calculate payroll taxes and create paychecks in just a few clicks
  • Save time and money by tracking every dollar going in and out of your business
  • Easily add more employees as your business grows

Overall i really like enhanced payroll and it does everthing i need and works very well. I really only use it for the payroll, to help me with payroll taxes and to e-file them. These features are excellent. My business is so small that i do not use the rest of the program. It is easier for me to do the little amount of book-keeping i have without the quickbooks part of the program. I have found it too complex and time consuming for my needs. If you had a super small business version without all the complex features and still have payroll. I’m sure i could learn to use it but i just don’t have the time.

This is an excellent value, considering the separate cost of quickbooks pro and then payroll by themselves. I needed to get this for my business as quickbooks (for no good reason that i can tell) requires you to get the latest version every three years if you want to use their payroll. And considering what it costs to pay an accountant or other service to do your payroll for you (even for 1 to 3 employees), you definitely do want to use quickbooks for payroll.And it’s bad, because obviously there’s no reasonable cause to have to buy the latest version of quickbooks other than that they require it of you (i can’t think of one feature i need in the new version. )but that being said, this was a very good deal. And contrary to what some other reviewers have warned about, i did not have to make one single phone call to validate / activate my software or payroll service. I think the other reviewers must not have explored their options fully, you can do this with a couple of clicks online.

Intuit Quicken Premier 2007 [OLDER VERSION] – Not Bad

A little disappointed in this version. I have had quicken for a number of years and this is the first year i have really had problems. It was mainly in the banking downloads. Also had memory problems also, which was not relating to my pc. At least they listen to the problems – i just got an update that solved the memory problems and my banking downloads seem to be working fine now. I called customer service and they were very helpful in getting some of this resolved. Hopefully, they will keep providing updates. Otherwise, this is a great financial software package. Don’t be afraid to buy it since it appears they are fixing some of the problems that came out in the beginning. I would have given it a 5 star rating if it had not been for the glitches.

It’s ok, does what it is intended for but just not for me as i realized i won’t use it and had little interest in getting involed in the many features it has but to someone who is financially inclined and does allot with there money and needs organization and or connecting accts and tax stuff this may be good for you.

After reading mixed reviews on premier 2007, i decided to go with my previous good experiences with quicken products and give it a try. This product has done everything that i hoped it would, and more. Since i’ve retired and begun withdrawls on my investments, i’ve wanted to simplify the tracking of my financial accounts. With premier 2007 it’s been very easy to download all of my financial transactions and eliminate almost all of the manual entries that i previously had to do. Other features, such as financial analysis, graphing, etc, have also worked well and been very useful. Of course, the general program functioning is just as good as i’ve come to expect based on other quicken programs i’ve owned. My only problem (and i’m a long way from having tried all the program features) is that i can’t set up the calendar with repeat payment due dates as a “reference only” tool, because without having set up bill payment through quicken bill pay these calendar entries are seen as unpaid bills, which is then negatively reflected in my cash flow. This problem aside, i can highly recommend quicken premier 2007.

My wife and i have always had trouble tracking our finances. We aren’t experienced with other quicken (or ms money) products so this was a bit of a stab in the dark. But we needed to get some control and understanding of where we were spending our money – beyond what our check register showed. It takes some time and some work and there were a few times where i was banging my head on the desk, but in the end quicken 2007 is a superb product. I have had problems with the auto update, but i prefer to get the statement (online) and then verify my entries myself, anyway. Its quick to get going, easy to update and gives you all kinds of up to date reports about your finances and how you track them. Its helped us reduce unnecessary expenses and create a budget that is much easier to stick to than we expected. If understanding your personal finances is something you are interested in, and want to do better, i highly recommend quicken 2007.

  • Quicken Premier 2007
  • Not Bad
  • Quicken Premiere 2007

Quicken Premier 2007 [OLDER VERSION]

  • No rebate needed – not eligible for Intuit mail in rebates.
  • Get instant insights into your spending with quick reports, charts and graphs
  • Easily track and analyze the performance of your investments and 401(k)s; powerful investment tools help you define your goals and conduct research
  • Connect with over 4,000 participating financial institutions to download your bank and credit card information for easy reconciliation
  • Keeps all your tax documents in one place; use Schedule A, B, and D tax reports to help you stay on top of your tax situation throughout the year

Qif support went away a few years back, this is nothing new. Many banking institutions support qfx. Often times with quicken releases, there are no dramatic changes between releases, just enough changes to make it look like management is doing something to improve and release a new product. My experience as a quicken user since 1990 has been that it is always best with quicken releases to wait until the first patch release is available before buying. This has become more apparent in the year 2000+ releases. Intuit outsources a lot of their functions overseas, so they lose efficiency and control with their product development and support. While overseas services help improve a balance sheet so the ceo can reap bigger performance bonuses, it often yields lower quality and services in the end.

I find this software to work fantastic for my bank records, investments and really enjoy the budgeting capabilities. I have used both money and quicken. In my honest opinion, either will suit your needs for home finances. I like 2007’s home view, as it gives you a snapshot of where you stand financially for that particular day, and you can look at a graph and see where you’ll be for the month. Getting set up is easy, and entering recurring transactions is pretty simple. The only reason i am giving it 4 stars is that it can get a little bulky when you delve into some of the reports. A little more simplicity, maybe even some cookie cutter reports, would make viewing some of the financial reports a little easier. Overall, if you are not using either quicken or money, you should try one of them out, it really makes life a little easier.

I just upgraded to quicken premier 2007 from quicken 2004. Evidently there have been some serious improvements in the last 3 years. I love the effortless on-line interactions. I now have quicken paying my bills, pulling down (from the internet) my credit card transactions, investment accounts, and bank statements with almost no effort on my part. It really shortens the amount of time i sit and do my household book keeping. I have found this version to be very intuit-ive (pun intended) and powerful.

Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION] : Quickbooks Pro 2009

We’ve been using quickbooks accounting for five years after using sbt and peachtree. This is our third quickbooks purchase and it meets all expectations for being an excellent accounting software program. My only beef is intuit rescinds support after three years forcing you to ‘upgrade’ (i. Purchase the same basic program for an additional $380 minus two users). Our 2006 pro 5-user operated perfectly fine until we received notices our payroll and email service provided by expire unless you purchase the new product. So i rate the program 5 stars but intuit’s extortionist policies leave much to be desired. I feel they should be forced to disclose to the buyer that they are ‘renting’ their product for three years (or will they shorten to two.

I am bookkeeper for a small business and we were using qb 2006 until this forced upgrade by intuit. We weren’t happy initially because of the cash outlay, ($380 because we need it for 2 users at a time), but our fears were unfounded. It not only works better than 2006, but the install went smoothly and we have had no problems. My 2006 version had been giving me trouble for about the last 6 months and all that is gone now. Qb was freezing and then either shutting down or i had to shut it down using the taskmaster. What a royal pain it had become. 2009 has some nice new features, and overall appears to be a better product than 2006. I use almost all of the reports and am having no trouble at all. I also export a lot because there are limitations to what qb reports will do, and i want more flexibility. I am perfectly satisfied with what it does.

I’ve been using the 2006 version of qbk, also subscribe to their payroll service which costs about $300 / year. Just paid it and a few days later they notify by a message that it will no longer be supported unless we upgrade to the new version. . Isn’t that great?well, fine, i got the new version 2009, which is 3 updates later. I was afraid that after using it for 3 years, we are use to it, don’t want too many changes to it like what msft office did with 2007 version which ruined the whole thing. Installed it, well, it’s suffice to say 2009 is 99. Although i’m glad we didn’t need to relearn everything, but to spend $350 on the same thing kind of sucks. It’s dumb that we pay $350 for a subscription that they stopped supporting. After 3 years, there’s a lot of data built up. Here are the specifications for the Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User [OLD VERSION]:

  • Installation wizard helps you setup QuickBooks for multiple users
  • Stay in control and keep your data protected-limit employee access by allowing different levels of permission within your company’s QuickBooks file
  • Instantly communicate with others using your company’s QuickBooks file with QuickBooks Messenger
  • Run reports while others work simultaneously in the company file
  • Easily switch from multi to single-user mode as needed

I am a cpa and many of my clients use quickbooks. It offers many features for my clients to get their accounting information to me and allows me to make corrections and adjustments and return the changes so that they can update their data without making manual entries. This product also interfaces with turbo tax and lacerte which are tax preparation programs offered by intuit. It is easy to use and only required proper initial setup for a smooth running accounting program.

Can retrieve info at the touch of a button.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quckbooks Pro
  • Excellent/Worth Every Penny
  • Forced to upgrade because QBK will stop support it not

Quickbooks pro 2009we use the 3 user version of quickbooks pro 2009. This is the best upgrade ever and we have been using quick books almost since the first version came out. The new one is faster and eisier to use than any other version.

Overall, this product works great. We upgraded from qb pro 2004 to qb pro 2009 – there was some corruption of data (the balance sheets didn’t balance), but this was easily fixed with the new utilities features. You’ll need a ‘newer’ machine to get decent speed, but again, overall, a great financial accounting product.

Intuit QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION], Using Enhanced Payroll is EASY!

Being a small firm – keeping up with ever changing tax laws both state and federal is a massive chore that qb makes effortless. It is like having a full time accountant on staff 24/7.

I have been using this system for the past 6 years and it is great. It is so easy to understand and easy to teach as well. During the past 6 years i have taught 4 other people within my company how to do payroll in case of my absence. I love the feature of telling me which taxes are due and when. Overall this is a great program to help you efficiently run your payroll.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]

  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced helps you complete your entire payroll in just a few clicks
  • Automatically calculate payroll taxes and create paychecks in just a few clicks
  • Instantly generates federal and state tax forms for you–use E-File for no additional cost
  • Get started quickly with an easy step-by-step setup guide
  • Easily add more employees as your business grows

We track many details through our payroll that allows us to really see the different expenses in type of labor such as direct and indirect along with 20 different codes. We are able to produce highly effective reports by employee and by job. Payroll is very simple overall. We just opened an office wyoming and the ease of having an out of state employee is wonderful.

We have used quickbooks payroll for many years now. There has never been another product that suited our needs as well as this one. It is easy to learn and use and we are confident our payroll meets all guidelines and rules.

I am very impressed with how intuitive quickbooks is. I have done payroll in very complicated accounting systems and quickbooks is so easy. I was able to set it up by myself and have been up and running for almost 2 years. I would recommend quickbooks to anyone.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION] : I have been an enhanced payroll user for many years. As a small business it allows me to control my payroll cost but affords the security of knowing my taxes are calculated correctly. With direct deposit i do not have to be physically be here to do payroll. If i am on vacation i can do payroll and have my employees paid on time. They appreciate that as much as i do. This is a very effective way to create accurate payrolls, taxes and allow freedom in my work schedule.

Intuit QuickBooks Premier Industry Editions 3-User 2014 [Old Version] – Upgrade from 2011

This was yet another forced upgrade from intuit. This is really the only thing that bothers me about this software package. I’ve used quickbooks for 10+ years and it is a great tool for small business accounting. It is very user friendly and very easy to use. We run payroll with direct deposit for 50+ employees out of this program and although 2011 was still functioning fine and serving all our needs, intuit stops supporting any additional functions after 3 years. You have to pay for a payroll subscription on an annual basis ($400+), so ours was still good until december 2014, but we would have been cut off from using it after may 2014. They won’t even sell you additional licenses (you can have up to 5 with premier) after 2 years. I’ve been using the 2014 version for a couple of weeks now and they’ve spruced up the look from 2011 and added some new menu options, but this is otherwise the same program. My only other gripe is that there is still no “undo” button. If you accidently delete something there is no way to quickly fix this, you have to re-enter.

After few days of installation i got an error message on 2 pcs that that some. Dll file got corrupted and to resolve this issue i had to re install the software. Also learned during the process that this is a known issue. However, i do like the new features of 2014 version especially since i upgraded from 2011.

We have 3 users and a server which were updated to 2014. It was not as easy as it should be. The admin password had to be reset several times. The last of which required a 1 hour call to tech support. If you’re going to force us to upgrade every 3 years, at least make it a simpler transparent process.

Program is working perfectly, wished i shopped here for it a year ago.

  • Upgrade from 2011
  • Not much of an improvement
  • Good features but buggy

QuickBooks Premier Industry Editions 3-User 2014 [Old Version]

  • Easy to set up, learn and use
  • Organize everything in one place and save time on everyday tasks
  • Track how your business is doing with one-click financial, tax and sales reports
  • Drill down into the data you need with industry-specific reports and tools
  • Get complete and reliable records at tax time

As always, quickbooks does a good job of many things, but not necessarily great at doing specific things.

I upgraded from quickbooks 2011 and, honestly, there isn’t much difference here. The format it entirely the same with a few cosmetic differences. I’ve also had some issues with the program crashing. This tends to happen the most (about once per month) when processing credit card transactions. They payment will go through, but it won’t record the transaction when this happens, which means you have to make a new transaction to match. Ultimately, this is a good product; it suits our small business’ needs nicely. But, having upgraded, i see why some people wait to years and years before getting the latest version.

Unable to control box size as i did with 2012 qb pro.

Intuit QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2012 : Buy your update here, not through Quickbooks

This wasn’t clear to me, but to use this payroll program, you must also have quickbooks installed. When adding the two together, the software is around $400.

Once you get all of your accounts set up it is very simple to operate. Updates can be set to automatic so you do not have to worry about it being correct.

I bought this in 2012 as part of a package deal with quickbooks pro 2012; i didn’t activate it (since had active payroll subscription at the time) until april 2013. The only thing to know is you can’t just pop in the dvd and register if you have a current subscription in place. There was an intuit phone number and instructions i followed to get it registered and activated. I have used intuit quickbooks and payroll for more than 10 years. I just have same complaint about the default setting of ‘auto renewal’ is imbedded in the program. It is possible to get that removed; which i did. They don’t like to do it and try to make you keep a credit card on file; but it is not mandetory. If you call them to request it, stick to your guns and make them change it.

Key specs for QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2012:

  • Save time paying employees with instant paychecks and Direct Deposit
  • Generate reports and work with your accountant on payroll tax payments & filings
  • Integrated with QuickBooks
  • Free expert help when you need it

Comments from buyers

“Buy your update here, not through Quickbooks
, Great buy
, you need quickbooks

Quickbooks is easy to understand and easy to use even when you are a first time business owner, we have always used quickbooks because we like that you can set up customers and employee’s easily and print any report you might need for our accountant.

I used to do payroll by hand; have had a cpa in the past also; bottom line this is a great intuitive easy program to use. I have used this payroll service for 9 years, no, absolutely no problems and i have usually had about 7 employees. If i have a question, the excellent customer service department has always been able to answer it – however i can count the times i needed answers on one hand because it is so easy. Everything i need for month end, quarter end, and year end is at my fingertips. I can drill down in many different ways to look at data. Bottom line – i am taking the time to endorse this product.

Quickbooks basic payroll subscription gives you all the tools and advice necessary to make payroll a breeze. Auto-calculations for salary, taxes, and other deductions are a life saver to the busy office manager.

Intuit Quicken Rental Property Manager 2 – Still using it for over 3 years

Pros:-exports to turbotax, including expenses, income, and mileage-enter expenses tagged to a line item in one place, such as mileage (i. Good for tracking mileage to home depot by tagging mileage to my purchase expense for that trip)-somewhat easy to share expenses across properties-saves all types of business names that a user enters, and displays them in a drop down menu for future entries-excellent for novice rental property ownerscons:-known report printing issues (note the workaround below that i figured out)-somewhat cumbersome to enter line itemsdetails~qrpm is excellent for the novice rental property owner, and still good for a seasoned owner. When i first bought my rental properties 4 years ago, i had an accountant complete my taxes. I had to give him total expense and revenue figures, so i got this program to help guide me. Qrpm has all the categories for all types of expenses for tax reporting purposes, and i find it to be very helpful. I am an extremely avid excel user, and i had no clue which expenses should be applied to which category, and if those categories could be written off completely or partially from income taxes. Printing problems with quicken rental property manager 2. 0 and solution:printing the reports does not work properly in this version of qrpm, and according to intuit’s support q&a, is a known bug. However, there is a workaround that i figured out on my own:1.

Excellent tool, it is easy to learn and affords the owner the ability to instantly see the profitability of units.

The software says its for xp and lower, the cd wouldn’t install and trying to run the install executables individually would give an error about the wrong os. I was using windows virtual machine running xp, but that made it difficult to back up the quicken data file and to print out reports. Just found 2 ways that work natively in windows 7. Cab file from the cd into a directory. There are about 20-25 files, and one of them is qrental. Exe which is the main program and it runs fine with no issues in widows 7. I also copied the quicken files out of my xp virtual machine into windows 7: the program files directory, as well as my quicken data file which gets saved to the my documents directory by default. The quicken directory from the program files directory also had qrental. That also ran directly in windows 7. I have searched for answers on this topic before and only saw posts that say its unsupported or to try selecting different compatibility modes, run as administrator, etc. None of those thing help at all, and none seemed to mention this.

  • Still using it for over 3 years
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent Tool

I bought this product so it would make my life easier to track rental expenses & income and it does just that. Nothing elaborate or very sophisticated so you don’t have to be a computer wiz to use. I have not tried the import feature yet, but it states it will import directly into turbotax. There are other packages that do more out there, but if you are looking for a simple, easy to use rental tracking package than this is it.

I have found qrpm to have all the functionality i expected. It allows me to enter and retreive data as needed. It also lets me update entries. It is the best program for the price i have found.

Features of Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0 [Old Version]

  • Organize all your information in one place, into simple sheets
  • Track all your income, expenses, and tax information
  • Save time retrieving financial information — Easily categorize your financial information throughout the year using the income and expense log
  • See how your properties are performing — get instant answers to your questions about profitability
  • Take every allowable deduction all year, as you record your expenses into a Schedule E category list

This product is very easy to navigate. If you are just starting your real estate investing, this is the software to help you keep things straight.

Easy to use and install added sections you may not have thought were important but in the tax world it’s very important. Even though my dog chewed up the disk in one week the program runs well and didnt take up too much space on my hard drive.

Intuit QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2008 [OLDER VERSION] : Works Great

This is an excellent product. Activation, something i was worried about, was a breeze and did not require any assistance from quickbooks customer service.

Once setup, my life is simple, payroll is done in moments and i have a full accounting of the business at all times. I don’t think any small business should be without it.

Enhanced payroll is a good product and saved our company a lot of money in payroll services. Just keep in mind if your subscription expires before you have a chance to print off your end of year forms such as w2 and 1099, you will have to purchase another year to get them printed. Kinda like your information are being locked up and ransome is required.

Key specs for QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2008 [OLDER VERSION]:

  • Automatically fills in state and federal tax forms with QuickBooks data–you just print, sign, and mail, or E-File & Pay at no additional charge
  • Payroll taxes, earnings, and deductions are calculated automatically based on the data you enter
  • Quickly download the latest federal and state tax tables
  • Track Workers’ Compensation costs; offer Direct Deposit to your employees
  • Step-by-step guidance makes it easy to set-up and get started

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, This will save you money
, Works Great

It saved me a lot of money and is very easy to use. To get a professional service to do your payroll will cost you a minimum of $1000(i have a small business). I subscribed to quickbook’s monthly support for 1 month ($29)to make sure i really knew what i was doing. Their support is 2nd to none. I have never done payroll before but feel like i have no problem in mastering this.

Quickbooks payroll works ok, but their registration process and business practices stink. Even though i had already purchased the product from a vendor, when i was almost thru with the registration process, quickbooks asks for a credit card number. There is no way to complete the registration without a credit card number to get the key code. Calling their help line connects you to someone in indonesia that has no clue as to what you are talking about. Intuit wants the credit card number so they can automaticly renew your subscription to payroll services the next year at a price of $299. They also set the product to quit functioning the third of jan. I will be looking into another accounting program.

2nd year of qb payroll and it is just as great as the first. I chose to remove my credit card info for the automatic renewal. Qb charges $349/yr for renewal. I bought the new version last yr for about $280. I found enhanced payroll at amazon for $205 this year. Do not do the auto renew, buy from amazon. Why is qb charging their current customers so much????????.

Intuit QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 [OLD VERSION], Too Big

We have used qbooks for company records for over 10 years. Each upgrade brings more features and resolves usability issues that arise with complicated usage. Anyone and everyone that owns a business whether sole proprietor, llc, etc. It is the only recognized standard for personal use and easily sent to your accountant for tax review and filing.

Like the other reviewers, i’m wowed by some of the new features (toggle version, company snapshot, etc. ) however, the new online banking is a big loser in my book. It is very cumbersome to match transactions, especially if they were not entered in your register in the first place. You cannot create new vendor names on the fly, and it does not recognize typing in the vendor window. You have to open the drop-down and scroll though all the nams to find the one you need. In addition, qb closes all windows when you open the match transactions part, so you can’t hop over and check anything when you are trying to match. It is so much trouble that i’ve given up using it (and i’ve used online banking daily since it first appeared in qb’s) and gone back to doing a manual match from my bank’s online banking transaction list. If i could reverse my data, i would take my company back to the 2008 version for this issue alone. All that being said, as the owner of a bookkeeping firm with over 70 clients, quickbooks is my #1 choice for accounting software. It is user friendly, intuitive (get it, intuitive?) and allows you to manipulate reports to always achieve what you need.

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 [OLD VERSION]

  • Perform write-up, review, and financial reporting with built-in tools like the Working Trial Balance
  • Provide the convenience of “on-site” service without leaving your office via the internet.
  • Exchange, adjust and return client prior period accounting records with the improved

I wanted to wait until the first of year to write off as next year business expense, but the savings were better than the tax deduction.

We have just started using the program. The main problem i see is the minimum requirements for the program to work are way to high. Programmers must be getting lazy these days for a program to keep books to require more machine than one of the top income tax programs. Seems quickbooks 2009 will lose a lot of sales due to people not being able to afford to upgrade their computer. Intuit should be careful not to bell and whistle themselves right out of business.

As a certified proadvisor, i have to admit, i hated the online banking changes – specifically adding transactions. I missed my ‘add multiple’ option and found the new interface clunky and time consuming. With the updated intuit recently released, they’ve greatly improved the entire online banking process. That being said, i think the setup process for online banking is an improvement, and i love the client data review module. This is a fabulous tool to use with new clients, at end of year, and for ‘tune up’ engagements. I find the help menu and the online quickbooks community a wonderful addition and great resources for my clients as well. I think this is a great product and have been recommending it to all my clients asking about upgrading.

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 [OLD VERSION] : Quickbooks premier accountant edition 2009 has the ability to switch to any other version (construction, retail, etc. ) so you can view your client’s files in the same manner s/he does–especially useful if you provide software assistance as well or set your clients up from scratch. I upgraded from 2004 and wow have there been improvements. The home screen with its flow chart helps simplify accounting and provides links to most common processes. The company snapshot is a great at-a-glance tool, and interactivity with excel and word have been enhanced. My personal favorite is the ability to email invoices to my clients, more and more of whom use the ‘net as their preferred communications method. The only downside is the (necessary) size of the program. You will want to upgrade your memory if you have less than 1 gb (i’m getting by with half that but it does slow me down).

Intuit QuickBooks Basic Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION] : Makes it so easy!

I like the product ok but to install it and start the service i ended up talking to 4 different people and it took over two and a half hours.

I have one hourly employee plus myself and pay weekly. I use the basic payroll service and file all my own forms. It reminds you of the filing dates. It is very flexible and allows you to tailor it to your own needs. It was a lot cheaper online than in a store.

Quickbooks payroll is easy to use and simple. I do weekly payroll so the ease of use and amount of information it provides is perfect. Here are the specifications for the Intuit QuickBooks Basic Payroll 1-3 Employees 2010 [OLD VERSION]:

  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Basic helps you complete your entire payroll in just a few clicks
  • Automatically calculate payroll taxes and create paychecks in just a few clicks
  • Instantly calculate federal and state taxes
  • Get started quickly with an easy step-by-step setup guide
  • Easily add more employees as your business grows

Quickbooks payroll gives me the tools to do my job quicker while being more efficient. You never have to worry about tax changes, they are provided for you. And year-end electronic payroll w-2 and w-3 filing makes my job so much simplier.

I’m in the book-selling business. I am not in the accounting business. That is why i appreciate quicken so much. Quicken is simple, fast, and dependable, which frees me to do what i’m in business to do- sell books.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • QuickBooks Basic Payroll
  • Payroll simplefied

For a small business, the basic payroll works great. It is easy to set up and maintain. It is also scalable and can expand with my company.

Have been using the payroll system for many years. Pays our employees and tracks all the material we need for our reports.