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Liberty Street Software HomeManage Home Inventory Windows Software : This is a simple install. There is a little

. Need to fix the ‘quantity’ field so that you can use the down or up arrows to incres the / decrease the qty. Problems when adding pictures. . If you dont click on the next number tab aftering adding a picture and click on the ‘ok’ tab the program will some time close you out and say there was a problem and you have to reopen the program. Not a big problem just have to make sure to click on the next number tab (like you are adding another picture) befor clicking on the ok tab. (at least this is what i have figured out so far. . Just a quirk in the program or am i doing wrong. . Second thought prob my error. Really like thay you can add up to 16 pictures per item.

I have been using the trial version for about a week now. There is a learning curve with regards to the original setup for the field names and columns names to fit the user’s choices vs. In my case the best feature of this application is the ability to import an existing database. I have nearly 1,000 items in the 20 year old program i am currently using, and none of the home inventory programs i have tried do not provide any method of importing an existing database. I have no desire to re-enter every item, and all of the details of each item of my current database into a new program. The best part of this program is that you can import any existing database via a spreadsheet created from an exported file of your existing program. My current program exports all data to a. Txt file which in turn can be converted by ms excel to a comma delimited spreadsheet. I saved the spreadsheet as a.

I have this program since one year ago and it does all i need for a little office inventory. Easy to backup and restore even on the cloud. Have now the new 2014 versión; contact the tech support and they answered in less tan 24h. Since sept 2010 and happy with the new one. Recomend it as a very usefull tool. Even the 2011 versión was working on win8. Tengo el programa desde septiembre de 2010 la versión primaria funciona perfectamente aún en windows 8. 1, sin embargo y por seguridad he actualizado a la versión 2014. Here are the specifications for the Liberty Street Software HomeManage Home Inventory Windows Software:

  • Create a professional home inventory with unlimited entries, categories and locations.
  • Start Planning your Estate today. AssetManage will keep track of beneficiaries and what assets they will inherit.
  • Easily track leases and warranties. Use the item notebook to keep track of maintenance and repair costs
  • Generate comprehensive & useful reports with the powerful AssetManage reporting services.
  • Your data will always be safe with our automatic data backup capabilities.

Software is through for home inventory package, but for me it involved too much with entries for data. Using excel, i created a spreadsheet that records the information i wanted and was simpler for me to use. I want records i can provide to police and/or insurance if events occur, which include: item description with applicable serial numbers and costs. I’ve stored this software on the bookcase and maybe one day i’ll find a use for it.

Bought this software last week. I’m using it to inventory the house. We are downsizing and moving and i thought it would easiest to do an inventory now. I downloaded homemanage 2014 and found it very easy and intuitive to use. As for support, i went to their facebook page and posted a question there. It was answered the morning afterward but by then i had figured it out myself by using the program. Pros:-the program is extremely versatile. In the folder/location labeled ‘home’ i have items categorized by room (living room, bedroom etc). I made another location called ‘storage’ where i have packed items categorized by moving box.

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  • This is a simple install. There is a little
  • My Review of Liberty Street’s Home Manage Software
  • HomeManage Home software

I like the high degree of flexibility in terms of inputs, and reports. It’s useful for keeping an inventory of the house, the car, the garage and other assets that we have. Very useful software, would definately recommend it.

Great program for home inventory.

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