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Moneyspire 2018 – Personal Finance & Budgeting Software Mac & Windows [Online Code] : Good basic finance program, but it’s got a long way to go to catch Quicken

This would be great for someone who only has a few accounts and needs some way of tracking their expenses – but i have many accounts and investments. I was looking for an alternative to quicken because they moved to a subscription service and moneyspire’s program is not a subscription. I was disappointed to discover that the download part of moneyspire is subscription – $29. 99 a year to use their download program that’s the equivalent of quicken web connect (moneyspire connect – see screenshot). You can still use direct connect for free, but most banks are moving to web connect, so you’ll probably seriously think about the $29. Like quicken, you can still download files directly from your bank and import them into your data at no charge. Because i have so many accounts, i want the connect feature, so i’ve decided to return to quicken because the small annual price difference also gives me much greater report and analysis flexibility as well as the download capabilities. For anyone who doesn’t need those complex features of quicken, this would be a fine alternative for expense and/or budget tracking- especially if you could live with just a few free file or direct connect downloads each month so you could skip the $29.

I looked into quickbooks after a friend recommended it but i don’t want to pay for a subscription. You can log your expenses in an app, too, which makes it so easy.

I purchased this last year (2017 edition) and then never used it. I am retired, have no investments to track, and tend to use a blank page in notepad for keeping track of my monthly income and outflow. Not the best means of doing so. So knowing that my situation will be changing this year – slightly – as one debt will be eliminated – i decided to upgrade and try to be more responsible about my finances. (i know, a little late in the game, but as they say – ‘better late than never. ‘ )while there is a bit of a learning curve in the beginning – especially if you haven’t been using any type of budget software in the past – once i was able to get things set up for my known income and monthly expenses – it seems to be quite easy to move forward with it. I would like to see an improved ui in the future, but it is light-years ahead of the blank sheet of digital paper that i have been using for the last couple of years. I am only rating it at 3 stars for the moment (closer to 3 & 1/2 stars) as i am new to this and am still learning to access all of it’s features. No problems yet that have not yielded to an easy to understand answer. I have not needed to access support services, as the manual has provided any assistance that i have required so far. Here are the specifications for the Moneyspire 2018 – Personal Finance & Budgeting Software Mac & Windows [Online Code]:

  • Track Your Accounts
  • Reports and Charts

Then they kept asking for a new password every 2 minutes. Never did get in, called customer service and i lost all of 2017 entries. Love this program and the checks i have left from quicken with a little adjustment of wording placement quicken checks print perfectly. I would highly recommend this program.

I like the ease of the program. I think it is a good replacement for quicken. With moneyspire i have the option, if i want a yearly charge, to download financial information. Personally, making entries manually is not that tough.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Glad I Made The Switch (UPDATED REVIEW)
  • Superior for Basic Needs
  • Great checkbook application (like Quicken used to be)

Purchased to replace my 2016 quicken home and business. Seems to be able to do the job, but format/organization of information is a little elementary. Not sure that i will be able to rely on it in the future. Had hoped that i could get away from quicken and their subscription requirement.

I have been a quicken user for 25 years or more. Began with release 1, version 1. It required categories to be prefaced with an asterisk. It was simple, worked well and managed checking, savings and credit accounts very well. It has morphed over the years into a bloated software application that does a million things but, in my opinion, none of them very well. Much too complicated and costly requiring annual subscriptions now. Assumes all users must have all financial capabilities linked through the internet to banks and other financial institutions. Online intuit account with passwords are required even if you do not use the online facilities (which i don’t). I purchased moneyspire, downloaded and installed it in about 10 minutes.

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Moneyspire 2018 - Personal Finance & Budgeting Software Mac & Windows [Online Code]
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