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NOLO Quicken Lawyer 2003 Personal [OLD VERSION] : Great tutorial for the law curious!

I used this product to practice writing up my will, my living trust and estate planning documents. It has very good online help, and explains the terminologies, includes checklists, and answers a lot of legal questions. This product will save you time with a real lawyer (who charges by the hour), in that you don’t have to ask the real basic questions, since you’ve already been tutored. The will generated is perfectly legal, but i would advice using a lawyer for more complicated documents. The checklists and the instructions to give to your executor are great, because you can list all of the details you’d want someone to know about in case you are gone. As others have stated, there was no promised rebate coupon in the box.

Bottom line: quicken lawyer personal (‘qlp’) is a great, low-cost alternative to hiring a lawyer to prepare your basic estate planning document, which will run you a minimum of several hundred dollars. It takes just minutes to prepare a will, but its legal manual/support resources are extensive enough for those that want to spend much more time understanding the what/why behind their documents. Qlp is published by nolo press, a well established publisher of self-help legal books. Qlp begins by walking you through a number of typical life-stage situations (i. Young w/ no kids, married w/ kids, etc. ) and comes up with a list of suggested documents and along the way explains why you might need each of these documents. When creating a particular document, the software writes all of the legal language for you – you do not write a single word of legalese – and docs are tailored to each state’s requirements. To get information from you and have you make decisions about the content/structure of your documents, qlp follows the typical ‘interview’ format – easy to use and informative along the way. My wife and i each created wills, healthcare directives and powers of attorney in about an hour or two. Pros:- ease of use: idiot-proof interview format- legal help: good offline manual, good resources at nolo website- clear execution information: tells you exactly what each document needs to be put into effect (some need notarization, some need just witnesses)- address book: enter a person’s info (i. Your spouse) and don’t need to enter again in other parts of same doc or other docsqlp is primarily estate planning software. It has a few of the most important ancillary documents (child care agreement, limited poa for finances), but kiplinger’s home attorney and broderbund’s family attorney have a full complement of general use form documents. However, if you look through these lists, most are either not really necessary (trip permission slip you can write yourself on scrap of paper or school gives it to you) or are better left to professionals unless you know exactly what you are doing (i.

This software made my attorney blush. I had previously used family lawyer to create estate planning papers that, upon my attorney’s review, were filled with so many legal errors that they were useless. So i turned to quicken lawyer — what a difference a software package can make. Each time i wanted a form it took me through a series of questions and answers, and whenever i had a problem or questions i could find answers in the sidebars. Best of all my attorney couldn’t find any errors, he just confirmed that i wanted what i was stating in the documents. I can’t recommend this package enough. Never has a single purchase seemed so valuable.

I bought this program because a lawyer friend suggested that i go to a web site he liked to find will forms for the simple wills i wanted made up for myself and my husband. That web site suggested this program and the other reviews here made me comfortable with buying the program. I went through the process to write two wills this morning and it was amazingly simple to do. You are asked questions, and if you don’t know the exact answers you have the ability to go back at a later date to fill in anything you needed to research. The finished will comes with printed instructions on how to go about signing it and getting it witnessed, and why you need to do what you need to do. This is all very well organized.

I ordered this quicken lawyer 2003 on april 7, 2003, received it on april 10, 2003, and the rebate coupon was right inside the user’s manual, as promised by amazon’s web page and as stated by a sticker on the outside of the box. I am writing this to let you all know that i was very happy to have this matter cleared up, since so many people seem to have not received their rebate coupons. Nolo press always produces a great product, and this lawyer program will be of great help to me in producing my estate papers and details. I have used their items before, and nolo knows law.They save us lots of money by helping people to fill out and file their own legal documents.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Solid, User Friendly, Great for Straightforward Situations
  • Great educational product, no substitute for a lawyer though
  • Easy to use

Some of us are natural engineers, we like to dissect things just for the fun of it, or to take apart objects to know how they work. This is no different with legal contracts. The engineer in us demands that we know what the mechanics are behind the wills and contracts we face in everyday life. Quicken lawyer does just that. I learned a lot from the program and was able to save several hours in legal fees when i was able to say exactly what i was looking to have accomplished.

I read previous reviews before purchasing quicken lawyer 2003 personal. I was concerned since other customers indicated the. Rebate information/coupon was not included in the box. So, before i actually purchased this product, i contacted www. I received a response from customer service rep ‘if mistakenly the rebate redemption instructions are not included in the box we will refund you for the amount of the rebate,’ as long as i met all the terms and conditions. I received another email that they had spoken with the manufacturer and provided information to get the rebate. I complied with all the requirements and mailed all the info to the manufacturer on 1/13/03. I still have not received the. Rebate, but the software package is user friendly and good. I am going to start bugging people tomorrow 3/10/03 to find out what the problem is – i will post an update with any new information.

NOLO Quicken WillMaker Plus 2015 : Nicely done. Easy to revise

This downloaded and installed with no hitches. I had used willmaker 2012 and, since there have been several changes in our circumstances since then, realized it was time to update our wills. Our estates are fairly straightforward and not unduly complicated and for us, this product seemed sufficient. The laws of your own state will help in knowing whether it should be filed with court in advance or not (they should at least be notarized, and spaces are provided where needed). The design is simple, flexible, and comprehensive enough for most peoples’ needs though anyone with more questions can take their production to an estate attorney and work with them on any additional refinements that may be needed. Basically anyone with any significant assets should have a will made out in advance (no matter what your age) and periodically updated as your situation changes enough to make a difference in how you want your will to read.

Created six different legal documents for my wife and i in a matter of days. Had them witnessed and some notarized and we’re good to go, local attorney wanted $1200.

I purchased this at office depot. The reason i selected this product was for the free revocable living trust maker. It allows you to create one trust only. If you go to the nolo website, the trust maker alone costs more than this software. In earlier versions of this software the trust maker was included in the disc set. Now, it is only included as a free download and you can only make one trust. I completed the trust yesterday. It will meet my immediate need to have a trust in place. The big problem with the trust software is that it does not include deed forms so that you can retitle your real estate. Here are the specifications for the NOLO Quicken WillMaker Plus 2015:

  • Save on legal fee
  • Protect you family
  • Step by step guidance
  • Valid in all states (except Louisiana)

It is sometimes somewhat limiting in terms of options, and it could use better description/explanation for some of the items, but overall it is a good option rather than using s lawyer.

My wife and i needed to make a will, durable power of attorney, and durable healthcare power of attorney/living will (6 documents). I looked into legalzoom which would cost $288. 00 plus notary and witness fees. I then contacted five local attorneys and the prices given to me ranged from $525. 00 plus notary and witness fees. I looked into willmaker plus 2015 and purchased it for $44. 54 for the program discs, printing of documents when finished was $9. 29 at a local print store, and notary and witness fees $59. I am not an attorney, but if you are willing to spend a little time on the computer answering some questions, printing it, having it notarized and want to save some money, then this may be for you.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • TrustMaker for ONE trust is included as a download
  • Good for Basic Documents
  • Well worth having

I purchased this to make a revocable living trust. The old versions of quicken willmaker included the trust maker software, which allowed for unlimited trusts to be declared. This latest version (and several before it if i’m correct) only allow one trust to be made, while using the quicken online site. The online trust maker that is included (1 copy) in this download is more than enough for what is needed for making any specialized trust that the government may require for certain items requiring a tax stamp. Don’t let the specialized lawyers steer you away. This is the cheapest way to make one of these specialized trusts and works every time. Please note that this will make your trust name ‘first name, last name, revocable living trust’. That is quite long for some people’s uses, so what i did is modified all instances of this trust name in the trust documents to have only ”last name’ trust’ which will allow for a smaller space to be used when having this name printed or engraved onto a document, specialized item, etc. Only 4 stars because it has only 1 license for a trust.

Very pleased with the quality and thoroughness of the product. Fact that health care directive and related are part of the package made going through the entire process far simpler than we had feared. My wife and i had been discussing and researching how to go about completing these necessary documents for some time. Ours is a small estate, so we did not want to go the expense of lawyering, but still felt unsure that we understood as much as we needed to in order to take this effort upon ourselves. Having done our homework, we felt we knew what had to be done, but how precisely to do it was unclear for us. The quicken product mapped things out for us and guided us through the process. ‘helpful information’ split screen is very useful.

NOLO Quicken Lawyer 2002 Personal Deluxe : Great legacy product well worth the money.

My wife and i did our wills. Nothing fancy, no complicated scenarios. Of course neither of us have died. Worth it in order to avoid paying a lawyer a bundle. I can reccommend it for simple estates.

When our insurance guy recommended an estate planner and told us he would give us a great deal and only charge $1500 for our living trust and wills, we immediately looked to nolo. Six months ago, they hadn’t partnered with quicken to provide this product so we bought the willmaker/living trust bundle here on. They ought to call it a bundle because of what it saved us. It was easy to use, easy to understand, and saved us a ton of money. I can only imagine that the partnership with quicken has made it even better. I’ve used their products for years in my business, and i don’t think there are any better. Get this and do yourself a favor.

I was rather disappointed with this purchase and my purchase of the business version. I would have preferred to have more document templates. I have used the quicken lawyer 2003 business version and they’re getting warmer. Perhaps the 2004 version will be great?.

Comments from buyers

“Great legacy product well worth the money., The greatest software I’ve ever used, Very disappointed”

I saw several people bashing this wonderful software (all within a short amount of time, i note), many of which promote a terrible software package called ‘family lawyer,’ which makes me think quicken’s competitors are doing a bit of negative marketing. Well let me tell you, i’ve used both, and quicken lawyer far and away exceeded family lawyer. First of all, it catches your mistakes, so you won’t accidentally make a will out to yourself (like i almost did). Also, i don’t no how many times family lawyer simply gave me a form and didn’t tell me how to use it. Finally, quicken has an update feature so you get the latest legal changes; the other product didn’t tell me to expect changes. This software saved me hundreds. I first got it when i needed to make a will and a healthcare directive before i had surgery. It was quick, easy and instructive. The program took me through the process step by step. Since then i’ve created a new will, a financial power of attorney and documents for my personal representative without a hitch.

Found that if one makes a mistake while entering data one cannot delete the errors. Hence one has to start over then ends up with 2 copies. One the ‘blunder’ and one the real copy. Pages print out on copious paper instead of it being on continuous ‘feed’. So instead of having only 10 pages one ends up with 20 and having to initial and sign only a few lines on each page. Also found the information requested was very ‘state’ specific. If one had accounts located outside of the usa one was out of luck being able to enter the address correctly as the program only accepted addresses in the usa. This is a pain if one has policies or business assets in other countries.

I bought this back in 2004 or so to do some wills and basic trusts, then gave it away when we moved in 2009. I liked it so much i bought it again this year to update the wills and trusts. Now that most services are online and cost an arm and a leg, this is definitely a bargain, particularly if you need to update your will/trusts periodically. No substitute for a lawyer, but if you need a simple will and simple trust, this is definitely a great product. One thing i really liked about it was that you could export the wills and trusts to text/word files and then spend a bit of time tinkering with them yourself before printing. Haven’t tried any of the online services but i’m guessing that this is still compete pretty well. The language of wills and trusts doesn’t really change that much over time. Too bad they don’t make this anymore; i would definitely buy an updated version.

NOLO Quicken WillMaker Plus 2012, Consumer Reports Pointed the Way

After having our first child, i knew we needed to sit out and create a will, but we just didn’t have the money to pay an attorney (hello. This product got great reviews, so i went ahead and purchased it, and i’m so glad i did. It took us maybe an hour to complete every form available through the software. It was easy to use and everything is outlined exactly how we wanted. Plus, if we need to make changes, we can just go back in and change them without paying any extra money. We are going to get them notarized, which will cost a little money, but far less than working with an attorney. Well worth the low price of the software.

Worked well and i made a will on it and it seemed pretty good as to the legal ramifications needed.

Quicken WillMaker Plus 2012

  • Estate-planning software helps protect assets and save on legal fees
  • Essential documents like a will, health care directive, and more
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to manage and update documents, contacts, etc
  • Create a customized estate plan; documents reflect the laws of your state
  • Includes free access to Nolo’s online living trust

Have not used it, so not in a position to recommend or criticize it.

This product will produce a valid will. But only if your situation is simple. For example, if you’ve always been married to the same spouse, and your kids have reached maturity and are good people who appreciate their family and are fundamentally honest, nolo works. But if there are antagonisms, or aimless kids, or mixed families, nolo will probably fail. The reason is that nolo’s program provides very little flexibility about adding specific requests, etc. If you add a specific request that inadvertently contradicts some other aspect of your will, you’re cooked.

This was exactly what we wanted, did the job fairly easily and was easy to install and follow directions, etc.

Quicken WillMaker Plus 2012 : This product allows you to create a living trust, or a will, depending on your priorities. Certainly cheaper than hiring an attorney.

NOLO Quicken WillMaker Plus 2011 [Old Version] – Quicken WillMaker Plus 2011

Easy to use and easy to install.

Very thorough, but extremely difficult to navigate. Not as user friendly as it should be.

Everyone, except those with complicated estates, should have this program. It has everything in it you will need, from power of attorney, to living will, to making out an actual will.

Nolo press has done it again. Willmaker premium is indeed the premier will making product on the market. Easy to install on the computer. Quickly walks you through the steps to prepare a will appropriate for your state of residence. In a matter of minutes you have a great will.

  • What You Really Need at the Best Price
  • Yes, can work on a Mac *woot*
  • Take the burden off the survivors – prepare a will

Quicken WillMaker Plus 2011 [Old Version]

  • Create a customized Legal Will, Health Care Directive, and other essential estate planning documents
  • Includes free access to Nolo’s Online Living Trust
  • Documents reflect the laws of your state* Quicken WillMaker Plus is not valid in Louisiana or the U.S. Territories.
  • Easy interview format lets you complete documents at your own pace
  • Free legal updates keep your program current through 2011

This product is excellent for a form to create all estate related documents. However, it lack the ability to edit the documents once created. It also does not allow to partition property like life estates or i missed the option. Overall, it is good product to use as guide.

I have a friend who needs to create a will, a living will, and powers of attorney. He does not like to deal with lawyers or accountants. I have not yet approached him about these things, but i plan to do so soon. So, ease of use is important. I believe it will fill the needs that he has.

This software was exactly what i was looking for – worked out great. Great suggestions, information, and i was very comfortable using it – good state information and direction for anything i wanted to do. I completed a power of attorney; an estate plan and will for my husband and myself. Highly recommend the quicken willmaker.

NOLO Quicken WillMaker Plus 2013 [Old Version] : Easy to use software, recommended as long as you know your state’s laws

It took a while to complete, but the program made writing our wills relatively easy and straight-forward. There are quite a few steps, so you need to set aside a few hours and gather all of your financial information, names/addresses of executors, etc.

Unlike some reviewers i had no problems installing or running any part on windows 7 64bit. Everything worked well and was very easy to follow and fill in. I completed every document as well as the living will without a hitch. Yes, you can only have access to the living will for two years and make changes for only one year, but considering the cost of this entire package, compared to a lawyer’s fees, how can anyone complain.I have no reluctance to recommend this download since it was super easy and worked flawlessly for me. It takes many hours to complete but one can return to work on it many times. I completed and printed all documents over a two week period with a couple of hours per session.

This tool almost made it easy to generate a will, medical directive, and the various other documents. The only disappointment was that the resulting documents are not editable. For example, i have a small business, and want any customer deposits immediately refunded since the money really isn’t mine until i provide the service – i wanted to insert a short paragraph, to be sure the customer deposits in my bank account did not become part of the estate, but had to ‘work around’ the way the program was trying to be helpful. I haven’t made the final arrangements to donate my body to science, but i fear it may be difficult to merge those arrangements in the final will (not completed yet). The program makes the process far easier than the law office will we created years ago. There are many versions and prices, so check through amazon – at the last minute the price of the version i wanted went up $1 which got me free shipping, saving much more than the extra $1 cost.

Key specs for Quicken WillMaker Plus 2013 [Old Version]:

  • Essential documents
  • Documents reflect the laws of your state*
  • Easy interview format lets you complete documents at your own pace
  • Includes free access to Nolo’s Online Living Trust
  • Free legal updates keep your program current through 2013

Comments from buyers

“Wonderful solution to doing it yourself, It’s a good start, Software excellent, but there may be other problems”

I purchased this software to quickly write up wills for my wife and me. Download and install were quick and easy. The software allows you to create multiple ‘profiles’ so i was easily able to create multiple wills. The software works like a ‘wizard’ to guide the user through the whole process. It asks simple questions with detailed explanations of what is expected. I was easily able to write both wills in less than an hour. Note that wills created will need to be notarized in order to be legal, but many banks and credit unions offer this service for free. Users are reminded of this upon generating their will.

To those of us who have not set up a will, i would recommend this for you and your family. You can set up a simple will, or get into a very detailed will, your choice. But remember one thing, the government tries to take everything from us right now, and if you do not want them to take everything you own, then set up a will. Leave something for your spouse and children.

Willmaker plus was relatively easy to use to create wills for myself and my wife, even though it did have a few preventable problems when one tried to go back and change certain sections. But, with a little patience and common sense, it was possible to create wills in a short period of time.