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Radium Technologies, Inc.

Radium Technologies, Inc. Home Inventory Pro 2011 : Very useful and easy

Very simple to use and allows me to get rid of a lot of paper work. I like that i can scan receipts as many receipts are on thermal paper which fades over a few years making them useless. By scanning in the image and backing up my file offline i have proof of my assets which is what i was looking for. I wish it was easier to record maintenance at the same time (for example when you maintain all your gas powered tools, cars, boats, etc) i use the notes section for this. I know its not designed for this purpose, but since all the info is there it would be extremely helpful. Also wish there was away to view information entered in the computer on mobile device.

Very useful tool the get organized.

Home inventory pro provides the functionality to develop a detailed inventory of virtually every type of physical asset one finds in a home including images of sales receipts and pictures of each item. Users need a image scanner and the ability to import picture images into the software, i. Have pictures already available on the computer or from a camera. Data entry into the software can be time consuming. However, there are features that ease the impact of this issue. Excellent menus to provide access for entry of inventory items and reports. If the insurance companies won’t accept the resulting inventory, you need to get a new insurance company.

Key specs for Home Inventory Pro 2011:

  • Manage your household assets and calculate the value of everything you own. Add an unlimited number of images, videos and file attachments to each inventory item in your databases.
  • Never lose a receipt again. Scan your receipts directly into the software. You can also add your product user manuals, contracts, warranty documentation and more.
  • Do you have a storage unit, cottage or vacation home? Home Inventory Pro lets you track your inventory for each location independently.
  • Expedite insurance claims with documented evidence of everything you own. Home Inventory Pro lets you manage all of your insurance policies and claims.
  • Simplify your estate planning by choosing a beneficiary for each of your assets.

Comments from buyers

“Great for Hobbies and Even Small Businesses
, Improvements needed.
, Great Product Minor Limitations

I’ve purchsed other jnventory software and was really disappointed with the results. Home inventory pro 3011 beats them all hands down. Flexable, you can structure it to your individual needs and the price is right. What i find particularily helpful is the ability to convert the full, completed inventory catalog into a word then pdf file for offsite storage.

I have found home inventory pro 2011 very useful for itemizing our posessions. The user interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. I would defnitely recommend this product for anyone looking to set up and maintain a home inventory. Only receommendation would be an interface to allow scanning of documents directly into your inventory instead of having to use an external application and attaching the files.

I have found it very easy to use and maintains my records well. I keep hoping for an undated version.

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Home Inventory Pro 2011
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