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Sage & Co. Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2015 [OLD VERSION] : Sage 50 (USA version) is wonderful accounting software

I also have the 2014 edition and am once again happy with the new edition for this year. I’ve seen many negative reviews for editions of previous years and i don’t understand. Some were awfully suspicious and most complained about having to pay for extra features rather than the product itself. Some people want more for nothing. The 2015 edition hits the spot though. Sage continues to be the best accounting software i’ve tried. Whether you run a small business or something very tiny out of your home, sage is worth it. Pros:-easy to set up, use, and learn. Obviously learning comes easier if you have an accounting or reporting background. -runs smoothly and without error after a couple weeks of use.

Do not try to set up your company before you register your product with sage. When i installed the sage 50 pro software, i did not get the expected screen to register my product, so i went right to work entering my chart of accounts and balances forward. The program would not recognize my equity-retained earnings account and froze up my computer. Turns out, you have to register the software before you can get past that step. I had a problem with registration for some unknown reason. The wait time on the phone for support was minimal, and both the technical staff and the customer support staff were awesome in helping me get registered. I am going on my tenth year using peachtree/sage, and i couldn’t be more pleased.

Even though i no longer work in an industry where i actively use accounting software everyday, i have enough experience from my past and with previous software versions to be able to tell how sage 50 pro 2015 compares to everything that has come before it. I haven’t been too impressed with previous versions of sage software, including sage 50 complete and premium, so i was hoping they would make some updates to the 2015 version. Easy and quick setup just like with the 2014 version and took very little time to have installed. I imported my 2014 data to the 2015 version with no problems. I still don’t really like the sage interface, which has been my main problem with it in the past, but they do seem to have cleaned it up a bit and it is a pretty significant difference from the 2013 version. However, the interface still seems dated. Navigation is not very intuitive if you are switching from another accounting product, and there remains a large focus on text based links. The software looks like something designed 7 or 8 years ago rather than a product coming out in 2015.

Key specs for Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2015 [OLD VERSION]:

  • Organize your finances.
  • Pay bills and get paid.
  • Control cash flow and costs.
  • Manage inventory, employees, and customers.
  • Easily pay bills and get paid.

Comments from buyers

“I love this software, but BE FOREWARNED., It is easy to use and actually provides more than I really , A good standard, best for single user (but can do multiple companies) – payroll services extra”

I’ve used this software for years for several small businesses. It is easy to use and actually provides more than i really need. I especially like its working trial balance.

Was what i needed to upgrade from a 10 year old version.

 sage is one of those software packages that will take a while to download. Altogether it took about 20 minutes, it was a seamless process. If you know that you want to install on several computers / laptops all at once you’re good to go. If not, you do have an option for later installation: ‘you can always install sage 50 on additional computers later. ‘ i was simply installing in on my pc, so opted for the one for now. One other thing you’ll need to consider during installation is disabling your firewall. I chose to allow my windows firewall to work with sage, but i could also have configured it manually. There are a few things to consider when installing, but i found it to be an easy step-by-step process with no problems. I simply closed out everything in the background and concentrated on the installation process. Sage 50 is perfect for the individual accountant or small business bookkeeper.

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Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2015 [OLD VERSION]
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