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Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2014 – 3 Users – Windows – Good program, does everything but payroll/tax.

Peachtree accounting became known as sage not too long ago. Peachtree has been a trusted name in accounting software for decades. I first used peachtree software in the mid 90’s for payroll purposes at a company i worked for at the time. I am primarily a quickbooks user but i wanted to give sage a shot. It is definitely a solid product and it seems like a well-planned out piece of software and i could certainly see myself using it on a daily basis.

My wife has been struggling with the accounting for her business for a while; she understands the basic accounting concepts (she’s taken classes) but hasn’t been able to find a good program that does everything she needs it to do and is affordable. We were lucky enough to receive sage 50 premium accounting 2014 (3-user) and she absolutely loves it. The interface is easy to use, the way everything is set up is pretty intuitive, and it more than meets her needs. Her one objection to this software is the auto-renewal feature. It’s always annoying when companies do this. In this particular case, you have to provide your credit card information in order to get the thing started. If you forget to cancel at the end of the year, you’re in for a big surprise.

I installed this software, unsure if it would work with my company. I found that the type of company was limited to a handful of companies like retail, manufacturing, etc. Nothing was a good fit for publishing companies, nor companies that use jit/pod manufacturing. It looks like it has a lot of comprehensive forms, but most don’t apply to my company, so i can’t tell you if it will work for yours.

  • A Great Accounting & Inventory Software
  • Well organized for small business, disaster UI.
  • An Excellent, Flexible Program With Great Features

Most people know that sage 50 in its various incarnations is the evolution of the old peachtree. For a very long time, either peachtree or quickbooks was the choice for small business, and that’s still the case. I’m assuming that most people already using software of this type are likely very capable of deciding on accounting software features, so i’m going to position this review as general advice for you folks who’ve been running your business out of a checkbook and a spreadsheet and not much else. Under the latest feature packages and user licensing, quickbooks lighter licenses are probably the choice for very small businesses. Sage 50 is great accounting software, but in the long run will cost you a lot more. You’ll get value for that expense, but you’ll want to make sure that what you’re getting are actually features, users and so forth that you really need to spend the money on. If you haven’t been using a software package for small business accounting, you’ll need to be prepared to learn some accounting principles and put them into action. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with things like a chart of accounts for your general ledger, tying all of your business transactions to these g/l accounts, and for the most part positioning the way you do business to fit the way this accounting software will allow you to do things. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Many small business have informal ways of handling money and tracking their records that don’t stand up well under audit.

I’ve seen many negative reviews for the 2013 version and don’t understand. Some are awfully suspicious and most are complaining about having to pay for extra features rather than the product itself. Some people want more for nothing. The 2014 edition is hitting the spot though. This is the best accounting software i’ve tried. Whether you run a small business or something very tiny out of your home, sage is worth it. Pros:-easy to set up, use, and learn. Obviously learning comes easier if you have an accounting or reporting background. -runs smoothly and without error after a few weeks of use. Lots of features and the interface looks good. -the software helps you determine which tools are most beneficial for your needs. -good for forecasting and managing inventory.

Features of SAGE 50 Premium Accounting 2014 – 3 Users – Windows

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Control budgets and departments
  • Focus on key business metrics with at-a-glance dashboards
  • Help increase job profitability with change order processing
  • Use serialized inventory to track warranty claims, recalls, and more
  • Design and share insightful reports with custom reporting toolsRecommended System Configuration

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. This is a wonderful software package. The accounting and inventory portion of this software is premium by far. But not much else has changed since the 2013 version. But it is still boss over the sage 50 complete accounting 2014 software with more features, but you would think with sage getting raked over the coals from the 2013 version about removing the payroll processing / tax features and making them a completely seperate add-on, that they would have heard the cries of foul. They are definitely sticking to their guns on this one. Given a few years down the line, nobody will even remember that they were once a singular product under peachtree. Also, in order to create and report on payroll checks in your sage 50 accounting solution, you are required to get a sage business care gold or platinum subscription. Although you are getting a wonderful accounting and inventory software, they are continually throwing additional add-ons and sales pitches to buy even more of their products.

Sage premium accounting (peachtree was its’ former and more well known name) has a variety of different ways to manage cash flows and analyze numbers. Installation took about 20 minutes, but the process was easy-just make sure you disable firewall and virus protection software. Once installation is complete, you have access to all the basic accounting functions, like tracking and billing services and tracking items for sale. You even have access to more advanced functions, like comparing multiple budgets across four years and tracking serialized inventory. Software icons are clear, but the extensive myriad of features can be initially difficult to navigate. There are also examples of sample companies if you would like to examine several good paradigms for organizing your company accounting operations. Overall, there are a ton of features that are easy to use once you become acclimated to this advanced software application.

Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2010 Software : Fast and Furious !

I didn’t need the new version which has the ability to communicate, etc. I use this to keep track of my small business activities. Since i am not using it to write checks on line, i was able to get this full version accounting program at an unbelievably low price. I repeat, if you need all the bells & whistles, buy the new version.

I am a peachtree ‘fanboy’ (now called sage 50). I have used both peachtree and quickbooks for several years and it is clear to me which one is the ‘best’ product. However your decision must be made on what is best for you and there is no question that there are more ‘3rd party programs’ that will work with quickbooks than there are for peachtree (sage 50). But quickbooks has one very big problem. They have something like 95 percent of the market share and they know it and they are very arrogant and lazy. Just read lots of quickbooks reviews and it becomes clear. Sage 50 has made some changes in the last couple of years that i am not crazy about so i prefer older versions of their product. But if you must get the latest version of sage 50 then i recommend that you get the version that includes ‘ownership’ rather than the cheaper ‘rent it’ version.

Yes, and even mikey likes it. Good system for the minimal accounting needed in my business and i am glad i purchased it.

Key specs for Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2010 Software for PC – Manage Your Business Finances Efficiently!:

  • Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2010 Software General Features: Quick and Easy Setup
  • Pay and Get Paid Account Register Bank Reconciliation Bill Payment
  • View Industry Ratios and Trends Customizable reports (35+) Easy Access to Lists
  • Filter Reports using Custom Fields Financial Statements Integrates with Microsoft Excel
  • Purchasing

Comments from buyers

“A GREAT basic accounting software
, Works fine, but not my cup of tea.
, My Fault

Worked well for the time i needed to utilize it.

Received in excellent condition.

This accounting is miles ahead for quick books and costs less. I have used peachtree since the early 80’s in the more complicated versions but when i retired my computer had quick books so i used it. It was ok, but when i bought a new computer that didn’t have quick books i went back to the home version of peachtree and i’m glad i did.