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Simply Media Simply Money V2 : Simply Money is easier to use than Quicken or Microsoft Mone

The home screen is divided into three sections with icons representing income, accounts and payees. All transactions are recorded using a combination of these icons which are easy to set up. Record keeping requires little effort and the system allows construction of budgets; reports of expeditures against budgets, itemized expenditures by category and dozens of others. I have tried money and quicken and think this by far the easiest to use. It was originally developed by computer associates for kiplinger personal finance.

It is very detailed but simple as simple can get. I decided to start using it again, did a google search and an amazon search and found a third-party seller on amazon. With shipping it cost me nearly $20. I was quite disappointed when i finally got the cd and got the right website address off of it. The right web address, btw, is: [. i was disappointed because i found out i could have just downloaded the software for $5 from their website and gotten 24/7 customer support. Every other url i found on the net for them was wrong. It is great, easy-to-use, detailed software. ]

I have been a user of the simply money for six years. I agree with other comments already made. The programme is easy to use but needs updating as some of the functions such as transferring between accounts shows the year as 1900 instead of 2000. If this could be fixed i would have no hesitation in recommending it to new computer users because of its simplicity. I have not been able to establish who has the ownership of the programme. Incidently the version being offered is suitable for windows 98.

Simply money is easier to use than quicken or microsoft money. If you don’t want intergalactic, this is the program for you. Read the other reviews; simply money is sold by simply media that has 40 or so titles. You can get tech support at simplymedia. They have posted a free updated manual (searchable; printable; free) and a quick start guide. The new version has both the quick start guide and the manual on the cd. So if you want to do checks and things like that, this is perfect. If you want intergalactic, do quicken or mm.

What i received is not simply money 2. 0b repackaged, which i have already had for several years. Further the publisher identified is not victory multimedia but simply media according to the packaging. Com web site indicated on the case doesn’t appear to even exist. I have not tested the fax # stamped on the cd. I have used simply money for 8 years and am generally pleased with the product. I was hoping to find the much needed bug fixes, including some annoying y2k issues, fixed in this ‘new’ release.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • May have been a great product, but I didn’t catch that is was
  • replaced MSMoney on older Windows XP computers as financial software
  • Very old fashioned and easy to use.

A simple journal program that is easy to understand and use. Only hitch is that will give you static if you don’t take the time exit properly each time you use it.

May have been a great product, but i didn’t catch that is was for microsoft, and not mac.

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Simply Money V2.1
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